Force De La Mode

Meet Fashion Industry Force De La Mode Leah Van Loon

There has been such a celebration of women lately: their presence, their power, their talent, their unity and their network. It is then no surprise that two exceptional women within Calgary’s fashion scene, Kate Hewko and Leah Van Loon, are friends and associates.

You should know Leah Van Loon, especially if you are at least a little interested in fashion…

Why?  Beyond being cool AF, this fine lady knows her stuff and has worked hard to hone her craft in every facet of the fashion industry over the past 20 years…

Leah’s credentials are quite impressive: fashion expert, fashion writer, content creator, social media photographer for world famous make up artist Pat McGrath at major fashion shows such as Prada, Gucci, Maison Margiela, and Miu Miu. Her work has taken her to New York, Los Angeles, Milan, and Paris.

We marvel…

What’s even better is that Leah has opened her heart and network to eager students and fashion lovers since 2015 to bring the talent and mindshare of Paris fashion to Calgary in two incredible ways: 1) her Mentorship Program where you not only explore the sights, but are granted a unique peek into what really powers the fantasy of fashion: history, design, craftsmanship, manufacturing, merchandising and supply chain and 2) her Fashion Experience, a tailored tour that includes all the Paris sights, plus some hidden gems, for people who have a love and interest in fashion.


You should really check out Leah’s program as it is a “MUST DO” on your fashion bucket list:  She is already booking into 2018!

What can we learn from Leah?   Style is important but substance comes from your passion and willingness to put in the work.  Travel and first hand experience is the best education.  And fashion touches us all and can even extend its influence to a far flung outpost such as Calgary.

If you like fashion and want to expand your horizons, what would be better than a truly memorable and worthwhile time in Paris this Spring?  Especially with THIS formidable woman of fashion :)


photo credits: Jared Sych for Avenue Magazine and Chris Sattlegger
new year's eve outfit ideas

New Year's Eve Outfits

4 Different Types of New Year’s Eve = 4 Perfect New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas


I have a superstition re: how you spend your New Years Eve will dictate how the coming year will unfold.

Not exactly scientific, but definitely not something to mess with…

This is why NYE wardrobe choices should be made very very seriously.  With the objective to be comfortable…and fabulous.

If you haven’t made your plans, or still figuring out how to spend your Christmas $ wisely, we have put together a few ideas for you.   

Take a look online, and come on in and we can hook you up with the perfect outfit!


Mountain Getaway

Orange Fur and Mesh Top - $648
Cream Balloon Sleeve Cardigan - $160
Orange Fringe Cardigan - $198
Grey and Pink Ombre Faux Fur Coat - $325


At the Club

Stripped Mock Neck Tassel Dress - $279
Black Dress with Velvet Front - $175
Off-Shoulder Petal Sleeve Top - $98
Feather Faux Fur Bomber - $289


Casual House Party

Sequin Sleeve Sweatshirt - $135
Mesh Ruffle Sleeve Dress - $125
Velvet Jumpsuit - $150
High Waist Wide Leg Velvet Pants - $150


Champagne Dinner

Round Neck Guipure Lace Bodice Dress - $259
Mesh Sleeves Floral Midi Dress - $259
Lace and Velvet Midi Dress - $198

X Shalene Yaskowich
for Kate Hewko



kate hewko launch party


Synthesis Launch Party

There was a sparkly gathering at the Devenish on Nov 30 to celebrate the launch of Kate Hewko’s SYNTHESIS jewelry line. 

party for new jewelry collectionkate hewko launch partykate hewko launch partykate hewko launch partykate hewko launch party


The collection was 18 months in the making and was stirred by Kate Hewko’s meeting Kate McGill - a gorgeous rock-star from Wales, plus a little bit of love for the 80’s. 


kate hewko launch partykate hewko model at launch party


The collection melded together an attitude of moody with pretty and bold drawing upon the power, beauty and energy of the stones and daring hardware. 


kate hewko launch partykate hewko launch party


You can feel the edge and confidence which all just “works” together.  And matches what Kate Hewko had in mind when it came to synthesis:

Union.   Power.   Beauty.   Energy.   Growth.



