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Event spotlight! Kate Hewko on the runway at Park Show 2018.

PARK - Celebrating 10 Years of Fashion Culture

As a loyal and long time PARK contributor and collaborator, Kate Hewko is thrilled to celebrate PARK’s 10-YEAR anniversary at PARKSHOW at the George C. King Bridge on June 23rd.

PARK – now a mainstay in the Calgary fashion community - has been operating as a non-profit organization to foster creative entrepreneurs since 2008, showcasing talent, planning and hosting events, creating valuable connections, platforms and content, and so so much more!

Kate wanted to shine a light on the great work PARK does, so we connected with the amazing women who make PARK tick this week: Kara Chomistek, Jessie Li and Maeghan Archibald.

Read on to learn more about how PARK started, where PARK is going and what makes the PARK operation so special and successful…

Kate Hewko Park Show

What is your fondest memory of the first PARK event in 2008?

Our fondest memory of the first PARK event would be the overwhelming response and support from the community. PARKSALE was our first ever event that we put on at the University of Calgary to support our friends who were artists, designers, and makers. We did it as a fun thing for ourselves, but were so thrilled with the turn out and response the attendees had to the market and how much people really cared about supporting local businesses. It was such a feel good event that really sparked the passion and energy to continue this important work and grow it for the next decade.

What has changed the most for PARK over the years?

The mission and purpose of our events has never changed and we have always been focused on promoting Canadian talent and building up the designers we work with so they can grow and sustain their businesses. But over the years the size and scope of the events has been what has changed the most. What started as some university students setting up some tables in a park had evolved into massive productions featuring designers and artists from all over the country to a dedicated audience of 1000+ people every show. It has become such a staple in Calgary's Arts and Culture community and we have such amazing partners, sponsors, and volunteers who help make it all happen.

You are hosting PARKSHOW 2018 on the George C. King Bridge…where did THAT (amazing) idea come from??!!

We've had this location in the back of our minds for years! Ever since we first saw the renderings for the bridge we have always envisioned it as a potential runway! Then when we saw the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 fashion show that was done on a bridge, we were even more inspired to make it happen! And with it being our 10-year anniversary, we decided what better time to take a huge risk and finally do our first ever outdoor show on the bridge!



What can guests expect whether you are 1) new to PARKSHOW or 2) a seasoned veteran?

Guests who are new to PARKSHOW should be excited for the new community they are about to experience. We have an incredible line up of 10 of the best emerging and established designers from all over the country that are going to bring the runway to life. Along with 50 local vendors that they will get to shop and meet! Seasoned veterans will love the unique venue and seeing how we are going to transform it for the show! It is our longest and most unique runway set up to date and we can't wait to share it with everyone.

What is particularly special about the PARK 10-year anniversary?

We wanted this show to be a celebration of both our past 10 years, and where PARK is headed in the future:

1) The Past being represented by featuring designers and models in the show that we have worked with and supported over the years (like Kate Hewko!), and having a number of our PARK team alumni at the show to celebrate everyone’s contributions to the organization.
2) The Future being represented by the new talent and designers that we think have bright futures and are excited to work with for another 10 years. We are also excited to be bringing back the event that started it all 10 years ago - PARKSALE! After a couple years’ hiatus to focus on our other programming, we are thrilled to be hosting PARKSALE outside again to take it back to our roots and where all of this started.

Where do you and PARK go from here? You have PARKSHOW, PARKFORUM, PARKLUXE, etc. …What’s next?

We will be continuing with all of our key programming PARKSHOW, PARKLUXE, PARKFORUM, PARKSALE, PARKCLUB, and PARKSHOP. But we are also branching out into agency services like marketing assistance, styling and event services, photo-shoot production, etc. We want to be able to share all of the industry knowledge we've gained over the last decade with the local businesses we work with and be able to assist them not just at our events, but all year round.

What is the magic that makes the PARK events and team special?

PARK events have always been such a passion project for us and all of the volunteers that have contributed over the last decade. Our goals have never changed and with each event we want to help promote and expose the designers we work with to a national audience, create unforgettable experiences that people will never forget, and contribute to the fashion and art scene in Canada. We are always wanting to be fresh and creative, and push the limits of both what we are capable of, and what people expect of a fashion and arts organization in the prairies!

The PARK team seems to be everywhere! Where do you get your energy?

We love what we do and love the people we work with! We are fuelled by the projects we work on and the ability to contribute to our community in a creative way.

Please join Kate Hewko and PARK for the fantastic anniversary celebration and fashion extravaganza at PARKSHOW and come see all the fabulous wares and fun at PARKSALE.

Mark Saturday, June 23rd on your calendars!  And use the KATEHEWKO2018 passcode to get a special deal on tickets.




Kate Hewko Park Show



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