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What To Wear to a Rodeo

Fashion Roundup: 10 Stylish Ideas for What To Wear to a Rodeo A rodeo delivers all the fun of a summer fair with animal-centric spectacles instead of questionably-maintained carnival rides....

Fashion Roundup: 10 Stylish Ideas for What To Wear to a Rodeo

A rodeo delivers all the fun of a summer fair with animal-centric spectacles instead of questionably-maintained carnival rides. You probably won't find a dress code for a rodeo event, which makes the task of choosing an outfit slightly more difficult. Don't tie yourself in knots over a rodeo look, as you can easily build one out of versatile summer wardrobe staples. Here's your complete guide to what to wear to a rodeo.

How To Decide What To Wear to a Rodeo

When thinking of a rodeo outfit, picture what you might wear to a summer barbecue or street fair. Dresses, skirts and shirts in casual cuts are all great options. For fabrics, light and flowy will keep you comfortable all day, and denim is also a solid option. Keep accessories practical, such as a pair of sunglasses, a necklace on the daintier side, and a small denim shoulder bag.

Western Wear

When you hear "rodeo," you may be tempted to splurge on a cowboy hat, a huge belt buckle, and a pair of spurred boots. While taking inspiration from country western wear is a fun way to switch up your style, don't feel obligated to buy any of these niche pieces beforehand. If you truly feel like you need a cowboy hat to live your yeehaw fantasy, you can always pick one up at the rodeo.

Breathable Pieces

Being outside in the heat and sun calls for at least a few breathable fabrics and cuts. Rodeos can get crowded as well, especially if you find yourself packed into hot metal stands.

Denim is a great choice because it's tough but still allows for great airflow. Instead of a tight t-shirt, try an oversized cut or a tank top to give your body more breathing room.

Comfortable Shoes

A rodeo involves a lot of time on your feet and not-so-nice terrain conditions. Leave your designer boots, strappy open sandals and crisp white sneakers for your next indoor event while wearing a more substantial shoe to the rodeo. Make sure whatever you pick is easy to clean, as it will get dusty.

10 Rodeo Outfit Ideas

Blend summer style with practical, rustic touches when deciding what to wear to a rodeo. Here are ten easy outfit ideas to get you started.

1. Light and Breezy Dress

A sundress is the perfect rodeo choice because of its breathable cut and infinite styling possibilities. To make a sundress feel more casual than dressy, you can either go with a print or choose a casual fabric texture, such as natural cotton or linen.

Dakota Fanning wore a wrap sundress in a tiny polka dot print that's squarely daytime. She styled it with simple sneakers, sunglasses, and a tote bag, creating a great template for a rodeo look.

2. Denim Done Differently

You probably don't have to look at a style guide to know that denim is a good choice to wear to a rodeo. However, there are dozens of ways to make your denim different. An embellished denim fringe jacket adds edge to a commonplace closet staple. Double down on denim by contrasting lighter and darker washes in one outfit.

3. Sorta Sheer Separates

A hint of sheer sleeves or paneling can do a lot to elevate a casual look while keeping you cool at the same time. Try a sheer button-up to add a hint of runway fashion to a casual rodeo outfit. Pair with a loose a-line skirt or jeans with black accents to complete the look.

4. Monochromatic Moment

For those wanting to take home fashion first prize, challenge yourself to make a rodeo-casual look monochromatic. All-black or all-white can lean formal, so opt for a summery color such as cornflower blue or deep red.

5. Rugged Leather Accents

Make a regular outfit more fashion-forward by smartly coordinating leather or vegan leather accents. A leather jacket, belt, boots and bag are a great start, but you can also branch out into leather accents on jeans or as trim along a shirt or skirt. Contrast the strong texture of leather with softer textures, such as tulle or lace, to add dimension to a casual summer outfit.

6. Play With Plaid

Plaid is an underrated rodeo choice that sits just below the level of literal interpretations. Try a fun plaid sundress, or for a comfy contemporary look, go with an oversized plaid flannel over a crop top.

7. Farm Fresh Overalls

Wardrobe pieces with built-in connotations are prime fodder for fashionable looks. Take the humble overall, for example. Pair it with a puff-sleeve top or a printed sneaker, and there are few summer outfits more adorable. Contrast that image, instead, with an all-black top and accessories to move towards high-fashion edge.

8. Mixed Knits

A loose knit can be surprisingly comfortable during the summer, as it keeps the sun off your skin and can come in handy after sunset. Mix several different knits in one outfit — such as a fine knit crop top, a chunky knit shrug and knit knee socks — for a casual look with fashionable contrasting textures.

9. Oversized Jacket and Shorts

An oversized denim or canvas jacket is durable, comfortable and casual — three essentials for rodeo outfits. It's also very trendy, especially when worn with something smaller on the bottom such as a pair of shorts. Complete the outfit with big sunglasses and a pair of casual walking boots.

10. Floral Print Fusion

Florals are another heritage print that nods to the idea of a rodeo without going full Rhinestone Cowboy. Pair different floral prints together in one look to make them more fashion-forward. For example, try a floral-embroidered baseball cap with a floral skirt and top in different, but complementary, prints.

Find What To Wear to a Rodeo and More With the Latest Fashion Picks

You can easily find what to wear to a rodeo by combining practical summer basics with the latest trends. At Kate Hewko, we comb the runways to bring you a curated selection of cutting-edge pieces, all at an affordable price. Browse our full collection to find your rodeo-style inspiration.

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