Kate Hewko’s jewelry proves again to be more than an accessory.  It is an attitude.  


kate hewko launch partykate hewko launch party


x Shalene Yaskowich
for Kate Hewko


Photos by Tanner Stewart

Meadowlark Blog Post


S Y N T H E S I S  |  Kate McGill + Kate Hewko

Kate McGill is not only gorgeous, she is a renown and award winning Welsh singer-songwriter.

How Kate and Kate came together is a story of serendipity as McGill’s label called her up and told her there was a cool designer in Calgary that would love for her to be the face of her upcoming lookbook.

McGill took one glance Kate’s rings, clothes, furs and aesthetic -  and jumped on a plane.

And as you can see, the results are amazing…



































But who IS that beautiful gal in the picture?

McGill is actually kind of a big deal as the 13th most subscribed to musician on YouTube. :O

She started out as a YouTube sensation covering hit songs by Adele, The Killers, Mumford and Sons, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry -  which ultimately lead to her own music and debut album Replaced.

The cutest thing:  Kate has nicknamed her fans 'McThrills' who have been incredibly supportive of her career evolution.

Since 2013 Kate had been in a band called Meadowlark, played Glastonbury (!!!) and released their debut album 'Postcards' in June 2017.

We are so thrilled for Kate McGill and had the opportunity to catch up this week in a quick Q&A.

(Kate is so delightful we wanted to share her personality that shone through in answering our questions):

How did you get into music?  Or did it find you?

I started uploading YouTube videos when I was 17 (they were awful) and it just grew and grew. I gained quite an audience on there from singing covers of other people's songs, and then 5 years ago I decided I'd had enough and wanted to focus on my own music and being known for that!

Please tell us a little about your music and Meadowlark.  e.g. inspiration for your debut album 'Postcards'?  Future direction?

Meadowlark is the sum of me and my best mate Daniel Broadley. We write melancholy electro-pop music and have the best time doing it. Postcards was written over the span of 3 years and we're so proud of it. It covers everything from our broken-down love lives to drug abuse. We're already writing album number 2 and it's proving to be a LOT of fun. No spoilers here, though.

We have seen your YouTube and videos.  Wow!  What is it like to be noticed?

It's really really weird. I am not the most confident of people, and to be honest I feel out of my depth a lot of the time - especially in music. So when people really enjoy and support the stuff I do, it baffles and amazes me over and over again. I can't complain, though! What an amazing job!

Please tell us about your personal style.  What types of things do you love to wear? (noticed the pearled denim shirt on your Facebook page - is it from Kate Hewko?)

I am OBSESSED with that denim shirt! It's probably one of the most "out there" pieces I own. I LOVE monochrome and I am constantly in black. I like big jumpers and skinny jeans teamed with huge platform boots. I like a simple yet chic kinda style. 



What about when you are on tour or on YouTube?

I like to play around a bit more when I'm on stage. Something that'll grab the audience's attention. I really love black lace stuff and if I can get some metal in there somewhere, I will. Big hoops, big boots and big hair. I like to feel myself but times a million. 

What are your favourite songs to perform?

Ooo, big question! Right now, I like performing one of our album tracks 'Undercover'. It just has SO much energy and I love to play the samples and pretend I'm a DJ for a few minutes.

Favourite item from the recent Kate Hewko photo shoot? 

The rings. All of the rings. They are absolutely incredible and make me feel like an actual superstar. I want them all!


Your Instagram is solid. Who takes a majority of your photos?

Just little old me. I appreciate the compliment actually 'cause I think it looks quite dull - ha!


Kate McGill + Kate Hewko is another perfect synthesis of art, performance  and style.  

