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From Disco to Daytime: What To Wear With Sequin Pants

From Disco to Daytime: What To Wear With Sequin Pants Want to know a cheat code for leveling up your closet quickly? Start replacing uninspiring basics with more interesting versions...

From Disco to Daytime: What To Wear With Sequin Pants

Want to know a cheat code for leveling up your closet quickly? Start replacing uninspiring basics with more interesting versions of the same items. You'll be surprised how flexible a texture like sequin can become in the form of high-waisted pants. While some may associate sequins with Vegas showgirls or disco dance floors, they have a place in any outfit as a dose of personality and sparkle. Here's everything you need to know about what to wear with sequin pants.

Outfit Themes To Wear With Sequin Pants

Before you start thinking about nuts-and-bolts items, decide on a theme for your sequin pants look. Sequins are stunningly versatile, especially if they're in a neutral color and each sparkly disc is a relatively small size. With small-diameter sequins, the look of the fabric smooths out from a distance. This delivers an elevated take on the smooth satin dress pant or work pant.


One of the most popular ways to wear sequin pants is as part of a contemporary outfit with smooth lines and classic pieces. The heavy matte fabrics of businesswear really set off the sequins' sparkle.

Classic button-down shirts and blazers are the perfect candidates for dressing up with straight-leg sequin pants. A more casual take on this style is to pair chambray denim or another textured top with sequin pants and a clean, modern pair of sneakers.


If you're branching out into sequin daywear, you're probably bold enough to look beyond the usual styles with a sequin swap. Sequin pants are also a great starting point for avant-garde looks that push the boundaries of everyday fashion.

Exaggerated proportions are key to an avant-garde silhouette. A blazer with extreme molded shoulders creates a showstopping going-out look. You can also pair sequin pants with loud prints and massively oversized garments, as their loud texture will hold up their end of the outfit without getting overshadowed.


One of the biggest challenges with styling retro outfits is moving beyond the stereotypes of a certain era and making the look feel fresh. Sequin pants do this by slightly swerving the sequin skirts, dresses and gowns typical of '70s and '80s clubwear.

Another unexpected retro take on sequins is using them to contrast grittier retro textures, such as vintage t-shirts or rough-edged denim. Blending different textures and themes in one outfit creates a retro look that reimagines an era rather than simply reproducing it.

What Shoes To Wear With Sequin Pants

Don't stress over what shoes to wear with your sequin pants. Chances are, you already have the most popular choices in your wardrobe.

For dressier looks, it's never a bad move to pair anything sequin with corresponding metallic shoes and accessories. This usually means silver for black and cool-colored sequins and gold for warm-colored sequins, although pearls and bronzes are a great way to mix it up. Shiny patent leather shoes are also a great choice that coordinates with the sequins' bright energy.

Casual shoe choices can tie in even more sequins or contrast the sequins with rougher matte textures. Gorgeous leather boots with a bit of bite are perfect with a contemporary sequin outfit or a '70s throwback outfit. Let the vibe and style influences of the look guide your shoe choice, and don't worry about matching the sequin pants perfectly. Choosing what to wear with sequin pants isn't an exact science.

5 Ideas for How To Style Sequin Pants

Try one of these ideas if you're wondering what to do with a pair of sequin pants.

1. Suited Up

Treat the pants like suit pants, and pair them with a dress shirt and blazer. A white button-down shirt is a classic choice, especially if it has a starched texture that contrasts with the sequins. Balance the outfit with some sparkly jewelry up top and a substantial matte shoe, such as a leather boot or loafer.

2. More Sequins

Double down on your sequins by wearing a sequin top or dress as well. Instead of matching your pants exactly, try a different color or size of sequin for an artful contrast. For shoes, keep the shine going with a metallic heel or boot.

3. Band Tee and Heels

Even the grittiest, grungiest rock music has a certain glamor to it. Evoke stage lights and packed stadiums by pairing your sequin pants with your favorite oversized band tee. This styling both dresses down the sequins and puts an unexpected spin on them.

For shoes, your wackiest pair of heels are perfect for this opposites-attract outfit. Drag out that inspiring pair of shoes you never get to wear to round out this outfit. Adding jewelry or a statement belt can bring this outfit from casual to dressy in a blink.

4. Denim Top

Denim and sequins are another winning combo, and there are ways to tie them together so that they make sense in the same outfit. British television presenter Maya Jama paired wide-leg jeans with a frayed hem with a high-glam silver sequin turtleneck.

This outfit shows how you can use silhouette to bridge the gap between two disparate pieces in the same outfit. Notice how the wide-open arms on the turtleneck mirror the legs of the jeans. The accessories — blinding white athletic slides and a matching purse — fit thematically with the jeans while the bright white matches the sequins' shine.

5. Sweaters and Knits

Sweaters and sequins give off an instant holiday vibe, but you can wear this combination at any time of year. Go with an oversized or chunky knit for the maximum texture contrast with the sequins. You can also choose a distressed sweater to add an extra layer of theme and interest to the look.

Shop the Latest Styles and Find What To Wear With Sequin Pants

Deciding what to wear with sequin pants is an adventure that can take you to all four corners of your closet. Whether you match them with a blazer or a band shirt, these fun pants can easily punch up your outfits. At Kate Hewko, we believe that fashion is for everyone. Browse our picks for affordable, bold styles you can wear every day.

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