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Hairstyles for Formal Dresses

Do you know what hairstyle to wear with formal dresses? Learn about the different hairstyles that complement various options for luxurious dresses

The Best Hairstyles To Go With Formal Dresses

Formal events are an opportunity to feel like a goddess in your skin. The most important rule to follow when choosing a formal hairstyle is to find one that suits your personality and taste. Our top picks for hairstyles are elegant, timeless and suited to an array of formal dresses.

Elegant Hairstyles for Formal Dresses

Before you choose your hairstyle, think about the dress itself. Some hairstyles complement different styles better. Try to balance your hair with the dress. For example, wear your hair in loose curls if you have an unstructured dress with thin straps. Likewise, think about an updo if you have a dress with a high neckline or structured bodice.

Ultimately, choose the look that makes you feel beautiful. Here are some of our favorites and how we would style them.


Crown Braid

The crown braid is a classic, traditional updo, associated with spring and summer. Try light, airy colors and flowing, feminine formal dresses with the crown braid.

You will need hair elastics, bobby pins and a rat-tailed comb to obtain the look. First, tease your hair and pin the top in a slight pouf. Brush your remaining hair and start to french braid below the pouf. Follow the braid around your head.

When you reach the hairline in the back of your head, shift to a regular braid. Secure the end of the braid with an elastic band and wrap it along the crown braid. Pin the braid in place with a decorative hairpin.

Low Side Bun for Natural Hair

A low side bun is elegant and sleek. Dress it up with dangling earrings, a headband and statement necklace. While this updo can complement all formal dresses, high necklines are particularly stunning with the look.

To achieve the low side bun, you need bobby pins, a thick elastic band and a comb. Begin by stretching your hair and gathering it to one side. Tie your hair into a low side ponytail and leave your bangs free. Part your bangs in the middle, but do not flatten them. Let them remain loose. Spread and fluff out your ponytail before rolling it and pinning it into a bun.


High Ponytail

The slick high ponytail is a famous and eye-catching look. Consider hair extensions to create a long, dramatic ponytail if you have short or medium-length hair. High ponytails add balance to shorter, formfitting dresses.

Use a brush, hairspray and elastic band to create the overall look. First, detangle your hair, then tie it into a high ponytail. Once tied, take a small section of hair, wrap it around the elastic and tuck it in. To finish the look, use hairspray to make your hair appear sleek.


Formal Dresses That Express Your Individuality

At Kate Hewko, we care about fashion. Our clients have a unique sense of style and aren't afraid to express themselves through fashion. Formal dresses and the hairstyles that accompany them should make you feel luxurious. Take a look at what we have to offer for every formal occasion.


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