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How to Find Your Personal Style

If you would like to find out about your personal style so that you too can shine, follow these helpful tips.

Do you ever wonder how to find your personal style? Some people seem to have the edge with fashion. Their look goes beyond current trends. It suits their personalities so well, too, and makes them appear animated and unique. If you would like to find out about your personal style so that you too can shine, follow these helpful tips.

Examine your home environment 

Kate Hewko Home 

You may not know your clothing style yet, but you already have tastes. The décor and objects in your home reflect your persona. At present, you don't apply the same qualities to your wardrobe. That special something that echoes who you are and what you value exists, though, and provides clues about elements you can use in your personal fashion style.

Check the color schemes and patterns you use in various rooms on the walls and soft furnishings, and note the texture and style of your favorite objects. Doubtless, you don't want to copy them exactly: No one wants to wear clothes resembling their wallpaper or carpets. But you can get the gist of style qualities you prefer.

Maybe you love dots, animal prints, bright or subdued colors, pastels or primary hues, or pure white, clean looking designs. You may enjoy smooth surfaces, rough textures, softness, or metallic qualities.

Your home might reveal your passion for art, animals, flowers, architecture, technology, or a variety of other features. When you recognize them, you'll easily see elements you can include in your personal fashion style.

What type of person are you? 


Answer these questions to find more qualities to remember when you buy new clothes and put together outfits from clothing you own.

Are you a hyperactive person? Someone who moves fast, has plenty of ideas, and gets excited often?

Style elements to bring into your wardrobe include fluid, flowing materials, patterns, and designs.

Are you cautious, detail oriented, and slower to make decisions? 


Style elements to introduce include embellishments and detailing like embroidery. Do so in a conservative manner, though. Don't dress head to foot in trimmings, unless you love them. Rather, go for small sections of embroidery or other forms of embellishments along with subtle colors and material.

Other questions that influence your style are whether you're spiritual, free-thinking, sensual, creative, athletic, laid-back, passionate, kind, or funny. These and other personality traits impact what the right style is for you. It's helpful to compile a list of your personal quirks and characteristics and then catalog style elements you believe go with them to help you find your personal look.

What fashion elements do you love? 


What clothing styles do you love, but haven't tried wearing? Polka dots, safari themed clothes, or stripes may set your heart aflutter. You might admire metallic sheens, fake fur, or satin. Perhaps you've seen someone in rockabilly, bohemian, or classic clothing and felt they looked fabulous, but not imagined you could don a similar style.

It's time to experiment. Be brave and try out styles you admire, even if you don't think you can get away with wearing them. Note how you feel when you put them on. If you are excited and happy, don't put them back on the shop rail--buy them, because your enthusiasm will show when you wear them.

A decade ago, if you wanted to find your style, your body shape would have denoted what to wear. Now, it's fashionable to let your personality be your guide. Your character and disposition reflect the authentic you, so use them to help you discover a clothing style that suits you down to the ground.

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