We hope Kate McGill scores more “McThrills” and we will see you in Kate Hewko on YouTube/Instagram soon!


See all Kate Hewko’s new looks at the  S Y N T H E S I S  launch November 30th


x Shalene Yaskowich for Kate Hewko


sheri macmillan




Sheri MacMillan is truly remarkable.  Like a gorgeous, elaborate jewel box that you come upon that is full of treasure and delight.  

Sheri is integrity and love and care and compassion all wrapped up with ironclad business savvy and a strong sense of purpose.

I was enchanted.

Sheri believes in the Law of Potential.   She sees gaps and acts to fill them.  Her career as an estate planner was born out of a knack for caring and helping people coupled with her financial smarts.  She quickly realized that there was a market that was being underserved. 

And upon reflecting on a her 20 year career, it was refreshing to hear that she did not cite possessions or access to important people or events as the pinnacles of her success -  but rather the blessings of meeting interesting people and enabling them to really “do the bucket-list”.

Enabling people to do more with their fortune, and to provide “platforms of purpose” that has fostered more joy, more giving, and a way to enable her clients’ wishes and potential.  For not only them, but their children and grandchildren whilst they are living.



I learned more about making arrangements to seize and celebrate life than preparing for death over the course of our conversation.

With regard to style, she met Kate Hewko when she saw her work in Avenue Calgary magazine.  She actually hunted Kate down to secure the “body armour” she wanted.  



model wearing body chain by kate hewko             sheri macmillan
The Look that Started it All... <photo credit: Jason Eng  for Avenue Magazine>

Always a maverick and free thinker, Sheri has always gravitated  towards the different, the novel, the out of the ordinary.  And she has met her style match with Kate.

These photos are a testament of Sheri’s innate style and philosophies: strong, beautiful, avant-garde, meaningful, lasting.

We look forward to wearing Kate Hewko designs at an upcoming function to commemorate not only her milestone, but her passion for the rehabilitation of orphaned infant elephants via the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

It will be a sparkly and legendary night for a noble cause.  


xx Shalene Yaskowich for Kate Hewko





Meet CLEOPXTRA - A 22 year old stylish spitfire who wants to be “that girl” and make a difference through her music: rooted in the weighty hip hop of Tupac yet infused with the soulful sounds of her musical mamas Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill.

During our chat, as much as I was struck by her confidence and ‘jungle pussy’ edge, a sensitive soul emanated bursting with idealism re: equality, fairness and justice.  


CLEOPXTRA recently moved from Calgary to Vancouver to commune with other creatives. Calgary is home, yet she has found a literal garden for her craft to grow.

She received her initial vocal training in choir, but it was after her siblings introduced her to hip hop and rap in high school she realized she wasn’t singing anything meaningful to her

Directing her focus to lyrics, poetry, and the structure of rap, when she got her own microphone and interface - things really took off!

Her process is simple, she finds a beat or instrumental and ruminates on it over and over and over again, much like a potter shaping clay on a wheel.

The best is when she she hits a wiggy line and is like: “I did that” and pushes herself further to make lyrics that generate memory association.

As any true artist, she is mindful of her sound and wants to cultivate and curate it to get better and better and push more soul and dig into the undercurrent.

But she knows she ultimately needs to share her vision…and an EP should be out by November, 2017. And she wants use a proper medium to release her music, whether it be Spotify, Soundcloud or Apple Music.   

It will be worth the wait…


CLEOPXTRA’s strong identity originates from her Egyptian/Mauratian background and her constant push to be “XTRA” was ignited when she 19 living in Amsterdam and, through the love and light of a good gal pal, tapped into how to generate a living off of her art and her image via modelling.  

KATEHEWKO definitely helps augment CLEOPXTRA’s maxamalist fashion image as she gushed about her love of the faux furs, the patched denim romper, ALL the sunglasses, the vegan leather sweatpants, the Audrey arm-piece, the Diana cuff and the velvet boyfriend tee - true MUSTS for Fall/Winter 2017. 

