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Airport Outfit Ideas

Combine Comfort and Style With These 7 Airport Outfit Ideas Airports are completely mundane today, but there was a time when air travel was akin to magic. Flying is a...

Combine Comfort and Style With These 7 Airport Outfit Ideas

Airports are completely mundane today, but there was a time when air travel was akin to magic. Flying is a miraculous way to cover thousands of miles in a single day, but it's also kind of the worst. Trudging down endless fluorescent-lit hallways surrounded by fast food kiosks doesn't tend to make anyone feel properly alive, let alone glamorous.

The best airport outfit ideas can make the ordeal significantly less terrible. Comfortable fabrics and cuts can take some of the pressure off, and for many women, looking good helps keep a positive mental state in the face of crowds and delays. Arrive at your destination feeling refreshed, and maybe even stunning, by following a few simple tips.

7 Stylish and Comfortable Airport Outfit Ideas

The key to a good airport outfit is using clever tricks to make pajama-level comfort not look like actual pajamas. Matching sets and intentionally casual outfit themes — think all-knit and athleisure — are key tools in your arsenal. When in doubt, throw on a big stylish coat.

Celebrities are always getting their pictures taken the second they step off the plane, so stars have become experts in comfy outfit deception. Here are seven celeb-inspired airport outfits for fearless flying.

1. Perfectly Matching Sweats

Remember that the name of the game is fashion deception. A sweatshirt and sweatpants may not seem like a particularly fashionable choice at first glance. If every piece is in a matching color or print, however, it becomes a certified look.

The best part of using this trick to come up with airport outfit ideas is that there's no limit to what the matching print or color may be. Selena Gomez's bright citrine sweatpants and sweatshirt combination is the perfect example of a bold matching look. Note how her blinding-white bag and sneakers tie into the white logo on her sweatshirt shoulder. Little detailed touches like this make a comfy airport outfit shine.

2. Wide Leg Trousers and a Big Coat

Big hair may be full of secrets, but you can hide a lot more wrinkles and comfy fabric in a big flowing trench coat. A solid long coat can keep you cocooned on the plane, and wearing a substantial coat instead of packing it saves a lot of room in your luggage.

A wide-leg trouser is a comfortable choice for a long flight, but leggings work well with a flowing coat, too. Contrast the coat's line with a tight-but-comfortable shirt such as a knit tee. Ashley Graham went for a crop top and an all-black color scheme with her big-coat airport outfit.

3. Oversized Blazer and Loose Jeans

Using a blazer to make an outfit look slightly more formal is close to the oldest trick in the book. It's especially effective right now, as the oversized blazer trend shows no signs of slowing down.

A blazer, jeans and sneakers come together to form a solid go-to airport outfit. Natalie Portman chose an oversized plaid blazer to make this classic combination modern and tied the look together with coordinating colors in her sunglasses and purse. Make sure to pick jeans with a mid-rise for comfortable sitting and keep the cut flowing and loose around the legs.

4. Puffer Coat and Joggers

The best airport outfit ideas draw on styles that are naturally both fashionable and comfortable. Go full athleisure with a sporty cropped puffer coat and matching puffy joggers.

A puffer coat is perfect for keeping you warm and creating a sizable buffer in crowded terminals and plane seats. While all-black is a solid choice, a pop of bright red or yellow can give an extra hit of sporty and modern style to this outfit.

5. Cozy Knit Turtleneck and Knit Pants

Knitwear often gets short shrift in fashion, but this ancient fabric choice is unmatched at blending comfort and style. Invest in a few quality knit pieces for flying, and you'll want to wear them year-round.

A matching knit set is an even more chic version of the matching sweatpants and sweatshirt, and it's versatile enough to wear to brunch or a casual gathering. A knit turtleneck is a great addition to any airport outfit to combat the neck chill on airplanes. For even more style points, blend a tighter, sleeker knit with a chunky knit layer for textural contrast.

6. Black Leather Jacket and Black Leggings

If you need to be out and about soon after you step off the plane, a black leather jacket is the perfect building block for sleek and wrinkle-free airport outfit ideas. A leather jacket's structured silhouette instantly elevates a basic pair of black leggings into a full-fledged casual look. A pair of jet-black boots completes this simple but effective ensemble.

7. Sweatshirt Dress

No matter how comfortable leggings are, they're still pants at the end of the day. Do you ever wish that on a long flight, you could just curl up in a blanket instead? Make your dreams real with the ultimate long-haul-flight airport outfit: a sweatshirt dress.

A sweatshirt dress is even more comfortable than pajama-adjacent wear, becoming your personal style blanket. Flipping up the hood blocks out ambient noise and light on a long flight.

Complete the look with a long coat or a matching sunglasses-and-bag combination to add a touch of polish; you'll never want to fly in anything else again. As a bonus, it's easy to slip a basic midi dress underneath the sweatshirt layer to hit the ground running at your destination.

Shop the Latest Fun Fashions for Even More Airport Outfit Ideas

Airport outfit ideas you can get excited about take some of the stress out of flying. Whether you're snapping a few gate selfies before your trip or simply want to look fashionable when you land, use some fashion witchcraft to make the most comfortable outfits look ultra-intentional. At Kate Hewko, we believe that good style can elevate any occasion, and fashion doesn't have to be expensive or buttoned-up. Browse our collection of bold, hand-picked items to find your new favorite travel outfit.


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