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Fitted Blazer Recommendations

A fitted blazer is one that accentuates the contours of the body. You can create unique outfits by combining it with other clothing articles and accessories.

Wearing a Fitted Blazer? Here Are 4 Recommendations

Originating as part of a two-piece or three-piece suit, the blazer is a versatile fashion piece you can dress up or down, depending on the occasion and your personal style. Blazers for women come in various types, such as oversized or fitted. A fitted blazer is one tailored to accentuate the shape of your body and create a sleek silhouette. It is an essential wardrobe item.

4 Recommendations for Wearing a Fitted Blazer

You can pair this type of blazer with other items to create unique looks for work or play.

1. Jeans

If the dress code at your place of employment is business casual, combining a nice pair of jeans with a blazer can make them appropriate for work. Because jeans are casual, the blazer should be a bit more on the conservative side. Look for blazers in neutral colors. If your jeans are white, you have more color options: A navy blazer looks effortlessly chic while a pastel blazer is both pretty and professional.

If going out with friends, pairing a blazer with your favorite pair of jeans creates a look that is cool and sophisticated. Here it doesn't matter if your jeans are faded, bleached, or torn. Distressed jeans may actually enhance the look you want to achieve. Similarly, a blazer with bolder colors and patterns gives off a funky, playful vibe.

2. Trousers

Pairing a fitted blazer with trousers of the same color gives the impression that you are wearing a suit. This can offer you the opportunity to have fun with colors while still maintaining an air of professionalism.

However, your blazer and your trousers don't have to match perfectly. Coordinating separates is more stylish, even in a professional environment. For example, you could try neutral-colored trousers with a blazer in a bright color or an eye-pleasing pattern.

3. Midi Dress

A midi dress is one with a skirt that reaches approximately to your knees. Pairing a midi dress with a blazer makes a good choice for occasions that are a bit more on the formal side. A solid-color blazer with a print midi dress creates a breezy business casual outfit. Pair a little black midi dress with a black sequin blazer, and you have an elegant yet daring look for the cocktail hour.

4. Pleated Skirts

A pleated skirt gives an airy, floaty impression that is very pretty but can seem too nebulous or amorphic. Pairing it with a fitted blazer gives you a streamlined silhouette, bestowing your outfit more structure.

If you have an hourglass figure, you want to emphasize your waist. You can add more structure and definition to the combination of a pleated skirt and blazer by adding a belt. To really accentuate the waist, button up the blazer and then put the belt around it.

Find a Stylish, Affordable Fitted Blazer From Kate Hewko

Whether you are looking for a fitted blazer or an oversized blazer, we offer many different styles, colors, and patterns, from the understated to the extravagant. Browse our selection of women's blazers and find a piece you love.

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