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Many trends this summer are building on looks we have seen over the past few seasons, so you only need a few new pieces to follow them. Other hot trends are completely new configurations that you will want to try. Here are some fantastic looks to keep you in style this summer and into fall.

Bandeau Under a Blazer 


A great blazer is a wardrobe staple that is always on-trend and can be styled in a number of different ways. This summer, pair your blazer with a bandeau crop top for a stylish, fashion-forward look.

Shop the blazer: www.katehewko.com/products/pearl-embellished-blazer

80s Style Dress 

In the summer season, you will want a dress that you can wear to weddings, upscale lunches, and parties. The dress of the moment is an 80s style frock with plenty of ruffled details and puffed sleeves. Shake it up by rocking a bold colour.

Shop our Contrast Trim Ruffle Dress: www.katehewko.com/products/collared-ruffle-dress

One-Piece with Side Cut-Outs 

Your one-piece outfit can be a shorts set, long pants, or a form-fitting dress as long as it has cut-outs at the waist. These can be oversized if you want to show a lot of skin, or they can be more conservative slits.

Shop our Printed Cut Out Dress: www.katehewko.com/products/printed-cut-out-dress

Belted Silk Blouse 

You will want a pretty blouse for upscale events this summer, and lightweight silk is the perfect fabric for warm weather. Choose a style with a built-in belt that features a detail like a large bow. Puffed sleeves are also on-trend in blouses.

Shop our Asymmetrical Belted Blazer Top: www.katehewko.com/collections/all/products/cropped-belted-blazer-top

Tube Top with Knee-Length Skirt 


The tube top is a comfortable summer piece that is versatile enough to go with a variety of bottoms, but the trendy way to wear a tube top right now is to pair it with a skirt that reaches the knee.

Shop the Leopard Print Tube Skirt: www.katehewko.com/products/leopard-print-tube-skirt

Sequined Skirt with White Crop Top 


Sequins and sparkle remain huge trends in all seasons, and summer is no exception. Rock this look with a fitted skirt covered in sequins. Keep the skirt the star of the show by pairing it with a simple, white crop top.

Shop the Sequin Tassel Skirt: www.katehewko.com/products/sequin-tassel-skirts 

Ruffled Tops   

Sweet, feminine ruffles pair well with any slacks or shorts you may have. This dramatic top offers a fun twist on summer wear, but is light enough for the warm weather.

Shop our Sheer Drama Sleeve Button Up: www.katehewko.com/products/sheer-drama-sleeve-button-up

Wide-Leg Pants with Oversized Blazer 


There used to be a rule in fashion that if one piece was oversized, the coordinating piece should be fitted. This is no longer the case. Those fashionable wide-leg trousers can be paired with an oversized matching blazer for an outfit you can wear to the office or out with your friends.

Shop the blazer: www.katehewko.com/products/chain-link-blazer

Shop the pants: www.katehewko.com/products/ultra-wide-leg-pants

It's fun to follow fashion trends, and you will be turning heads with these fashion-forward looks and pieces. Choose a few to update your wardrobe and show off your personal style!

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