Hot Pink Agate Geode Bookends

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Natural Agate Geode Bookends.

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Agate Healing Properties:

Agate is a stone of harmony, intellect, and protection.

Revered for its ability to rebalance the body, mind, and spirit, Agate works to harmonize ones energy by balancing our yin and yang. A stone of truth, Agate encourages quiet contemplation, self examination, and assists us in our consideration of all aspects of circumstance. By enhancing and sharpening our perceptions we are able to see and speak to the heart of a matter. We find composure and courage, while honouring the collective consciousness, fostering love, and seeing the bigger picture. Agate dispels negative energy, enhances concentration, and ensures longevity, allowing us to the strength and confidence to carry on....
Peace, Love , & Understanding.


Geode Healing Properties:

Known as a 'mighty' stone, Geodes or Geoides are believed to possess remarkable powers. From the Greek word meaning "earth like" these handsome gems mirror the framework of the earth. Geodes empower us to see the bigger picture by lending us earthly insight and widening our perspective.



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