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5 Tips To Help Your Outfit Planning

When outfit planning, consider the activities you'll be doing in the clothes you choose and what the weather will be like.

5 Tips To Help Your Outfit Planning

Planning your outfits saves time and stress. For example, you can impress clients or dates when wearing clothes that make you feel confident. Likewise, if you are usually running late in the morning, outfit planning can get you to a critical meeting early, and not red-faced and out of breath. Planning what to wear before traveling also helps you sail through airport security with plenty of time to spare. Check out these five tips whether you need a little help or a lot.

Essential Factors in Outfit Planning

Top considerations include the weather and the activities you will be doing. If you are still determining what your week (or weekend) looks like, you can still outfit plan. Do build in flexibility by giving yourself multiple choices or layers.

1. The Activities You Will Do

Many people outfit plan for their work week. What does your upcoming week look like? Are you expecting lots of client meetings or lunches? Will some days involve a great deal of walking and bending? Are you working from home most of the week? Try to roughly plot out what you’re doing for the week and when.

2. The Weather

What does the weather look like for the week? How about at different times of the day? Think about what your commute is like.

Depending on the forecast, you may have special outfit considerations for sun, rain, and snow. Sun hats, winter caps, boots, gloves, sunglasses, and eyeglasses are examples of items you could change up.

3. Accessories and Shoes

Accessories and shoes can make or break an outfit and definitely should be a part of your planning. Account for coats, gloves, sunglasses, swimwear, jewelry, purses, and more.

Many people have a few favorite shoes. You may want to wear the same pairs multiple times a week. Just make sure that all of the outfits you select have a pair of footwear appropriate for them.

4. Your Selection of Clothes

While you’ve been reviewing your activities, the weather, and accessories, you’ve probably been thinking about the clothes in your closet and drawers. Now is the time to take a closer look at your options. Is there a coat, skirt, pair of heels, or chunky necklace you really want to wear? Mentally match it to a fitting event.

5. Closet Arrangement

Arranging your closet (or clothing rack) by day helps quite a bit with outfit planning. For example, if you are planning for Monday through Friday, clear space in your closet. When planning your outfits, hang Monday’s clothes in the left-most space in your closet, with Tuesday’s clothes following, and so on.

Go through your selection of clothes and accessories and hang the items in their relevant spaces. It’s easy to switch things around if you want to experiment. You can even wear the same black pants or clothes multiple times, especially with accessories that make them look different.

Make Outfit Planning Fun

Outfit planning goes a lot better when it is fun. Shop the selection of dresses, clothing, accessories, and more at Kate Hewko. We believe that fashion and style get better with age and offer an eclectic selection to spice up your planning routines.

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