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5 Tips for The Curvy Fashion Lover

Standardized sizing is a thing for the history books. There is no more “standard”. Brands are ranging sizes however they want, so each one fits differently.

Standardized sizing is a thing for the history books. There is no more “standard”. Brands are ranging sizes however they want, so each one fits differently. The same label size from two different brands can have a difference of three inches—or more! Even as a fashion stylist, and plus-sized human, I can personally range up to five sizes. With much of the population being mid to plus-sized, more and more brands are welcoming diverse, and inclusive size ranges. Kate Hewko is no different.

For the past six years, more and more size inclusive pieces have been arriving weekly as they look to introduce larger sizes into the mix. I will give credit where credit is due; introducing larger sizing—and more inclusive sizing—isn’t a press-a-button-and-it’s-solved kind of deal. It’s a whole new learning curve. You have to source options that fit your brand, learn how items fit differently on different people, and still stay on top of the latest fashion trends.

Well, I’m here to help those of you who are struggling to shop at stores, either online or in person, who are still in the process of opening up their size ranges.


Here are my 5 Tips.

1. Forget your size

Yep, you heard me. Size no longer means anything when shopping for clothes. Instead, know your measurements. What’s the difference? A size Large can accommodate several measurements, but if you’re put off by the label because that’s “not your size” you could be missing out on some great fashion.

2. Think outside the box

There’s more than one way to wear an item of clothing. Belts, for example, rarely fit me. But you know how they look super cute? As a necklace! Or as wrapped wrist bands. The same applies for any other garment; wear a skirt as a dress! You’ll double or triple your wardrobe options and look fabulous in the process.

3. Fabric rules

Avoid anything that has little or no stretch unless you have room in your measurements. If the fabric is not listed on the website, send a note to the company and ask. It’s actually one of the advantages of shopping with small businesses, they actually answer you!

4. Try it on

My golden rule. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, TRY IT ON! What’s the worst that’s going to happen? It doesn’t fit? Doesn’t look good? But what if it does?! What if you try that piece on and it makes you feel like the badass human you are?! (FYI - Kate’s has a fabulous return policy for those who order online, so really there are no excuses) If you love an item, and the measurements work, order it, or try it in store.

5. Be patient with the process

The fabulous thing about shopping local and small businesses, is they hear you. At Kate Hewko, diversity and celebrating every human is part of their branding, which is why they are sourcing larger sizing as it becomes available. Does everything fit? Not yet. But brands will eventually catch up to the diverse sizing of their customers, and as they do, more and more of the latest and greatest fashion will be available in your size—whatever that is.

My final bonus tip: ask the staff. They try everything on, they know how things fit, and are happy to help you find that item that makes you feel like the badass human that you are, no matter your size.

Happy shopping

-Sheena Anne
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