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Music City Maven: Top 4 Nashville Outfit Ideas and Tips

Music City Maven: Top 4 Nashville Outfit Ideas and Tips Nashville is the epicenter of country music and the ultimate locale for a nightlife-heavy vacation. Seeing live music and historical...

Music City Maven: Top 4 Nashville Outfit Ideas and Tips

Nashville is the epicenter of country music and the ultimate locale for a nightlife-heavy vacation. Seeing live music and historical sights every day and night requires a bit more outfit planning than your typical beach trip, but the city's unique blend of inspiration and relaxation is more than worth it. Think beyond cowboy hats and jeans for Nashville outfit ideas that will enrich your trip and seamlessly transition from day to night.

3 Tips To Keep in Mind for Your Nashville Outfit Ideas

Before planning your Nashville vacation wardrobe, here are a few quick tips to help narrow down your options.

1. Be Aware of the Typical "Tourist Look"

Over 14 million tourists visit Nashville every year, and that adds up to a lot of cutoff shorts, tooled leather boots and cowboy hats. There is definitely a tourist uniform in the city, and it is exactly half Coachella, half Hee Haw. Since cowboy boots take weeks to break in from new, this tourist uniform unfortunately comes with painful blisters, too.

If country glamour is your go-to everyday style, you should definitely bring that passion to Music City. However, don't feel like because you're visiting Nashville, by law, you need to pack at least three pieces of country fashion paraphernalia. There are many creative and unique ways to use Nashville's rich musical culture as inspiration for your vacation looks that don't involve cowboy anything.

2. Don't Let Your Outfit Get in the Way of Your Dance Moves

Dancing is a major part of any Nashville vacation, whether it's country line dancing or jumping around to a '90s hip-hop throwback. Select outfits with literal wiggle room to get the most out of your Nashville experience.

Luckily, the dress code across the city skews ultra-casual, even in classic venues like the Grand Ole Opry and old-school supper clubs. Save the tight dresses for NYC and go with flowier and more casual dresses and pants.

3. Comfy Footwear Is a Must

Nashville is incredibly walkable, so pack shoes that are easy to get around in. Bright white or jet-black sneakers are great fashionable flats, and a low wedge heel can be a better option than your sharpest stiletto. Test out and break in any new shoe purchases at least a few weeks before your trip. The last thing you want on your Nashville vacation is for a twisted ankle to keep you off the dance floor.

Our Top 4 Nashville Outfit Ideas

The best Nashville outfits are comfortable, authentic to your style and easy to transition from day to night. Taking inspiration from the country, blues and rock 'n' roll music scene doesn't hurt, either. Here are four of our best casual outfit suggestions for the bars of Broadway and beyond.

Day-to-Night Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is an easy way to stay comfortable and fashionable while touring Nashville. In spring and summer, choosing a flowy floral print can give a hint of country-inspired style. Reese Witherspoon embraced the power of a vacation maxi dress on Instagram, going for a timeless blue floral print with trendy tiered flounces.

Want to take the outfit a step further? An elaborate maxi dress with ultra-feminine touches (think organza flowers, pastel hues, lace or pleated chiffon) will evoke Nashville legend Loretta Lynn, a less obvious country style reference than most.

A classic floral maxi dress can still turn up the volume when styled for evening. Accessorize with a glitzy statement belt or shoe to keep the look interesting, and switch over to bolder lip or eye makeup. You can also layer a standard maxi dress with an edgier piece to boost contrast, such as a leather jacket or sweeping metallic overcoat.

Reimagined Denim

There are dozens of ways to rock denim that won't get lost in a Nashville crowd. The key to elevating a denim piece is to reimagine the fabric with a drastic treatment. A casual vacation is the perfect time to experiment with the wild side of denim styling. Here are just a few treatments that make an ordinary skirt, jacket or pair of jeans exciting fashion moments:

  • All-over gemstone or rhinestone accents
  • Distressed pockets and hems
  • Fringe
  • Dramatic and voluminous cuts
  • Metal spikes or studs

Incorporating contrasting fabric textures, such as tulle or leather, is another great way to elevate denim Nashville outfit ideas beyond the basic Daisy Dukes. An A-line denim skirt or dress is also a comfortable and versatile wardrobe piece for any casual trip.

Sequin Queen

For a head-turning Nashville vacation look, take inspiration from the ultimate diva of country music: Dolly Parton. Dolly is such a beloved American icon that it's easy to forget her sense of style was downright subversive for most of her career. With incredible cleavage, shining acrylic nails and more rhinestoned fringe than a Pride parade, Dolly's fashion is loud and proud.

Channel over-the-top glamour into your barhopping look with a retro-inspired sequin dress with ruffled trim. Pair sequins with more sequins in the form of ankle or knee-high sequin boots. A brightly colored patchwork coat is another stylish way to pay homage to the Queen of Country.

Rocker Chic

Nashville is a hub of rock music as well as country, providing even more avenues to blend music inspiration with your personal style. An '80s leather bomber jacket and tight black leggings are an easy and always on-trend way to channel rocker chic.

To turn the rock star archetype up to eleven, choose an oversized fluffy fur coat with shorts and distressed tights. Go for bold dress textures as well, such as fishnet or leather, and don't forget to pack a pair of stylized boots.

Fashion Inspiration for Nashville Outfit Ideas That Stand Out From the Crowd

Dancing the night away in Nashville has all the makings of a perfect vacation. Crafting Nashville outfit ideas around your sense of fashion will keep you ahead of the curve on Broadway, and investing in some new and head-turning pieces can help. At Kate Hewko, we have all of the fashionable building blocks you need to craft the ultimate Music City vacation wardrobe. Browse our selection of up-to-the-minute styles without the couture price tags.

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