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5 Ideas for Wine Tasting Outfits


5 Ideas for Wine Tasting Outfits

Dearest readers, it has come to this writer’s attention that you are going on a wine-tasting adventure with the gals. . . or perhaps a particular suitor for a date night. Not sure what to wear wine tasting? Fear not, for the ladies at Kate Hewko are ready to reveal their best-kept fashion secrets. Be prepared to elevate your style game at the winery with this season’s hottest trends.

Darker Colors

When visiting a winery, you might want to be prepared for the unexpected. Did your bestie (who may have had a bit too much wine…) spill her drink on your favorite top? No big deal! The stain appears invisible on your burgundy top.

Comfy is Better

Are your friends taking you vineyard hopping? If so, you may want to skip the stilettos and switch to fashionable boots instead. Comfortable, but still stylish, footwear staples will let you roam around vineyard rows and wine cellars with ease and style.

Hair Updos are your Best Friend!

If you want to expectorate (or spit) your wine between tasting sessions, you might want your hair already off your face. While it may be tempting to let your hair down after a blowout at your hair salon, you can still rock your flawless hair with a headband or hair updo style. 

  1. Cute Vintage

If you are ready for battle with your red wine stain remover, then you may want to mix and match different pastel shades and floral prints for a harmonious and stylish look. Floral prints are also perfect for adding a touch of spring and summer to your wardrobe, so a lightweight maxi dress paired with flats is the absolute way to go. If you’re feeling a cottage-core vibe for this event, layer a pastel cardigan over your floral dress for a cozy yet chic outfit. Still not enough? A headband with matching accessories like earrings or a bracelet would be ideal for a polished look.

  1. Sophisticated Baddie

Make the vineyard into your runway by strolling through its rows in tailored, high-waisted trousers in a neutral shade, offering both comfort and elegance. Pair them with a bold blouse or top to make this outfit exude sophistication. Not enough old-money vibes? Add a satin headband adorned with subtle pearls for a touch of refinement. For a final aura of glamour, wear stylish block-heeled sandals and a pair of chic sunglasses.

  1. Effortless Luxury 

Picture yourself enjoying a luxurious picnic at a vineyard surrounded by rolling hills and lush grapevines. You dress up in elegant, flowy palazzo pants in a soft pastel shade paired with a striking flowy top; this ensemble radiates effortless luxury. Think Anne Hathaway’s off-duty outfits, showing off looks that embody simplicity and elegance. Bring a sleek, designer crossbody bag to keep your essentials away from you while you hold your glass of wine. For a last finishing touch, a chic fedora will add sophisticated charm, perfectly accessorizing your outfit.

  1. Romantic View

Would you like to channel the elegance and sophistication of the Bridgertons to attend a romantic vineyard date? Inspired by the timeless grace of Hannah Dodd, you can opt for a silky slip dress that drapes beautifully. Imagine the soft, luxurious fabric gliding with every movement, making you feel like the season’s diamond. Accessorize your look with a pair of statement earrings and a dainty necklace. If you prefer a casual yet romantic style, high-waisted jeans paired with a cute, ruffled top offer a perfect blend of comfort and elegance.

  1. Bold Wine

Channel the rich, bold essence of a fine red wine with a striking two-piece set for your vineyard adventure. As an alternative, opt for a vibrant, deep red crop top paired with a matching high-waisted skirt or tailored pants to create a stunning and cohesive look. Stand out with every step by slipping into bold, statement-making heels in a complementary shade. Complete the look with sleek, gold jewelry and a stylish clutch to embody confidence and flair. Be ready to turn heads and capture the bold spirit of a luxurious vineyard experience.

Sip and Style with Confidence!

Whether it is a girls trip, fun date, or formal occasion, embrace your inner muse and have fun with these wine tasting outfits! Envision yourself taking in the serene beauty of a picturesque vineyard, breathing in the essence of sophistication and romance with every step you take. For this enchanting setting, consider an outfit that seamlessly blends elegance with a bold, modern flair and of course, your own personal touch. Be it a chic two-piece set in a deep wine-red hue, a silky slip dress that flows effortlessly, or high-waisted jeans paired with an elegant, ruffled blouse, let your outfit showcase your vibrant personality and love for refined elegance or dreamy escapades.

Have your friends started asking you for advice as their fashionista confidante? Make haste to share this writer’s vineyard-inspired fashion tips with your gals. Remember that as you wander through the vines, each step is a testament to your unique fashion sense and appreciation for the vineyard’s timeless beauty. Join us in embracing style, sophistication, and the art of vineyard fashion. Cheers to staying fabulous, fierce, and true to yourself as you continue to explore and support wine enthusiasts looking for a fun escapade. Browse through Lady Kate Hewko’s full wardrobe as you revel in the beauty of each moment.

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