Plus, for CLEOPXTRA it is all about the hair… 

The photo shoot was during a blue phase, as she changes her hair incredibly often.  She likened it to “being continually in a witness protection program”. HA!

With that, we noted that the butterfly emoji/motif is repeated in her Instagram.  Perhaps reflecting her constant change and metamorphosis.

CLEOPXTRA is in this cool cocoon and will emerge soon as another version of a badass butterfly.   

We @KATEHEWKO can’t wait!

})i({     })i({     })i({

Photo credits:
Photography: @darrylpollockphoto
Wardrobe Stylist: @sheenaannestyling
Hair and Makeup Artist: @richelledawnmakeup
Model: @m4k4v3l1

mesh trend

Mesh Mash


Summer is here. You want to show some skin...but not be gaudy. 

Mesh done right is slick and stylish.  And punk rock.  And mysterious.   

Be a rebel.  Embrace mesh. + + @katehewko

denim mechanic romper

Denim Redux

Denim Redux

Denim is a mainstay…but have some fun with it.. do more than blue something different… and wear it beyond 10 days in July.

Go street with safety pins and graffiti, glam it up with sequins, go dishabille with strategic tears, or do a denim + pearls mash up.  It is all fabulous.  Never boring.

If you are going to do it…do it differently in denim.  This is denim redux. 


Go Street.

Embrace your inner bad gal with safety pins and graffiti.  

This style lets you express yourself and your opinions without uttering a word. 

Wear out for brunch.  Everyone will look up from their mimosas and talk. + @katehewko



Glamour.  There can never be enough glamour in the world... 
Pass on your black leather biker and grab a sequined denim jacket instead. + @katehewko



French for "undone," and this means rips, holes, and tears galore. Elegantly wasted. + @katehewko



Always be a lady.  So why not mesh this ladylike classic with the workhorse of your wardrobe?  Opposites attract.  And denim + pearls will attract exactly the right kind of attention. + @katehewko

summer 2017 fashion trends

SS17 Fashion Trends

Summer 2017's Must-Have Fashion Trends for Women

If you're looking for the hottest summer 2017 fashion trends for women, you've come to the right place. Colors and styles are changing for summer; no more browns and beiges this season, as it is all about showing off sassy style in vibrant colors. Review the following roundup of sizzling summer fashion trends to see which ones will be making their way to your closet.



Navy is a must-have color this summer. Send your black fashions to the back of your closet and opt for navy as a basic instead. A pair of Navy sunnies is the perfect opportunity to test drive this new trend.

navy fashion



You'll be seeing plenty of fuchsia this summer. Add some texture to your look with a faux fur fuchsia hand bag or layer any outfit with this denim vest that has a pop of fuchsia sequins. Matching is not required, so have fun with your outfit by adding small hints of this vibrant color.

fuchsia color trend



Bright Yellow

You can thank Beyonce for the bright yellow trend. From bright yellow duster jackets to tank tops and billowy blouses, vibrant yellow pops of color will be mega popular this summer.

halpern studio



Pastel Floral

If bold and brilliant colors aren't your thing, you won't be left out of summer 2017 fashion trends. Pastel floral patterns are hot this season, especially in dresses and blouses. Paired with denim overalls, you'll still be on trend even if you're not wearing bright neon colors.

pastel floral print fashion




Stripes are super popular this summer. From striped tee shirts to striped sandals and shorts, you'll be seeing plenty of horizontal stripes during the hot months of summer.

stripes fashion




Tied in with the navy and bright yellow trend, nautical influences are everywhere for summer 2017. Pants with high waists, scarves tied around the neck, and brass embellishments and jewelry will be in abundance.

nautical style @beirut_in_style


Cropped Pants

Speaking of pants, the big trend for summer is cropped pants. Longer than a Capri short, cropped pants expose just a bit of ankle for a sexy touch of skin exposure.
cropped pants



