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Belts, Bags, and Benedicts: 12 Ideas for What To Wear to Brunch

Belts, Bags, and Benedicts: 12 Ideas for What To Wear to Brunch Brunch is about more than just the meal. Yes, you could poach some eggs and mix orange juice...

Belts, Bags, and Benedicts: 12 Ideas for What To Wear to Brunch

Brunch is about more than just the meal. Yes, you could poach some eggs and mix orange juice with champagne at home, but that would be like listening to a live album instead of going to a concert.

Brunch is a weekend rite that connects you with friends and lets you decompress from life's demands, all through the medium of some cool kind of French toast you've never had before. Part of the experience is getting out of the house, and for that, you may need some inspiration for brunch outfits.

Why Brunch Outfits Are Important, Actually

In theory, you could wear any casual outfit to brunch. Like the food, however, brunch clothes take on a new meaning as the outfit you choose becomes part of the weekend vibe.

The obligatory Brunchtagram post is a key part of the experience as well, so a trend or two and a color that photographs well won't go amiss. The ideal brunch outfit is comfortable, stylish and hardy enough to endure a runny yolk stain and live to talk about it.

The 12 Best Ideas for What To Wear To Brunch

Ring in the weekend with one of these on-trend brunch outfits.

1. Asymmetrical Top and Wide Trousers

Let's talk about pant width. One of the easiest ways to update your casual wardrobe is to try out some wide-legged trousers.

With an extreme silhouette on the bottom of the look, you can go sleek on top. Keep things interesting with an asymmetrical cut or pattern. A modern hole-punched long-sleeve shirt can be casual for brunch or be worn with a contrasting undershirt for the 9-5.

2. Long Comfy Sweater

One underrated aspect of brunch is its ability to lure you out of bed on a sleepy weekend morning. If you need a little more incentive, stay cozy and warm with a long, comfy sweater.

You can even layer a floor-length cardigan over a sweater dress and wool socks for the kind of fuzzy warmth only an all-knit outfit can provide. Singer Rita Ora embraced this philosophy with a bold sweater dress, socks and knit beanie.

3. Matching Printed Separates

Printed separates are a secret weapon in any casual wardrobe. If you're ever struggling with what to wear to brunch and every color seems to clash, just match the pair up for instant style. A lightweight animal print set is perfect for a casual get-together.

4. Trench Coat Chic

Another classic brunch look you don't have to fuss over is a stylish trench coat over just about anything. The iconic shape of the trench coat provides a hint of brunchtime glamour over a sweatshirt and jeans.

5. All-Leather Lady

On colder brunch days, stay warm in style by doubling down on leather. Go beyond the basic leather jacket and add some leather contrast pants to elevate your look. Leather is a statement texture but also a neutral, so it can accommodate a range of colors in your shoes and accessories.

6. Oversized Top and Fitted Skirt

Reverse your usual proportions to add variety to your wardrobe. Instead of relying on a fluffy skirt or wide-cut pant for volume, try an oversized sweater with big sleeves. Pair it with a stretchy fitted midi skirt and boots for one of the most sophisticated brunch outfits.

7. Button-Down Shirt and Printed Bottoms

Don't underestimate the versatility of a white button-down shirt in a roomy menswear cut. Tying a button-down at the waist like Olivia Palermo gives it a fun weekend look. From there, add visual interest with your favorite print in the form of pants, shorts or a skirt. A sleek bun and sunglasses complete the outfit.

8. Tee Dress and Boots

What do you wear to brunch if you're in a rush and need to throw something on? A tee dress's loose cut and flowing hemline are perfect for a busy summer morning. You can choose to either add a chunky waist belt and match it to your bag or let the dress's natural silhouette shine unbelted. Pair this easy-to-wear dress with boots to add impact and visual weight.

9. Weekend Goddess Maxi Dress

Summer brunch outdoors is the ultimate weekend celebration. A flowing maxi dress in a bright color is a fun all-in-one outfit that's easy to style. Pick out some metallic sandals and matching jewelry to become the patron saint of brunch.

10. Denim Skirt and Jacket Combo

Doubling the denim is an easy way to make a statement with your brunch outfit. Pair a denim skirt with an oversized denim jacket, sneakers and a simple solid-color bra top.

11. Printed Dress and Neon Jacket

A multicolor printed dress with tons of bright shades may seem tricky to style, but it's actually easier to match than a dress with only one or two unusual hues. Match any color in the print to a coordinating jacket for a fashionable look that stands out in a sea of neutrals.

You can pick another color from the print for your bag, shoes and other accessories. The result? A paint-by-numbers approach to color coordination that's anything but boring.

12. Vest Dressed

Going with a vest instead of a full-on jacket keeps you comfy all the way through brunch. Making the vest oversized adds a big hit of style to this look. A denim vest matches any texture or color in your wardrobe.

You can pair your vest with more denim or a pair of woven trousers for a menswear-inspired brunch look. Or, you can channel Carrie Bradshaw by picking a fluffy tulle skirt, instead. There's no better time than brunch with your friends to take risks with your style.

Shop Ahead of the Trends for New and Exciting Brunch Outfits

The lasting appeal of brunch is that it's always a little extra, and the same can apply to your brunch outfits. Bring runway drama to casual looks by choosing pieces that are ahead of the trends. At Kate Hewko, we have all the latest picks. Browse our new arrivals for even more brunch outfit inspiration.


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