Quartz Cluster Raw Gemstone Ring - Gold

$109.00 CAD

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Large Solid Quarts Cluster Natural Raw Gemstone Ring in 24k Gold

This large piece of raw quartz has been carved and electroplated with 24K Gold, so the base of the ring is solid quartz as well with the Gold plated directly onto the stone.

The Master Healer

Clear Quartz revitalizes our mind, body, & spirit connection, while promoting wisdom & higher realms of perception.
Cleanse, clarify, enlighten.
Our go to stone.

Quartz crystal assists us in the healing arts, enhances our growth, provides clarity, guides our meditations, and channels our connection to the spirit world. Quartz crystals are known for their role as protectors. Lending the ability to dispel negativity and transform energy they help to clear our sacred spaces, homes, and auras from negative vibrations. Quartz enhances our spiritual growth by helping to clarify our thoughts and emotions. A stone well known for its ability to inspire creativity and original thought, it also enhances our energy and focuses our intentions.
Harmonize. Amplify. Connect.

Also available in Silver.