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How To Style Camo Pants

Too Cool To Blend In: 6 Ideas for How To Style Camo Pants Fun fact of the week: camo print dates all the way back to 1915, when it was...

Too Cool To Blend In: 6 Ideas for How To Style Camo Pants

Fun fact of the week: camo print dates all the way back to 1915, when it was first designed by a French artist to help conceal troop positions from aerial espionage. A lot has changed over a hundred years, though, and today it’s the opposite: on the streets of any modern city, wearing camo is a sure way to stand out. This print has graduated from basic training and has found a home on the world's hottest runways.

Thanks to its military history and cultural context, camo prints instantly creates a subversive vibe, which we’re all about. To get the most out of this surprisingly versatile wardrobe piece, learn how to style camo pants to accentuate its rebel-with-a-cause connotations.

Wondering How To Style Camo Pants? Try These 6 Ideas

Some camo pants feature a muted pattern, with neutral colors and cuts similar to the average pair of jeans. You can style these kinds of pseudo-camo pants the same way you would style an everyday pair of dark pants, which is how they appear for anyone who doesn't look closely. For maximum style points, however, go bolder and reach for an unmistakable camo statement.

A bold print recognizable from across the room is a different beast, and large-print camo makes a big statement and calls for fearless styling to match. Go all-in on camo pants by choosing a daring silhouette, whether in traditional green or with a neon twist. With the right pair of camo pants, you're ready to up your fashion game with these six style tips.

1. Vintage Grunge

The 1990s grunge movement started with music, but it spiraled out to all facets of culture, including fashion. Grunge has stayed in our fashion DNA for decades because it challenges conventional appeals to authority in a totally effortless way. A deconstructed suit and an oversized t-shirt, or anything turning away from traditional "neat" fitted silhouettes, are all hallmarks of grunge style.

Camo pants are an essential part of a grunge wardrobe, especially if they're distressed or patched. Pair camo pants with a white or grey hoodie or your favourite band shirt to evoke timeless counterculture chic (and be super comfortable all day).

Mixing prints and textures is another sign of style confidence. Reach for a textured heather sweatshirt or full-on flannel for a take on styling camo pants that uses peak '90s fashion.

2. Back to Black

Solid black and camo pants are a match made in style heaven, for good reason: this iconic combination channels a 007-style effect. Pair baggy camo pants in traditional green with a fitted black shirt and boots for a style that's tough and glam at the same time. Metallic accents, such as a drop earring or a chain belt, complete this classic-yet-elevated camo spy palette.

3. Go Full Camo

What's the most daring way to style camo pants (or to live life in general)? Doubling down. Pairing your camo pants with a camo top amplifies the subversive statement of the print and gives an unmistakably confident high-fashion look. Oversized camo print jackets in heavy fabrics are both a subversive, menswear-borrowed style statement and a durable all-weather wardrobe piece.

Supermodel Heidi Klum paired camo pants with a matching soft camo shirt and a leather jacket for an unforgettable airport look. When going all-camo, make sure to include some contrasting texture to round off the edges and give the look a sense of completeness. Mixing different colors of camo can add a similar sense of texture and visual interest to the black leather Heidi Klum used. Another on-trend choice that plays with camo's masculinity is work boots.

4. Crop It Off

Baggy or oversized camo pants are doubly on-trend, and one great way to balance the look is with a crop top. Don't listen to anyone who says these tops are only for a certain age range. Anyone can wear crop tops, and they come in many different lengths to suit a huge range of midriff-bearing comfort levels. With an oversized crop top, there isn't any midriff showing at all.

Baggy camo pants and a blinding white crop top, whether short- or long-sleeved, will always be a street-style touchstone. Athletic crop tops play up the sporty and physical associations of the print for a formidable look. Cropped sweatshirts are a cozy and trendy option for styling with camo pants as well. Even wildly contrasting fabrics, like a sequin crop top, can provide a bold counterpoint to a pair of camo pants. You truly can't pick a bad crop top to wear with this piece.

5. Contrast With Chrome

Silvery-chrome accents are the best way to "dress up" a pair of camo pants while reinforcing the counterculture trend. A studded leather belt adds to the toughness of the print while providing a visual focal point for the look and a finished effect.

Jewelry and camo aren't the ultra-clash they might seem to be at first glance, either. Think of military medals with bright pops of color and shining metallic tones. While not evoking military decoration directly, you can still play with that underlying association with colorful accessories and large metallic jewelry. Onlookers might not even consciously know why those pieces look so good together, but they nonetheless heighten the overall vibe.

6. Speak Softly and Carry a Big Bag

Camo pants are the ultimate reason to carry a huge, all-purpose, million-pocketed messenger bag. These bags both enhance the aesthetic of your camo pants and help you tackle whatever the day brings. You can even choose an actual tactical bag for an intense look that, as a bonus, organizes everything currently tumbling around in your purse.

Where Can You Find More Fashion Inspo Like How To Style Camo Pants?

Don't settle for an average pair of camo pants that looks like black jeans when you squint. Learn how to style camo pants with a bold and instantly recognizable print to pull dozens of new influences into your wardrobe. The right pair of camo pants stands out from the crowd in all the best ways. At Kate Hewko, we believe in fun, cutting-edge fashion that's accessible to everyone. Browse our collection of trendsetting pants today to find your new favorite pair.


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