Brass 'Possibility' Ring

$75.00 CAD

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Raw Milky Quartz crystal on an adjustable Brass cuff ring.

Also available in Gold and Silver.


Milky Quartz Healing Properties

Possibility, clarity, wisdom, and peace.

Milky Quartz radiates soothing, gentle, and peaceful energy to its surroundings. A soft, quiet, feminine sister to Clear Quartz, she promotes clarity, awareness, and patience. The receptive nature of Milky Quartz encourages introspection and inner awareness. Through mindful contemplation we gain the ability to connect with our higher, more spiritual selves. We soften our outlook, magnify our ambient energy, calm turbulent emotions, and purify our thoughts. In the serenity of inner peace we are able to access universal realms of consciousness while embracing the wisdom of our divine teachers. Peaceful, wise, and attuned, we resolve inner and outer conflict with increased understanding, remain open to new ideas, and welcome honest conversation. The pure and virtuous energy of Milky Quartz opens our heart and eyes to a new way of seeing the world around us. With our vision no longer clouded, we look to the future with new hope, wonder, and endless possibility.

My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.
- Marcel Proust

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