Denim Redux

Denim Redux

Denim is a mainstay…but have some fun with it.. do more than blue something different… and wear it beyond 10 days in July.

Go street with safety pins and graffiti, glam it up with sequins, go dishabille with strategic tears, or do a denim + pearls mash up.  It is all fabulous.  Never boring.

If you are going to do it…do it differently in denim.  This is denim redux. 


Go Street.

Embrace your inner bad gal with safety pins and graffiti.  

This style lets you express yourself and your opinions without uttering a word. 

Wear out for brunch.  Everyone will look up from their mimosas and talk. + @katehewko



Glamour.  There can never be enough glamour in the world... 
Pass on your black leather biker and grab a sequined denim jacket instead. + @katehewko



French for "undone," and this means rips, holes, and tears galore. Elegantly wasted. + @katehewko



Always be a lady.  So why not mesh this ladylike classic with the workhorse of your wardrobe?  Opposites attract.  And denim + pearls will attract exactly the right kind of attention. + @katehewko