Citrine Cluster Raw Gemstone Ring

$109.00 CAD

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Large Citrine Cluster Natural Raw Gemstone Ring in 24k Gold or Silver

This large piece of raw citrine has been carved and electroplated, so the base of the ring is solid citrine as well with the metal plated directly onto the stone.

Success, Positivity, Manifestation, Generosity.

The radiant energy of Citrine provides warm comfort, energizes our life force, promotes positivity, and focuses our intentions. It's guiding light helps to concentrate our energy while eliminating fears, allowing us to realize our true potential. Revered for its ability to attract abundance, prosperity, and optimism, this golden gem assists us in the spirited manifestation of our goals. Citrine promotes abundance in all areas of life, lending support as we acquire and strive to maintain wealth in all forms. Reminding us to remain humble, Citrine encourages generosity. We are inspired to 'pay it forward' by sharing what we have learned and acquired with others who may be in need of beneficial knowledge and assistance. Gently protective Citrine dispels and clears negative energy. Unlike other stones, Citrine does not require regular cleansing, with it's sun like vibrancy it repels darkness and lends only light to its environment.

The world is what you make it.

Also available in Silver.