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Festival Style Essentials

Summer festival season has started and it's time to stock up on trendy bohemian essentials and striking accessories. Our tips on being festival ready in style.

Festival Style by Kate HewkoThe summer festival season has started and it's time to stock up on trendy bohemian outfits and striking accessories. Everywhere you look, shopping malls and online stores are bursting at the seams with festival fashion essentials. Look out for transitional pieces that would look great when you're basking in the sunshine with friends and dancing with strangers under the stars. With so much on offer you need to be selective. You want to make sure you've chosen the right pieces to channel your inner goddess and stand out in the crowd.

I love festival fashion. Every event is an eclectic mix of past, present and future trends. You can't help but admire the ultra-stylish looks mixed in with the totally outlandish. Anything goes as you long as you sing along to your favorite band and party as if there's no tomorrow.

Get the look right and you'll not only impress your friends or the select few who you see every year reigning supreme as the queens of fashion on the field. If you make the right choices you could easily end up in the pages of a magazine or in an online gallery of who wore it best. If you want to get noticed then you need to be irresistibly fashionable and you have to exude a cool festival presence.

Festival Style Look BohoAs I flick through this season's style magazines, I can imagine several pieces from my natural stone jewelry collection perfectly complementing this year's biggest trends at the festivals.

Imagine yourself in a pair of denim cut-off shorts with a black crochet top over a halter neck bikini, singing at the top of your lungs as you sit on your boyfriend's shoulders. You have metallic gold face paint dotted across your forehead and you're swaying to the music with one hand in the air pointing to the sky. On your middle finger is the Candace Ring. Everyone can see it clearly as the afternoon sun hits the blue/black tourmaline. The colors in this striking raw stone flicker and steal the attention of the other dancers surrounding you. Tourmaline has the power to protect you from negative energy. Those who wear the Candace Ring will always feel grounded and shielded from harmful forces.

Festival FashionMy Erica Necklace in Smokey Quartz, Lapis Lazuli or Clear Quartz would look so cool vertically perched between the lapels of a tan suede fringe jacket. The deep organic stone, polished to perfection, and the long silver plated brass chain would perfectly complement a white cropped t-shirt underneath the soft suede. You could complete the look with a pair of black or caramel-colored harem pants. This chakra stone has been known to bring the wearer good luck. It will guard you against jealousy and always fill you with serenity.

If you're like me and you prefer casual chic rather than cheap and cheerful fancy dress then you'll love the Stalactite Statement Cuff - it's the perfect accessory. This slice of Brazilian amethyst stalactite on a silver plated adjustable cuff bracelet is a real showpiece. Look deeply into the stone and you can't help but admire its beauty. It looks great worn with a white bandeau top when the sun starts to sizzle or a short silk kimono with three-quarter length sleeves as the evening approaches.
Boho Festival FashionThis is the perfect contemporary piece if you want to look dressed down but at the same time cool, fashionable and ultrachic. 

Festival style is dictated by the fact that you absolutely have to stand out in the crowd and express your individuality. Make sure you're looking fantastic when those fashion photographers are roaming around searching for the best looks. Choose your accessories carefully. You'll instantly grab people's attention and attract admiration if you take it up a notch and wear striking jewelry and creative pieces.

You can't go wrong when you're wearing the Candace Ring, the Erica Necklace or the Stalactite Statement Cuff. The Kate Hewko jewelry collection has been designed to ensure you truly make your mark. I'm certain you'll feel super special adorned with any piece from my collection whenever you're partying with your friends at your favorite festival!                                                    
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