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How to Style a Romper

A Feel-Good Romp: How To Style a Romper in 5 Easy Steps Dresses are nice and all, but sometimes you want to enjoy a day outdoors without worrying about your...

A Feel-Good Romp: How To Style a Romper in 5 Easy Steps

Dresses are nice and all, but sometimes you want to enjoy a day outdoors without worrying about your skirt going full Marilyn Monroe every time the wind blows. Alternatively, maybe you never felt quite comfortable in dresses, but you still want an all-in-one piece for your closet. Maybe you just want to try a new silhouette. Enter the perfect combination of style and function: the romper.

The right romper effortlessly transitions from an all-day adventure to a night on the town. It's an easy-to-wear, all-in-one piece you can throw on and go, but styling one can be a little intimidating at first. You may be wondering how to style a romper so that you give "fashionable jumpsuit" instead of "onesie pajamas." Don't worry. Romper styling is as easy as finding the right fabric, getting the best fit and playing up the vibe of your romper with shoes and accessories.

How To Style a Romper in 5 Easy Steps

Get your romper style together by following these five simple steps.

1. Consider the Romper Fabric

The texture and feel of a romper's fabric have a huge impact on the finished outfit. Look for rompers in durable fabrics that are on the heavier side. Substantial fabrics hang well on your body and stay looking their best all day. The whole purpose of wearing a romper is low-effort glam, and a wrinkly romper is never the moment.

A gingham, denim or canvas romper is an amazing starting point for a rustic summer style. On the other hand, a smooth satiny finish makes a romper modern and ready for cocktail hour. Compliment your choice with the right fit, shoes and accessories that match the fabric's overall vibe.

2. Get the Perfect Fit

Fit is the key element to maintaining a sense of sophistication with a romper and keeping it from looking too childlike. The traditional romper hem hits at the midpoint between the thigh and knee. Anything shorter runs the risk of majorly elongating the torso without much payoff. A looser fit avoids bunching and makes a romper feel more substantial, so consider sizing up.

That said, there's no reason to limit yourself to a traditional romper fit! Go bold and make excellent use of the oversized trend with an oversized romper.

Celebrities from Billie Eilish to Katie Holmes have made style statements with oversized rompers and jumpsuits, boldly taking their outfit's focus off of their body shape while being comfy as hell. Oversized rompers have a futuristic sensibility that keeps you ahead of the pack fashion-wise.

3. Obsess Over the Shoes

Shoes are an essential consideration when styling any outfit, but when learning how to style a romper, don't be afraid to get obsessive. A romper is a simple, all-in-one piece you can nudge dressy or casual, and the shoe is usually the deciding factor.

Some say that heels make a romper dressy enough for night and that rompers with flats are for daywear. Don't listen to those people. They probably haven't ever walked the cobblestone streets of a charming bar district in quarter-inch-wide stilettos trying not to die. We're living in the 2020s. You don't have to wear heels to have good style if you don't want to.

The only rule when it comes to shoes is to wear what speaks to you. If you don't like wearing heels, a rhinestoned or studded combat boot is the perfect way to make your oversized romper a style statement for a night out. If you enjoy wearing heels, a chunky heeled boot or a wide-heeled pump are both great ways to dress up rompers, too.

4. Make It a Look With the Right Accessories

A romper is a blank canvas for your personal style. These pieces can support tons of accessories to craft the look you're after. If your romper has a trim, using the accent color in your accessories creates a stunning cohesive effect.

Contrasting the vibe of your romper can also create an eye-catching look, such as pairing feminine glam jewelry with a simple workwear-styled romper. Don't be afraid to take up space and use "mismatched" elements to create interest. Remove the word "clash" from your styling vocab to open up a new world of fashion possibilities.

It can be a good idea to match the scale of your romper with your accessories, though. Tiny belts, jewelry and accessories can get lost in the opulence of an oversized jumpsuit. Make sure every piece has an impact when deciding how to style a romper.

Rompers are excellent showcases for a belt. Dresses tend to look best with belts that sit at the waist, but a romper can support waist belts or lower-sitting belts you'd wear with a pair of pants or jeans. A belt can also alter the silhouette of a romper by cinching it, dramatically changing the look for extra versatility. Choose your favorite statement belt, such as a stunning oversized gold chain belt, to shift a romper's silhouette and add a visual focal point at the same time.

5. Transition Your Romper From Day to Night

One of the best parts of wearing a romper is being able to transition from casual daywear to high fashion without changing clothes. Simply switch out a comfy daytime sneaker for something with wow factor and add a handful of matching accessories or a stunning textured coat. Even an overalls-style denim romper can transition to clubwear with this simple formula. Add rhinestone-heavy accessories or a shiny chrome blazer and you're instantly Y2K.

Find the Latest Fashion To Help You Learn How To Style a Romper

Add a romper to your wardrobe to take a fashion risk with serious practical benefits. Learning how to style a romper doesn't have to be intimidating. At Kate Hewko, we believe that there's no such thing as being "too old" to wear a romper, giant accessories, studded combat boots or anything that makes your heart happy. Browse our collection of the latest jumpsuits and rompers to find your new go-to piece.


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