Anklet Jewelry

If you're exposing your ankles with cropped pants, you might as well check out another popular fashion trend for women this summer. Anklet jewelry is hot; anything from single gold anklets to necklaces wrapped multiple times around the ankle.
anklet jewelry



Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are an under-the-radar summer fashion trend many women aren't aware of. A great option for ladies looking for a layered look on cooler summer days, bomber jackets in rich or metallic colors are a terrific option paired with our vegan leather cropped pants with leggings.

gold bomber jacket


Summer is an awesome time to give your wardrobe a makeover. You can get rid of the bulky knits of winter and treat yourself to fun and fabulous fashions perfect for warmer weather. How many of these summer 2017 fashion trends for women will you be adding to your wardrobe?


Tassle fashion trends

Long Tassle Earrings

Tassels are the 2016 go to fashion trend. Be on point in this 'more is more' outfit layered with swoon worthy tassel accents including our extra long Amy tassel earrings.


Soaked in Luxury fringe jacket
65 CAD -


Pierre Balmain blue shorts
855 CAD -



Sara Battaglia red purse
1,935 CAD -


Healing Gems and Crystals

Healing Crystals Jewelry

It doesn't matter whether you're a student, working full-time, or raising your children, we are all striving to maintain a sense of equilibrium in our lives and look fantastic at the same time. Each piece in the Kate Hewko jewelry collection has been designed with stunning natural stones and striking crystals that can give you the harmony and balance you need to feel great throughout the day. This jewelry also reflects the current trend in accessories to wear bold pieces that stand out and make a fashion statement so you're always looking your best and feeling fantastic.

The Kate Hewko collection has the power to soothe or stimulate your senses, heal damaged emotions, and restore balance in your life when you feel like you're taking on too much. The vibrations and frequencies in the carefully chosen stones and crystals work in a natural way to give you peace of mind.


agate geode necklaceThe Lauren Necklace is the perfect piece if you're feeling particularly stressed out or if you need to be creative in a demanding workplace. You'll love the deep agate geode stone with its double brass chain and ultrachic tassel. You'll feel especially unique as each Lauren Necklace creation is a one of a kind. The beauty of the agate stone is the strength and calmness it provides. This magnificent natural stone will give you a sense of power and purpose and all the energy you need in times of stress.  The agate stone will also release you from feelings of resentment and it will provide you with the inspiration you need to work on difficult projects. The Lauren Necklace is a beautiful statement piece and the perfect gift for someone special in your life who needs to release built up negative energy.



smoky quartz points

You don't need to spend a lot to restore your inner feelings of composure and self-possession. The Smoky Quartz points only cost between $85 - $95 and will help to restore balance and protect your aura. When we get stressed we tend to make mistakes more easily, we can lose things, and we can make bad decisions. The smoky quartz will help to protect you from accidents, damage, and potential theft. The energy in this ring will give you the confidence you need to leave home feeling optimistic in the morning.

It's important to be kind to yourself in this life and introduce natural solutions to combat fatigue, anxiety and tension. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans adorned themselves with natural stones and polished crystals to ward off evil spirits and achieve enlightenment. In the same way, the stylish and ultrachic jewelry in the Kate Hewko collection allows you to maintain your composure as it improves you inner strength and at the same time you will always look and feel beautiful.

Fashion Designer Launch Party

Launch Party

The latest Jewelry collection “Structured + Raw” debut, drew a lively crowd to the official opening of Bamboo Ballroom on September 17, 2015; a posh little clothing boutique featuring local designers in Inglewood. Bex Vintage homeware stylishly donned the shop; providing a classic warmth and ambience to the evening.  The Calgary Bamboo Ballroom boutique opened it’s doors early July 2015, in Inglewood Calgary, and we decided to partner up to put on a party. Not only does the Bamboo Ballroom feature fashions from local Edmonton and Calgary designers, it also carries a wide range of established brands, and much more.

