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Layers of Style: 10 Ideas for What To Wear Under a Blazer

Layers of Style: 10 Ideas for What To Wear Under a Blazer Whether you're looking to refresh your style or shopping for your next showstopping capsule wardrobe, don't bet on...

Layers of Style: 10 Ideas for What To Wear Under a Blazer

Whether you're looking to refresh your style or shopping for your next showstopping capsule wardrobe, don't bet on black. Instead, bet on blazers. Ever-versatile and timelessly stylish, the blazer is one wardrobe essential that will never let you down.

You can wear blazers in multiple seasons and dress codes, so they're not just for people who work in an office. Branch out to a punk-inspired safety pin blazer, or go for a unique color and texture such as hot pink velvet. Once you have an inspiring piece and an idea for the vibe of your outfit, it's easy to decide what to wear under a blazer. Here are plenty of picks to give you inspiration.

10 Ideas for What To Wear Under a Blazer

The top or dress underneath can give context to even the most out-there blazer. Choose the perfect complement to turn a great blazer into a great outfit, no matter the occasion.


Professional Outfits

The classic, tailored version of the blazer tends to look the most office-ready, but oversized blazers in traditional suiting fabrics are becoming more and more common. Here are some alternatives to the button-up shirt for professional and business casual blazer outfits.

Mock Neck Shirt

A mock neck shirt gives the modern, sleek lines of a turtleneck while staying comfortable. Since these tops tend to come in less textured neutral fabrics, they're a great way to balance a louder blazer or go for a futuristic, monochromatic professional look.

Silk Camisole

Silk is one of the most breathable natural fabrics and it looks hyper-polished, so a simple silk camisole top is a great option for summer. Mirror the neckline of the top on the bottom of the outfit by choosing a more open professional shoe.

Sleeveless Button-Up Shirt

This comfortable alternative to the traditional sleeved button-up gives the same professionalism with fewer sleeves to keep track of. To make this choice more of a fashion statement, choose a statement color in the same color family as the blazer.

Pencil Dress

A blazer over a pencil dress layers structure on top of structure for a supremely put-together outfit. Try a cropped blazer instead of the standard cut to add volume and dimension to the middle of this pairing.

Casual Outfits

Blazers make it easy to add structure and style to even the most laid-back looks. How do you decide what to wear under a blazer for women to achieve a relaxed, weekend effect? Go for softer fabrics, fun prints and looser lines.

Graphic Tee

A distressed graphic tee is the ideal contrast to the sharp lines of a blazer. Together, these pieces can make a simple pair of jeans or shorts into a picture-worthy weekend outfit.

Bold Printed Top

A bold print, such as leopard print or a psychedelic floral, can help dress down a blazer while adding a ton of visual rhythm. Pick one key color from your printed top and mirror it with your bag and shoes for a cohesive look.

Breton Stripe Shirt

The Breton stripe shirt is named for the French sailors who first wore it, and its chic thin lines add elegance to any casual outfit. Underneath the natural sharp-lined structure of a blazer, the combination can take you to brunch and beyond.


A blazer can add dimension to your favorite jumpsuit, especially if it's sleeveless or features thin straps. Coordinate the fabric, print and style of the jumpsuit and blazer for a one-two punch, like Anne Hathaway in a showstopping lime green printed set.

Dressy Outfits

Skip the bodycon dress for your next night out and revisit your blazer collection, instead. Flipping this daywear staple to night adds immediate interest and contrast to your look.

Crop Top or Bralet

The basic blazer is so versatile, it can even be part of a sexy going-out look. Simply skip the shirt altogether and pair your blazer and matching pants with a feminine lace bralette. Pair it with stiletto heels, and your outfit is both covered-up and flirty at the same time.


Wearing a blazer as a dress is the ultimate fashion power move. If the idea of hitting the town without pants on feels a little too close to a recurring dream set in your old high school, substitute thigh-high boots for a combination reminiscent of iconic '90s Versace. Taylor Swift did exactly this with her black sequin boots and graphic neon blazer red carpet look.

How Do You Layer Under a Blazer?

Anything you wear under a blazer should be comfortable and easy to wear all day. Most traditional blazers are tight-fitting, so it can be tricky to layer too many pieces underneath their structured sleeves. To keep things comfortable. you can avoid extra sleeves in your under-blazer tops or opt for tight-fitting sweaters for winter wear. For easier layering while staying on trend, experiment with the roomier lines of an oversized blazer.

If a top is longer in the hem, tucking it in can provide structure to an outfit. This goes for a traditional button-down or an oversized band tee (a great candidate for the hyper-relaxed French tuck.) A looser, untucked hemline can create a more relaxed look.

What To Wear Under a Blazer for Male Casual?

Men can have fun with blazers for their casual looks, too. A thin sweater adds a hint of texture that also softens the lines of a blazer for everyday wear. A t-shirt in a slightly distressed dark wash is another popular option that's understated yet elegant. For a louder casual look, try a sleeveless button-down with a graphic print featuring animals, florals or illustrations.

Find What To Wear Under a Blazer With All the Latest Tops and Trends

At Kate Hewko, we are firm believers in the transformative power of a great blazer, no matter where you stand on your personal style journey. Discovering what to wear under a blazer drives home that there's no style challenge a blazer can't crush. Browse our selection of trendy tops to find dozens of layering options.

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