Face Mask Filter - 10 Pack

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Made in Canada using top quality Filti filter material from the USA.

Filti Face Mask Nonwoven Filter Material is engineered and manufactured in USA using patent-pending Nanofiber technology. Filti is highly-efficient: up to 95% on sub-micron particles.

Same size 3.25 x 4.75" as standard PM 2.5. 
For child's size, trim the material with scissors. 

Filti's nonwoven / nanofiber / 3-layer construction exceeds standard cloth and fabric materials in efficiency percentage. Filti filters up to 95% of 0.3 micron particles per TSI 8130 test standard. In contrast, competitor PM2.5's are only designed for large 2.5 micron dust particles.

Reduce the risk of droplet transmission with better filtration technology by Filti.

How to use: insert into mask pocket so that deeper bond points and loftier texture faces outwards, and shallower bond points and extra texture faces inwards. Dispose of filter and replace after 8 hours of accumulated usage.