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Palazzo Pairings: What Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Pants

Palazzo Pairings: What Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Pants Whether you prefer palazzos, oversized jeans or bell bottoms, wide-leg pants of all varieties are definitely in. These roomy pieces...

Palazzo Pairings: What Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Pants

Whether you prefer palazzos, oversized jeans or bell bottoms, wide-leg pants of all varieties are definitely in. These roomy pieces are much easier to get into than jump-and-shimmy skinny jeans, but they also come with tricky styling questions.

Petite women often wonder how to wear wide-leg pants without looking small. It can also be hard to gauge exactly where a wide-leg pant is supposed to land on the ankle, calf or foot. Then, there's the question of what shoes to wear with wide leg pants. A chunky shoe can match the volume of a bell bottom, but a heel can give you an extra boost of height, so how do you choose?

How Do You Decide What Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Pants?

If none of your shoes look quite right with wide-leg pants, it's time to do some style investigation. Multiple elements work together to determine the visual flow between a wide-leg pant and a shoe.

Pant Hem Length

The hem length of a wide-leg pant mostly comes down to personal preference. Some looks take the wide-leg pants all the way to the floor, like Chrissy Teigen. This option is suitably dramatic, but not the most practical.

To achieve a sophisticated line without taking the hem all the way to the floor, the most popular option is a hem that sits just an inch or two above the ground. This exposes some of the shoe, but not much.

A cropped wide-leg pant may seem difficult to pull off at first, since it concentrates volume around the lower calf. Don't be afraid to embrace this length, like Keke Palmer in her hot pink pants. A cropped length can be a solid option for petites who feel swamped by a long bell bottom.

Shoe Height

The height of your shoe will determine where the wide-leg pant hem sits. If you hate heels, have wide-leg pants hemmed to their ideal length when wearing flats. Otherwise, calibrate your heel height to get the desired length from your pants.

Visual Balance

Playing with proportions means paying attention to the visual volume of each outfit component. The common advice is to wear a small. tight top with wide-leg pant, but this isn't the only way to achieve balance. You can wear wide-leg pants with a long and flowy tunic top and tiny shoes, or go fully oversized on top and bottom.

Most of the time, the shoes you pick should call back to or match the visual weight of the top of your outfit, around the collarbones. If this area is fairly open and sparse, choose a strappy or open shoe. If not, go with a boot or chunky shoe. Think of this balance as a form of vertical symmetry.

What Are 7 Ideas for Pairing Shoes With Wide Leg Pants?

Here are our top picks for what shoes to wear with wide-leg pants.

1. Tall Boot

This is the easiest go-to pairing for wide-leg pants. It's perfect for the office, brunch or running around town. Simply choose a boot that comes up taller than the hem of your pants for a long and elegant line.

Avoid ankle boots or any low boot, as these can slice your visual line around the ankle or calf. Go with a more open shoe option for cropped lengths.

2. Tiny Showcase Heels

Make a big impact with a wide-leg pant by leaning into contrast with your shoe choice. A tiny heel with fun accent textures in a bright color is a perfect match for a formal pants outfit. Rihanna's fuschia Y2K heel was an inspired choice with her teal wide-leg pants, and she even matched the shoe color to her lipstick for peak visual balance.

3. Practical Pointed-Toe Flat

If you've got places to be, pair a practical flat with your wide-leg pants such as a loafer or ballet flat. A pointed toe can help extend the visual line of the leg with no heels required. Up your casual outfit game by matching fancy details on your flats to a coordinating accented belt.

4. Secret Sneakers

One major appeal of extra wide-leg pants is their sense of mystery. Any shoe could be under its billowing hemline, especially if it comes down so low it almost brushes the floor. For style surprise and comfort, sneak a pair of athletic shoes or classic Keds under your wide-leg pants.

5. Platforms

Wide-leg pants are an easy starting point for retro-inspired looks. Whether you go for a '70s disco throwback or a Y2K homage, you absolutely need a pair of killer platforms.

Pair a chunky platform boot with a fun '70s texture like hot pink velvet. A platform Mary Jane shoe is another stylish throwback choice to wear with wide-leg pants.

6. Strappy Wedges

Strappy heels are a great choice with wide-leg pants because the crisscrossing straps provide just the right amount of visual weight and a hint of texture. If your top is strappy as well, the matching shoes easily unify the outfit for a chic and put-together look.

Red carpet strappy heels are a nightmare to walk in, so consider going for a wedge heel for extra stability. A short one- or two-inch kitten heel is also a popular choice for a wide-leg pant, especially if you're on the taller side.

7. Casual Slides

Wide-leg pants are a great way to update your casual wardrobe without necessarily making it more dressy. An oversized jean or linen wide-leg pant is a summer essential that you can wear with your favorite pair of flat slides. The open construction of slides matches airy summer tops.

Where Can You Find More Inspiration for What Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Pants?

When picking out what shoes to wear with wide leg pants, think about the visual balance of your outfit and how the hemline interacts with the shoe. At Kate Hewko, we believe that anyone can rock any trend, including wide-leg pants. Browse our runway-ready pants and skirts to find the pair for you.*

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