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Gallery Glam: What To Wear to an Art Show

Gallery Glam: What To Wear to an Art Show Fashion and art are so closely connected that it's only natural to want to dress to the nines when surrounded by...

Gallery Glam: What To Wear to an Art Show

Fashion and art are so closely connected that it's only natural to want to dress to the nines when surrounded by beautiful things. Even a casual gallery visit can feel more special in an outfit that makes you feel in touch with the artistic influences around you. Here's everything you need to know about what to wear to an art show, a museum or a gallery event.

How Do You Decide What To Wear to an Art Show?

One of the most exciting parts of getting involved in your local arts scene is the chance to attend gallery openings, themed exhibitions and other fun art events. The dress code of individual art shows can vary wildly. An open-air art show or fair usually calls for a much more casual and creative dress style than an invite-only exhibition at a prestigious gallery.

One easy way to gauge the formality of an art show is to check the invitation for mention of drinks or cocktails. If champagne is on the menu, that's your hint to go sophisticated and semi-formal. Choose a mid-length dress, a pantsuit or elevated separates in flashy fabrics.

If the event is less formal, an artistic and fashion-forward outfit still won't go amiss. Try incorporating a richly textured fabric or a bold silhouette, such as puff sleeves or an asymmetrical drape.

Finally, try to gauge the fashion mood of the art event by the featured artists. A subversive or boundary-pushing exhibition probably calls for a handful of fashion risks. Classic Florentine-style oil portraits, not so much.

When in doubt, all-black is a go-to that's appropriate for any art event. A contrasting shoe, such as a highlighter yellow or bright blue pump, can add a big dose of personality to a black look.

What Do People Wear to Art Museums?

If you're just heading to a museum for a fun day off, there's no need to stress about your outfit. Jeans and casual clothing won't be out of place, and neither will a fun and creative look that speaks to your own artistic sensibilities.

A flowy tulle skirt that evokes brushstrokes can be a fun choice for an art museum, while a distressed sweater can help you get lost in a modern art collection. Art museums are a perfect place to have fun with your outfit because you'll never be the most over-the-top thing in the room.

Can I Wear Heels to an Art Gallery?

You can definitely wear heels to an art gallery. Sky-high spindly heels are so common at gallery events that you'd think they were part of the official dress code. Even if you don't go for the most precarious heel, it's a good idea to choose a visually interesting shoe for semi-formal art events. Remember that shoes don't have to match an outfit exactly if they provide an interesting contrast.

Heels may get uncomfortable when walking around a large gallery or museum, but there's something to be said for closely studying only one or two pieces during a museum visit. By staying put, you can connect with the art on a deeper level than you can by browsing multiple wings and collections.

Comic Tube Tank Dress Dresses Kate Hewko

8 Frame-Worthy Ideas for What To Wear To an Art Show

Here are eight easy sources of inspiration for what to wear to your next art event.

1. Unparalleled Pencil Dress

A pencil dress's chic body-hugging silhouette is appropriate for a variety of occasions, but it doesn't have to be boring. Go with a fashionable batwing sleeve to bring volume and impact to this fashion staple.

2. Avante-Garde All-Black

Black is another gallery opening go-to, favored by both intense, serious artists and people who hate dealing with wine stains on their clothes. Add different textures into all-black art show outfits to make them more fashionable. Kirsten Dunst's stunning black ensemble combined shiny silk, matte velvet and a sheer tulle trim.

3. Dramatic Draping

Elaborate fabric draping and art are a combination as old as oil paint. A hyper-dramatic draped blouse is a standout choice paired with simple black pants or a skirt.

4. High-Low Dress and Tights

An oversized high-low dress is a trendy silhouette choice sure to stand out in a good way at a gallery event. To add more texture and sophistication, pair it with an interesting pair of tights and a statement shoe.

5. Comfy-Chic Maxi Sweater Dress

For a more casual or offbeat art show, craft an outfit with tons of personality around a maxi sweater dress. Add formal-leaning accessories such as a satin bag and shoes to strike the perfect balance between irreverent and stylish.

6. Textured Dress

Rich and touchable texture is just as much of a statement in fashion as it is in art. Channel your inner impasto painter with a dress in a dramatic fabric, such as a three-dimensional petal print. Sheer elements pair beautifully with highly textured ones for maximum contrast.

7. Menswear-Inspired Button-Down

If you want to branch out from skirts and dresses, try a modern and sophisticated menswear-inspired look. Wide-leg trousers in a traditionally masculine print, such as plaid or pinstripe, pair beautifully with a simple and clean white button-down. To make the outfit more trendy and modern, opt for an oversized button-down instead.

8. Jumpsuit and Bold Accessories

A list of art show looks wouldn't be complete without the classic, comfortable jumpsuit. Halfway between a dress and a separates look, this silhouette strikes the perfect balance between glam and laid-back.

Take the volume up on any jumpsuit by pairing it with bold contrasting accessories. Danish model Helena Christensen made a casual grey jumpsuit into an event by adding bright red lipstick, heels and a matching bag.

Find Exactly What To Wear to an Art Show With Eye-Catching Fashion

Whether you're going to the hottest new exhibition in town or simply strolling around your city museum, art can provide a ton of inspiration for your wardrobe. At Kate Hewko, we believe that artistic and avant-garde fashion shouldn't break the bank. Shop our runway-worthy looks at affordable prices to find just what to wear to an art show.

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