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Force De La Mode

Client spotlight! Meet fashion industry Force De La Mode, Leah Van Loon.

Meet Fashion Industry Force De La Mode Leah Van Loon

There has been such a celebration of women lately: their presence, their power, their talent, their unity and their network. It is then no surprise that two exceptional women within Calgary’s fashion scene, Kate Hewko and Leah Van Loon, are friends and associates.

You should know Leah Van Loon, especially if you are at least a little interested in fashion…

Why?  Beyond being cool AF, this fine lady knows her stuff and has worked hard to hone her craft in every facet of the fashion industry over the past 20 years…

Leah’s credentials are quite impressive: fashion expert, fashion writer, content creator, social media photographer for world famous make up artist Pat McGrath at major fashion shows such as Prada, Gucci, Maison Margiela, and Miu Miu. Her work has taken her to New York, Los Angeles, Milan, and Paris.

We marvel…

What’s even better is that Leah has opened her heart and network to eager students and fashion lovers since 2015 to bring the talent and mindshare of Paris fashion to Calgary in two incredible ways: 1) her Mentorship Program where you not only explore the sights, but are granted a unique peek into what really powers the fantasy of fashion: history, design, craftsmanship, manufacturing, merchandising and supply chain and 2) her Fashion Experience, a tailored tour that includes all the Paris sights, plus some hidden gems, for people who have a love and interest in fashion.


You should really check out Leah’s program as it is a “MUST DO” on your fashion bucket list:  She is already booking into 2018!

What can we learn from Leah?   Style is important but substance comes from your passion and willingness to put in the work.  Travel and first hand experience is the best education.  And fashion touches us all and can even extend its influence to a far flung outpost such as Calgary.

If you like fashion and want to expand your horizons, what would be better than a truly memorable and worthwhile time in Paris this Spring?  Especially with THIS formidable woman of fashion :)


photo credits: Jared Sych for Avenue Magazine and Chris Sattlegger
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