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How Can You Style a Textured Shirt?

How do you style your textured shirt? Consider this brief guide to understanding textures and how to style them for the look you want

What Can You Wear With a Textured Shirt?

When describing clothing, "texture" is a term that refers to the surface and body of the fabric. Rough, coarse, fine, crisp, smooth, sheer, light, thin, or soft are only a few ways you can characterize a textured shirt. So, what can you wear with this garment? The short answer is virtually anything, but this brief guide provides some fun and fashionable tips.

Where Does a Textured Shirt Fit In?

Choosing an outfit means combining clothing pieces to create a look you enjoy and feel your best wearing. Before you start styling, consider the three primary types of texture in clothing: twill, plain weave, and satin weave. Think of these basic tips when working with textures:

  • Leather, denim, and cotton are neutral textures that can go with nearly anything.
  • You can combine two types of weave in one look.
  • If you want a timeless look, keep your color scheme simple when mixing textures.

Remember that textures have context. For example, silk and satin scream luxury, while cotton has a cozy, comfortable vibe. You can follow these tips exactly or just do what feels right for you.

How Can You Style a Textured Shirt?

Starting with your neutral textures, style a pair of faux leather pants with relatively any type of shirt. This Glam Sleeve Textured Top from Kate Hewko will go perfectly for a unique look on your night out. It is made of a lightweight, wrinkle-free synthetic fabric with a fun and comfortable cut. You could pair it with a silk skirt as well.

Demin is the most versatile of textures. If you have a denim top, pair it with anything from another denim weave to sweatpants. Did you find a non-denim textured top and need the right bottoms for your look? You can rarely go wrong with denim, especially if the occasion is casual.

A top with a thicker weave, such as a broadcloth, has the perfect texture for winter. Combine it with a twill weave garment and a wool coat to get through the cold weather.

When Is a Textured Shirt Luxury or Casual?

The most premium of all fabrics is arguably cashmere, made from the soft coat of a specific goat. Known for its soft feel, cashmere often comes with a luxury price tag. The texture is perfect for a casual look because it is softer than cotton and works well in a cozy sweater.

Silk is the go-to luxury fabric. The texture feels luxurious, and the shine gives it a fancy appearance. Pair a shiny, silky top with leather bottoms for a dressed-up look or pair it down with denim to look more casual. Bring together a cashmere top with silk bottoms for the perfect blend of casual and luxury.

What Is Your Textured Shirt Style?

Style is a personal preference, and there is no way to get it wrong. Take these suggestions on what to do with a textured shirt and use what works for you. For more textured clothing you will see coming up on the runway, check out the collection at Kate Hewko.


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