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How To Style a Blazer Year-Round

Learning how to style a blazer can give you limitless options with your complete wardrobe. With the right approach, you can rock this essential year-round.

How To Style a Blazer During Any Season

The blazer isn't just for the office anymore. While this workplace staple is one way to give your style a more professional vibe, it can also add structure and interest to a variety of looks, from casual to glamorous. You don't have to wait for cold weather to add this essential piece to your wardrobe rotation either. If you want to know how to style a blazer any time of year, these tips can help.

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How To Style a Blazer: Outfit Planning

Pretty much anything will pair perfectly with a great blazer; it's just a matter of coordinating the right pieces for a successful overall look.

With a Dress

Partner your favorite flowy dress with a sharp blazer for a killer combination that's ideal for virtually any setting. You can also layer one over a fitted dress for a great date night outfit or your next big meeting. Blazers look fantastic with a jumpsuit or romper as well. They're an easy way to double the use of your summer essentials.

With Shorts

You don't have to be an expert on how to style a blazer to create a fun and fashionable outfit for summer. For a playful spin on the traditional look, wear a blazer with a graphic tee, jean shorts, and your favorite sneakers. You can also keep things chic with linen shorts, a button-down blouse, and strappy heels. Choose lightweight fabrics or cuts that work well when you roll up the sleeves; this will help you stay cool when the weather warms up.

With Jeans

There's nothing quite like the classic look of a blazer with jeans, and there are countless ways to wear them. Add a crop top to keep your look casual and fun in the summer or choose a blouse or button-down for a more polished look during cooler months. Virtually any shoe works well with this combo, from simple flats or sandals to boots, sneakers, and pumps.

To master this style, you need to pick the right kind of jeans. Skinny or fitted ones tend to be the better option; flared or even straight-leg jeans can add unnecessary bulk to your figure when partnered with a structured blazer.

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How To Style a Blazer: Accessorizing

Adding just one or more finishing touches can help complete your ensemble and add extra interest. Layer on a scarf or hat during the winter months for some extra warmth. Bold jewelry can help you bring the bling by giving you just the right amount of sparkle. A classic but fun idea for styling a blazer is to partner it with a great belt and cinch it at the waist. This can completely transform your look, no matter what you're wearing it with, but works especially well with dresses and jumpsuits.

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Finding the Perfect Blazer

If you want to know how to style a blazer, you have to start with the right pieces. Kate Hewko offers a variety of options, from traditional to trendy, in cuts and colors to match your unique style. Contact us today to find the perfect product and fit for a blazer you're sure to love year-round.

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