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Find Your Glitter: Make a Statement with Sequins

Find Your Glitter: Make a Statement with Sequins Who doesn't enjoy a little bit of sparkle when they step out for the day? Sequins are a great way to spice...

Find Your Glitter: Make a Statement with Sequins

Who doesn't enjoy a little bit of sparkle when they step out for the day? Sequins are a great way to spice up everyday looks and are a staple for nighttime and special events. The only challenge with sequins is styling them so they don’t overpower your personal shine. If you're worried, don’t be worried, girl! Here are some tips and tricks on what to wear with a sequin top to keep you twinkling all day and night.

What to Wear with a Sequin Top for Everyday

You might have seen this popular sound making its rounds on TikTok about outfit intrigue. The clip gives some practical fashion advice: your outfit has to be interesting in a number of ways. Luckily, sequins can be colorful, textural, and exciting shapes, meaning whatever we pair with them doesn’t have to fit these criteria. 

The Rule of Juxtaposition
Fashion has no rules, but we find some practical styling conventions work pretty well. The rule of juxtaposition suggests pairing a more dressy piece of clothing, such as your sequin top, with a more rugged or casual item. Allowing these opposite forces to play with each other can equalize the look.

This styling convention can look like pairing a bold statement sequin top with baggy jeans or matching skinny pants. Complete the look with a fun pair of boots in the same color family, and you’ve got a charming, stylish, and grounded look. This composition would look great for brunch or an early cocktail hour.

Keeping it Professional 

Just because a fabric is fun or attention-grabbing doesn’t mean you can't wear it in more serious settings. The most important thing is to find expressive options while maintaining the dress code.

Wearing your sequin top with baggy wool pleated trousers or a complementary colored blazer can look chic and professional for the workplace. If you want a more conservative look, pair your sequin top with a matching solid print flowy maxi skirt. Alternatively, pair it with a collared shirt underneath to provide more coverage. 

How to Style a Sequin Top for Going Out and Special Events

Sequins are heavily associated with the holiday season and New Year's Eve, but there are plenty more reasons to add a sequin piece to your wardrobe. It’s an obvious choice for going out as it can show your playful and fun-loving energy and make you look damn good while doing it.

Glow in the Dark

With the revival of disco and retro fashion, now could be the perfect time to pick a stunning sequin top for your next night out. The way light refracts off of sequins can make you look like a star when in dim or dramatic lighting.

Picking out a stunning drapey cowl-neck sequin top and pairing it with flared pants can give you that groovy disco feeling while you dance the night away. Alternatively, shrugging on a cozy sequin sweater for a date night means your partner won't be able to look away while you glisten in the low lighting. 

More Is More

For my bold girls, might we recommend kicking it all the way up to 10? Most people say pairing sequins with a more understated item is best, but dressing to feel good will always be number one. If you feel best when you enter the function shimmering like a disco ball, we say: good on you!

Double up on sequins for a bolder impact on the styling of your sequin top. A black sequin top with an intriguing bold printed sequin pant could be a slam dunk. You can also use this with other fabric types, such as leather. Leather pairs perfectly with sequins; they both have that shiny effect that we can't get enough of.

Why Sequins? 

What do we want to say when we pick out a sequin top? Culturally, sequins are known for their flashy and fun nature. Despite falling off for a while in the mid-2010s, they’ve come back and are now used by the it-girls of Hollywood when they want to make a statement on the red carpet or at a party. Sequins are decadent, enticing, and bold; they show that someone is bold and unapologetic about existing loudly.

We offer this advice in the spirit of existing loudly and proudly: don’t be afraid of colors. When people think sequins, they think silver, gold, and black - but there’s a whole world of rainbow goodness for you to experience. Don’t shy away from brights or duo-chrome when selecting your sequin pieces. 

We may not be Kim Kardashian, but the sentiment of sequins remains. Girls deserve to shine, and if sequins make you light up, they’re worth giving a shot. The rule of thumb is if it speaks to your soul and makes you feel good when you wear it, you should wear it.

Now that you know what to Wear with a Sequin Top, it’s Time to Get Your Glow on, Girl! 

No matter the occasion, every woman deserves to feel like a star when they dress up. You don’t have to splurge on the designer to love what you wear and feel like you are making a statement. Sequins are fabulous for this because they provide intrigue within your outfit, make you shine, and are surprisingly versatile. If you had reservations about what to wear with your sequin top, consider that a thing of the past! You have unlimited choices to express yourself with sparkle. When wearing this fun fabric, you can dress up or down, but as we always say, what's most important is that they resonate with you.

 If you want to get inspired by new pieces that showcase your unique style, bring out your inner cool girl, or connect with like-minded women, you always have a home with us here at Kate Hewko. Keep shining, superstar.

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