Bamboo Ballroom Calgary LaunchBamboo Ballroom CalgaryBamboo Ballroom Boutique Store Owners Calgary

We’ve been known  to describe our design vision as “earthy, edgy, and raw” and the 2015 STRUCTURED + RAW collection definitely explores these themes further. Bamboo Ballroom was the perfect, chic venue for the launch of this new edgy collection made up of sexy black onyx, lapis lazuli and raw pyrite pieces in bold brass settings. The prices are also on point, so no one need feel too guilty for indulging.  The stones cast a cool glow and are said to have healing properties; yet another reason to indulge in a little retail therapy. See the full STRUCTURED + RAW lookbook here.

Editorial Photo Shoot

Emerging Designer Jewelry

Layered Necklace by Kate HewkoRough Crystal Jewelry by Kate Hewko

To no surprise FASHION Magazine has featured the YYC style of several the fashionable people in attendance at the launch.  Big thank you to DJ Tiny Toque for the awesome tunes, Anju Restaurant & Lounge for providing an excellent selection of eats, Village Brewery for the brews and Solo Liquor for the bubbles!

Best DressedOOTD

Fashion Launch Party

Best dressed fashion partyFashion Designer Kate Hewko Launch PartySoho LiquorDJ Tiny Toque

Fashion Launch Party Balloons



Festival Style Essentials

Festival Style by Kate HewkoThe summer festival season has started and it's time to stock up on trendy bohemian outfits and striking accessories. Everywhere you look, shopping malls and online stores are bursting at the seams with festival fashion essentials. Look out for transitional pieces that would look great when you're basking in the sunshine with friends and dancing with strangers under the stars. With so much on offer you need to be selective. You want to make sure you've chosen the right pieces to channel your inner goddess and stand out in the crowd.

I love festival fashion. Every event is an eclectic mix of past, present and future trends. You can't help but admire the ultra-stylish looks mixed in with the totally outlandish. Anything goes as you long as you sing along to your favorite band and party as if there's no tomorrow.

Get the look right and you'll not only impress your friends or the select few who you see every year reigning supreme as the queens of fashion on the field. If you make the right choices you could easily end up in the pages of a magazine or in an online gallery of who wore it best. If you want to get noticed then you need to be irresistibly fashionable and you have to exude a cool festival presence.

Festival Style Look BohoAs I flick through this season's style magazines, I can imagine several pieces from my natural stone jewelry collection perfectly complementing this year's biggest trends at the festivals.

Imagine yourself in a pair of denim cut-off shorts with a black crochet top over a halter neck bikini, singing at the top of your lungs as you sit on your boyfriend's shoulders. You have metallic gold face paint dotted across your forehead and you're swaying to the music with one hand in the air pointing to the sky. On your middle finger is the Candace Ring. Everyone can see it clearly as the afternoon sun hits the blue/black tourmaline. The colors in this striking raw stone flicker and steal the attention of the other dancers surrounding you. Tourmaline has the power to protect you from negative energy. Those who wear the Candace Ring will always feel grounded and shielded from harmful forces.

Festival FashionMy Erica Necklace in Smokey Quartz, Lapis Lazuli or Clear Quartz would look so cool vertically perched between the lapels of a tan suede fringe jacket. The deep organic stone, polished to perfection, and the long silver plated brass chain would perfectly complement a white cropped t-shirt underneath the soft suede. You could complete the look with a pair of black or caramel-colored harem pants. This chakra stone has been known to bring the wearer good luck. It will guard you against jealousy and always fill you with serenity.

If you're like me and you prefer casual chic rather than cheap and cheerful fancy dress then you'll love the Stalactite Statement Cuff - it's the perfect accessory. This slice of Brazilian amethyst stalactite on a silver plated adjustable cuff bracelet is a real showpiece. Look deeply into the stone and you can't help but admire its beauty. It looks great worn with a white bandeau top when the sun starts to sizzle or a short silk kimono with three-quarter length sleeves as the evening approaches.
Boho Festival FashionThis is the perfect contemporary piece if you want to look dressed down but at the same time cool, fashionable and ultrachic. 

