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Picnic Perfection: 8 Fall Picnic Outfit Ideas

Picnic Perfection: 8 Fall Picnic Outfit Ideas Having a picnic at the height of summer is the popular choice, but you can't beat the crisp weather of fall for a...

Picnic Perfection: 8 Fall Picnic Outfit Ideas

Having a picnic at the height of summer is the popular choice, but you can't beat the crisp weather of fall for a delightful picnic. Cider, pie and snacks make for a great picnic, along with the perfect fall picnic outfit. It can be tricky to make casual outfits interesting, especially if you're still determining exactly what the weather will be. Choose versatile pieces with a twist to bring fun fashion to a fall picnic.

8 Fabulous Fall Picnic Outfit Ideas

Here are eight creative jumping-off points for your next picnic look.

1. Become the Picnic

Picnics are naturally fun events that come with built-in sensory style inspiration. Leave your city-chic blacks and greys in the closet and embrace the natural surroundings for the ultimate picnic outfit.

Literal references like fruit prints, florals or nature prints are perfect for any outdoor daytime event. You can also go more subtle with a fun gingham-blanket-lookalike pattern, such as a unique green plaid tulle. Choose rich colors that coordinate with the fall landscape, especially jewel tones (deep green, blue, purple or red.) A bright red or warm chili spice color scheme is also a great pairing with a mug of spiked apple cider at a fall picnic.

2. Rock a Romper

Rompers are casual, stylish and perfect for any casual outdoor event. The oversized romper is a trendy fall staple, and it's great for picnics, as you can run, dance, eat, and sit cross-legged on the ground without worrying about your outfit. Style an oversized romper with combat boots or platform flats for some extra drama, and don't be afraid to add a flash of metal in the form of statement jewelry or a belt.

Another comfy romper option is denim overalls with a cozy turtleneck sweater underneath. A pair of chunky knit socks, sneakers and a felt hat complete this warm and fun fall look. Yes, it's reminiscent of The Big Comfy Couch kids' TV show, but let's be real — Loonette the Clown was a 90s style icon and her outfit still slaps today.

3. Stay Warm in a Long, Cozy Dress

Picnic dresses don't have to be the typical circle skirts and A-line cuts. Go bold with a picnic dress by choosing a longer length inspired by the ultimate fall wardrobe piece: the ultra-cozy sweatshirt.

A sweatshirt dress or another heavy knit tube-style dress is like wearing a fleece blanket to the picnic, but make it fashion. Gabrielle Union perfected this look with her neon green heavyweight shirt dress with a daring thigh-high slit.

If you're worried about the weather, dresses are also a great option for laying with some of our picks below.

4. Try Matching Printed Separates

Matching separates is an easy way to elevate any casual look while keeping it grounded and comfortable. A fall picnic is perfect for pulling out a warm brown tracksuit set. You can also boost the impact of a floral print by wearing it in separate form. Even though the outfit isn't technically any more formal than regular pants, shirts and skirts, the coordinating print kicks the style up a notch.

5. Revamp Denim

Denim and picnics are a natural combination, but that doesn't mean you must stick to a basic pair of jeans. Make denim interesting by opting for an unusual silhouette, such as a long denim skirt or oversized denim.

Playing with texture is another excellent way to make a fall picnic outfit shine. Distressed denim adds interest to a look and pairs well with an intentionally oversized or distressed sweatshirt. On the other end of the spectrum, adding eye-catching details to a denim top or jacket can create a focal point for any picnic look. Be sure to match any bedazzled or metallic elements on your upgraded denim jacket to your accessory choices.

6. Transform the Tank Top

The tank top is the workhorse of any closet, and layering it with a light jacket provides versatility for fall weather. The right tank top for a fall picnic doesn't have to be boring, however. Pairing a substantial but neutral short leather jacket with an interesting tank top creates an excellent fall casual outfit.

Asymmetrical necklines make tank tops a trendsetting choice. You can also choose a flowing cowl neck tank top for the everyday drama of fashionable draping. Complete the look with your favorite pair of patched jeans or camo pants.

7. Add Ruffles

If your fall wardrobe is missing something, but you can't quite put your finger on it, run your hand across your tops and skirts. Do you feel any fabulous flouncy ruffles? These fun accents add visual interest to all looks, not simply formal dresses.

Fashion influencer Olivia Palermo combined the puff sleeve and ruffle trends for an effortlessly stylish casual look. Ruffles are great on sleeves or skirts, adding a playful flounce to any picnic ensemble.

8. Embrace a Trendy Sweater

Sweaters and other knits may seem naturally low-key, so the boldest pieces turn up the volume in both color and texture. Try a multicolored or neon sweater for a fall picnic to stay warm and reflect the colors of nature around you, like the changing colors of the leaves. Interesting textures, such as faux mohair or an unusual crochet, can elevate a sweater to new fashion heights.

Once you select your sweater, keep amplifying the look with coordinating pieces instead of defaulting to neutral options. Reflect the bright or unusual colors in your sweater with your bag and shoes. Try a coordinating knit skirt instead of jeans or plain joggers. A sweater provides the perfect backdrop for a big statement necklace, too, and the right pair of sunglasses (sharp or enormous) can keep any sweater-centric look from becoming too precious.

Inspired Fashion Picks for a Fall Picnic Outfit  and Every Other Casual Occasion

Bring heightened style to all areas of your life by choosing fun pieces for casual occasions and "dressy" ones. At Kate Hewko, we believe in having fun with fashion at any age and event. Browse our latest faves to get inspiration for the perfect fall picnic outfit.


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