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Healing Crystals Jewelry

The raw natural stones and crystals used in each jewelry creation have healing power to enhance your life, inspire you, and protect you from negative energy.

It doesn't matter whether you're a student, working full-time, or raising your children, we are all striving to maintain a sense of equilibrium in our lives and look fantastic at the same time. Each piece in the Kate Hewko jewelry collection has been designed with stunning natural stones and striking crystals that can give you the harmony and balance you need to feel great throughout the day. This jewelry also reflects the current trend in accessories to wear bold pieces that stand out and make a fashion statement so you're always looking your best and feeling fantastic.

The Kate Hewko collection has the power to soothe or stimulate your senses, heal damaged emotions, and restore balance in your life when you feel like you're taking on too much. The vibrations and frequencies in the carefully chosen stones and crystals work in a natural way to give you peace of mind.


agate geode necklaceThe Lauren Necklace is the perfect piece if you're feeling particularly stressed out or if you need to be creative in a demanding workplace. You'll love the deep agate geode stone with its double brass chain and ultrachic tassel. You'll feel especially unique as each Lauren Necklace creation is a one of a kind. The beauty of the agate stone is the strength and calmness it provides. This magnificent natural stone will give you a sense of power and purpose and all the energy you need in times of stress.  The agate stone will also release you from feelings of resentment and it will provide you with the inspiration you need to work on difficult projects. The Lauren Necklace is a beautiful statement piece and the perfect gift for someone special in your life who needs to release built up negative energy.



smoky quartz points

You don't need to spend a lot to restore your inner feelings of composure and self-possession. The Smoky Quartz points only cost between $85 - $95 and will help to restore balance and protect your aura. When we get stressed we tend to make mistakes more easily, we can lose things, and we can make bad decisions. The smoky quartz will help to protect you from accidents, damage, and potential theft. The energy in this ring will give you the confidence you need to leave home feeling optimistic in the morning.

It's important to be kind to yourself in this life and introduce natural solutions to combat fatigue, anxiety and tension. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans adorned themselves with natural stones and polished crystals to ward off evil spirits and achieve enlightenment. In the same way, the stylish and ultrachic jewelry in the Kate Hewko collection allows you to maintain your composure as it improves you inner strength and at the same time you will always look and feel beautiful.

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