Small Raw Smoky Quartz Ring

$65.00 CAD

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Small Raw Smoky Quartz Ring with a Silver or 24k Gold Plated Brass Band

Smoky Quartz - Grounded, resourceful, strong willed, ambitious.
A true power stone. This goal getter helps us to prioritize our needs and wants, enhances focus, increases organization, fosters cooperation, and boosts enthusiasm.

Regarded as a very protective stone, Smoky Quartz transmutes negative energy, eliminating worry and doubt, while warding off negative thoughts. In a positive surround we reach for our goals with clarity and strength. Smoky Quartz lends its power as we manifest our innermost dreams and desires. Grounding us firmly on the path to progress, we remain deeply rooted to our passions and personal truths. Survival instincts are sharpened, blockages are removed, and we attune to our inner wisdom and intuition. Known to strengthen ones connection to the higher realms, Smoky Quartz allows us to access the guidance and knowledge gained from raised consciousness.

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