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How To Style Cargo Pants

Did you know cargo pants are no longer a style of the past? Introduce cargos into your wardrobe and learn how to style them to suit your personal taste.

Bringing Back Cargo Pants: How To Style Cargos for Every Occasion

All women know the pain of small pockets. Many jeans and trousers either omit the pockets completely or feature only tiny pockets that can barely hold a stick of lip balm. Cargo pants, on the other hand, are utilitarian, with plenty of space for all you want to carry.

When most people think about cargos, they picture bad '90s choices. Fortunately, the modern cargo pant is a very different look.

Slay the Myth: Why Cargo Pants Aren't Outdated

Some people say that cargos for women were left in the early 2000s. While men have been wearing them all this time, women have had limited stylish options. In fact, cargos are making a comeback, but if you're not convinced, here are many reasons we shouldn't leave them in the past.


Cargos in the 1990s and early 2000s could hold as much as your handbag. Pants with a modern flair are no different. You don't have to cram your phone into skinny pockets. Instead, drop your phone and keys into a pair of cargos and go hands-free. 

Various Styles

We aren't talking about the cargos you find in the men's aisle at every retailer. There are limitless style options that complement all women and their personal tastes, whether that's for low-slung trousers or snug, high-waisted skinnies. Every trendy pant style can be introduced as a pair of cargo pants.

Cargos come in many different fabric, design and silhouette options. Whether you want to show off your latest pumps with pants that cinch the ankle or are looking for wide-leg jeans to add length to your body, you don't have to forego practical pockets.

A Match for the Latest Shoe Trends

If you're a shoe lover, the variety of pants styles should give you a reason to rejoice. Take out your timeless staples from your closet or grab your most recent, trendy pair and create new outfits for every occasion. Fun shoe pairings include:

  • Wide-leg denim cargos and chunky white sneakers
  • Jogger trousers with cargo pockets and black pumps
  • Edgy black denim cargos and stylish booties

Throw a fashion show for yourself in front of the mirror to discover your personal style.

Be the Trend: How To Style Cargo Pants

Becoming a believer in the trendiness of cargos is the first step. Now you have to learn to style them. Like most types of pants, you can wear cargos in any way you see fit: business casual, dressy or loungewear. Often, the difference is in how you style the top.

Dressy Blouses

Dressy blouses can alter the mood of an outfit. If you want to be chic and feminine, opt for blouses made of silk or sheer fabrics. Puff sleeve tops add a touch of femininity to any pair of pants.

Experiment with different colors and patterns. If you have a neutral pant, be daring with a bold pattern or color on top. Add a statement necklace or a pair of dangly earrings to embrace your girly side.

Crop Tops

Crop tops with a pair of loose-fitting, wide-legged pants add length to your body. These tops can also complement a pair of joggers. A plain cropped t-shirt, a pair of joggers and chunky sneakers make you look effortless while running errands, and as an added bonus, your wallet will fit in the pockets. High-waisted cargo pants and a flattering crop top are perfect casual date night options.


If you want to wear cargos to the workplace, pair them with a blazer. With high-waisted pants, consider a short blazer that highlights your waist. Choose a longer blazer that flows past your hips to look comfortable and chic. For a touch of drama, look for blazers with padded shoulders.

Button-Down Shirts

Button-down shirts have a lot of versatility. A formfitting button-down tucked into a pair of cargos looks professional and sleek. A button-down tied at the bottom to show off your waist is ideal for an afternoon brunch or shopping trip.

Choose your shirt based on the style of cargos. For example, if you have a plaid pair of cargos, you may want to go for a solid color button-up.


Tucked-in shirts or snug tops complement cargos. With the large pockets on your pant, your shirt doesn't have to be a statement piece.

Focus on a sleek upper body. Bodysuits are perfect when you want that neat, tucked-in look. No one wants to have to fidget with their clothes all day, and if you have ever had to tuck in a shirt, you know how easy it is to fuss over it. Bodysuits stay in place and look trim and clean.

Cropped Sweaters

Oversized, cropped sweaters paired with cargo pants are timeless. Bulky sweaters are cozy, warm and ideal for the fall and winter. Choose brown, orange and amber tops for autumn. Your fall cargos could include denim or trousers with more earthy tones.

Add a little sparkle to your wardrobe with embroidery or rhinestones embellishments for winter. Black, red and white are hallmarks of the winter months. For a chic cold-weather outfit, consider an oversized sweater, cargo denim and a pair of brown or black lace-up booties.


Hoodies are ideal when you don't want to work too hard to stay comfortable. When you want to relax, a comfortable hoodie feels like home. As an added bonus, hoodies can slip over a stretchy tee, blouse or bodysuit. Consider a graphic hoodie paired with a pair of buckled denim cargos. 

Find Your Style: Give Kate Hewko a Chance To Reintroduce You to Cargo Pants

At Kate Hewko, we understand every woman has her own identity and personal sense of style. We want you to feel empowered to embrace timeless classics and modern favorites. When you look in the mirror, you should see the unique person you want to share with the rest of the world. With fashions changing by the minute, we are always one step ahead for you. For more ideas for styling cargo pants, check out our fashion selection; we have something for everyone.

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