Festival style is dictated by the fact that you absolutely have to stand out in the crowd and express your individuality. Make sure you're looking fantastic when those fashion photographers are roaming around searching for the best looks. Choose your accessories carefully. You'll instantly grab people's attention and attract admiration if you take it up a notch and wear striking jewelry and creative pieces.

You can't go wrong when you're wearing the Candace Ring, the Erica Necklace or the Stalactite Statement Cuff. The Kate Hewko jewelry collection has been designed to ensure you truly make your mark. I'm certain you'll feel super special adorned with any piece from my collection whenever you're partying with your friends at your favorite festival!                                                    
Jewelry for all occasions by Kate Hewko

Jewelry for All Occasions

Have you ever wondered why some women always look so effortlessly stylish? The secret lies in the details and choosing the right accessories. Beautiful and eye-catching jewelry not only tells a story, it can also inspire you and redefine you as a unique individual. The right necklace, an alluring pair of earrings, a big ring, or a charming bracelet can also give you confidence, make you look and feel happier, and attract the right attention.
The Kate Hewko collection has been designed to complement you and your lifestyle as the natural stones and precious metals create harmonious vibrations. These healing gems can provide peaceful and positive energies in your life. Each piece is sublimely raw and appealing. You'll feel truly special every time you receive a compliment because this natural jewelry really does stand out in a crowd.
The beauty of the Kate Hewko collection is that it's designed to be chic and contemporary but it's also timeless. Every piece is versatile enough to be worn with a basic t-shirt and jeans on the weekend, throughout the week in a business suit at work, or to a black tie event in a ball gown. Accentuate your look with a few pieces from the Kate Hewko collection and mix and match them throughout the day to suit the right occasion.

Agate Stone Necklace

Let me introduce the Paris Necklace. It's one of our signature pieces featuring a large agate stone, making it a true fashion statement. Its concentric layers are set against a double chain of silver plated solid brass or plain solid brass. This is the only natural stone in the world to feature such beautiful and artistic stripes. Imagine yourself in a strapless summer dress with this stone set just below your heart. True style queens will even wear this striking necklace to offset their bikini! Some say the agate stone will protect you from danger and it will give you courage. Please let me know if you're feeling braver when you wear this piece. I'd love to hear your stories.



Druzy Double RingTake a look at this amethyst Brazilian druzy quartz double finger ring. We've called it the Kate Ring. This quartz has been formed over millions of years. The glittering effect is thanks to a combination of tiny crystals on top of a colorful mineral.  The metaphysical properties of this ring will give you energy and uplift you. The amethyst color really complements a monochrome black, white or navy outfit. I'm sure you'll feel empowered and ready to take on everything and everyone at work if you wear it with a suit or a cap sleeve dress during the day. At night, the soft lighting will pick up the sparkle of the quartz and the 24kt gold-plated finish. At the same time, the cool double ring effect will draw every pair of eyes towards you.

Crystal Chain EarringsIf you work in fashion or if you just love looking ultra-fashionable all day long, you'll adore the Brett Earrings. You can customize these earrings to get the color that suits you the best or you can get all the styles and wear a different pair of Brett Earrings throughout the week. If you've been flicking through fashion magazines lately, you'll know this style of earrings with a double chain is really cool right now. If you're a fan of the boho and vintage styles then these earrings are exactly what you need to match the stylish clothes in your wardrobe.

It doesn't matter if you're at your desk, enjoying dinner at a resort with your partner, or simply having a drink with your friends. We have lovingly created each piece in the Kate Hewko collection for you to cherish and enjoy. We want to make sure you feel gorgeous no matter where you are or what you're doing. I hope the pieces I've shown you above will inspire you to take a look at the full collection.

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