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When Is a Tassel Dress Appropriate?

Discover why the tassel dress is projected to remain a popular trend for years to come. Given its versatility and distinctiveness, it's not hard to see why!

When Is a Tassel Dress Appropriate?

If you've been looking to work a tassel dress into your wardrobe, now is the time to do so. Trend forecasters predict that ornamentation, including fringes and tassels, will continue to appear on runways in the coming years. They add a playful and unique touch to any outfit and can be dressed up or down depending on the garment and occasion. Learn more about this trend and when it is appropriate to wear these dresses.

What Is a Tassel Dress?

The name tells you almost everything you need to know! The term refers to a dress decorated with various lengths and sizes of tassels. They might be along the hem of a skirt or attached to the sleeves, or the entire dress might be made up of long strands. In addition, the tassels can be made of fabric, beads, or other materials to suit your tastes. Since there are so many variations, you are bound to find one that works for you and pairs well with your current wardrobe.

When Can I Wear a Tassel Dress?

Depending on the kind of garment you purchase, tassels can be dressed up or down for just about any occasion. Here are some of our best tips for selecting the right outfit for different events.

Casual & Work

The easiest way to wear this style is with a comfortable and casual look. Given that they lend a more decorative and adventurous air, you can never go wrong with a fun, colorful ensemble. A breezy and loose-fitting dress with simple tassels could be an ideal ensemble for the beach or a relaxed evening out. Muted colors and a relaxed cut could also be great for an everyday outfit in the office.


As with all formal events, careful planning and an understanding of the occasion will tell you what to wear. For such instances, you have several appropriate possibilities. For example, a dress made out of large tassels could be an excellent option for an upscale cocktail party. A more classically fit dress that has small and simple tassels could even be appropriate for very formal events. Be sure to check with your host to see what they expect. Fortunately, this style is versatile enough to be incorporated into both informal and formal styles.

Where Can I Buy a Tassel Dress?

Since this look is on-trend, there is no shortage of options available to you. Check out retailers that tend to stock outfits that you enjoy and that pair well with your current wardrobe. Additionally, many retailers will sell accessories that also feature tassels. If you want to complete your look and match across different pieces, search through a retailer's accessories to put together a cohesive style with your dress in mind.

Add a Tassel Dress to Your Closet

Now that you know when to wear a tassel dress, you might find yourself putting it in the rotation for your next few outings. Check out our full line of affordable and stylish options at Kate Hewko to shop this look and more.

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