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5 Sequin/Shoe Combos We Love

  5 Sequin/Shoe Combos We Love Sequins are the rare accents that never go out of fashion, and they're much more versatile than you might expect. While it's fun to...


5 Sequin/Shoe Combos We Love

Sequins are the rare accents that never go out of fashion, and they're much more versatile than you might expect. While it's fun to go full disco revival in sequins, they have a huge style range. Sequins add dimension to understated lace fabric, and even fully sequined gowns can read as subtle sparkle if the sequin diameter is small.

Large or small, disco or demure, sequins add a ton of dimension and visual interest to any dress. When choosing what shoes to wear with a sequin dress, continue that theme with a shoe that boasts equal shine and presence. 


5 On-Trend Ideas for What Shoes To Wear With a Sequin Dress

When you're stepping out in a sequin dress, thousands of miniature spotlights are all on you. A bold shoe stands up to that style statement. Look for inspiration from the world's stars and red carpet style. Here are five of our top shoe and sequin dress pairings. 

1. Long Sequin Dress and Metallic Platform Pumps

Some combinations are simply too classic to resist: bacon plus eggs, bread plus butter, and a long sequin dress plus towering metallic pumps. For total elegance, a shiny platform pump is the shoe to pick.

Ever wonder how even shorter celebs look statuesque in long sequin gowns? Peek at their feet when they take a step forward — the toe platforms on their pumps are higher than Snoop Dogg on a Saturday morning. Big toe platforms give major height and surprising mobility. Heels with high toe platforms are often easier to walk in and less painful than non-platform shoes because there's less of a drop-off between the heel and toe height.

Choosing a metallic platform pump, rather than a solid or matte, continues the visual theme of the sequins and enhances the look of the dress. Nicole Kidman showed off a pair of glorious rose gold pumps with her tea-length sequin beaded gown. Go for silver with a cool-toned dress, gold with a warm-toned dress, or an extra-shiny patent black with a more muted sequin color.

2. Short Sequin Dress and Statement Boots

If you're watching the latest fashion trends, you know that it pays to be unexpected. Long sequin gowns are elegant, but with a little ingenuity, sequins can also be punk as hell.

Musicians have been making sequins subversive for decades, so look to them for inspiration on which shoes to wear with sequins. The first step is a shorter hemline. Then, add the favorite accessory across every genre of music, from disco to pop to rock and even country: a kickass pair of boots.

Channel iconic glam-rock styling by pairing this KISS band tee-inspired sequin dress with flaming-hot fire accent boots. Here, the sequin element makes this comfortable T-shirt style dress glamorous while still keeping perfectly with the rocker theme.

For a different look that still makes a counterculture statement, channel the 1970s. Heidi Klum paired a silver sequin minidress with the original scandalous footwear, metallic go-go boots. The inherent glamour of sequins makes an ankle boot, a knee boot or even a thigh-high boot feel appropriate for evening wear without removing any of the edge.

3. Slinky Sequin Dress and Barely-There Stilettos

Sequins are the red carpet trend that never seems to leave. Magazines will say a thin and wispy sequin dress is a reference to Y2K style, but truthfully, sultry sequin dresses can't be confined to any one decade. A slinky backless sequin dress always manages to look It Girl contemporary.

To complete the look, pair one of these Hollywood-style dresses with a barely-there stiletto. An utterly modern stiletto features nothing but a tiny ankle strap and one extra thin strap across the toes. These shoes disappear into the line of the leg even when they're jet-black, but subtle metallics and neutrals are popular choices as well. Dozens of starlets rock this look every red carpet season, but Gal Godot did it best in fire engine red at the premiere of her Netflix spy flick. 

4. Oversized Sequin Dress and White Sneakers

Can you style a sequin dress with flats? Absolutely. After all, Gal Godot's tenure as Wonder Woman is probably the reason why she can walk in teensy contraptions that just barely qualify as shoes. Anyone who didn't train on a mystical warrior island is at a real ankle strength disadvantage. Luckily, a trendy oversized sequin dress goes perfectly with a crisp pair of white flat sneakers. Brilliant white is a must to match the visual dazzle of the sequins and elevate the look. 

Sequins and sneakers give the same sense of fun and freedom as sneakers and a formal dress. They signal that you don't need permission to be comfortable and fabulous at the same time. For proof, look at Tracee Ellis Ross in beautiful snow-white sneakers and a hot pink sequin dress. 

5. Sequin Dress and Sequin Shoes

When you pull a sequin dress out of the closet, you're taking a bold step into the spotlight. Give your feet the same treatment with sequin shoes to match. This head-to-toe shimmering ensemble will be a style serve at any special occasion. 

You might be thinking that it's a little excessive to buy sequin shoes to wear with only one or two dresses, but there's no reason you can't wear sequin shoes every single day. Sequin shoes are great contrasts to sequin-free daywear or even an office power suit. Celebrities are always stepping out in jeans, a tank top and boots sparklier than a disco ball. 

Red Carpet-Inspired Clothes and More Style Tips Like What Shoes To Wear With a Sequin Dress

Sequins can be retro or contemporary, understated or rocker glam. They can fit into anyone's wardrobe because a sequin dress is the epitome of confident style. If you choose your shoes with that same level of confidence,  you can't go wrong. At Kate Hewko, we believe red carpet style should be accessible to anyone. Browse our collection of dresses and accessories for a head-turning ensemble with no style limits. 


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