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From Fan to Family | Meet Alix

In case you’re wondering what it's really like working at Kate Hewko behind the scenes...well let me tell you. Manic is the only word to describe it— but in a...


Hello everyone, it’s me, Alix… the young face you see on Kate Hewko’s social media.

Except I’m not here to pose for the camera or sell you clothes but instead to simply tell you a little bit about myself and what my experience has been working at Kate Hewko over the past few months. This is a story about why Kate Hewko is much more than just a fashion brand.

It all started with me being a fresh-out-of-fashion-school marketing student (pat on the back to me for graduating just this November!). During my time in fashion school I studied Kate's brand A LOT like, every time we had a project on local businesses, I immediately chose hers before anyone else could.  Something about her unique, edgy style is what drew me in and led to me creating so many of my projects based around Kate Hewko. 

I learned about all her success with the brand and knew I wanted to be “just like her when I grew up”— I know how original of me to say... but being a buyer of her clothing was a big dream of mine. After having this rather lengthy fascination with the company, I applied; I didn’t hear back for months and I moved on. But one day, completely out of the blue, I got a phone call from Kate. 

 I’m here now and words can’t describe how thrilled I was when she contacted me. The interview went a little like this: 

Christa: “When can you start” Kate: (with her head poked around the corner) “Well ask her if she even wants the job first.” I became a fan girl from the moment I was brought on, but now it feels more like family.

In case you’re wondering what it's really like working at Kate Hewko behind the scenes...well let me tell you. Manic is the only word to describe it but in a good way of course. Catering to the top-tier customer service we offer involves a few sacrifices... burning my hands while steaming clothes, running around in heels, lifting boxes half my weight and, in between all of that, maybe I'll nibble on someone’s snack that they have out. I wonder why I fall asleep every night at eight after everything that happened in a day, but then again I wake up excited to see what that day will bring. Kate Hewko fits my personality and style so well; if you can’t already tell from social media, I’m having lots of fun! I really couldn’t ask for a better workplace... I am forever grateful for the opportunities and experiences that working here has granted me. 

Now, we can’t forget about the Rockstar duo that has been created with my work bestie, Christa. Not to get cheesy here, but working alongside her has not only bettered me as an employee but has made me step WAY out of my comfort zone my insecure-self really needed it. The appreciation for the amazing ladies I work with is immeasurable. They fill the workplace with amusement and laughter, support and kindness, and above all— inspiration. However, our clientele is just as great. What iconic style they have to be shopping at such a fashion forward brand that loves to help people be their own unique self! I will be honest in saying that being 20 years old and working in sales with a clientele that is older than me can be a struggle, so I’m glad I have the confidence in selling clothes that are worth it and I hope the people who appreciate my help know how much I appreciate them. It makes my day a whole lot brighter. Just remember fashion has no age restriction so wear whatever makes you feel fabulous!

I just want to say thank you to Kate for giving me the opportunity to share a little about myself and how I became a part of the Kate Hewko Family. My journey here has just begun, and it is my hope that further opportunities with the company will help me achieve my future fashion goals.

Finally, thank YOU for reading about my journey with Kate Hewko. It’s truly an honour!

Xo, Alix

P.S happy shopping! Let’s celebrate being unique.

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