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Refresh Your Look

There are plenty of different ways you can refresh your look using color, texture, and shape. Statement pieces are a must for livening up your current wardrobe.

How To Refresh Your Look

Style is self-expression. You shouldn't feel stuck wearing the same old outfits every day. As they say, the one constant in the world is 'change', which also applies to you. You are bound to go through many different style eras throughout your life. So, how do you tweak your current style to refresh your look?

Color Can Refresh Your Look

One of the simplest ways to revamp your wardrobe is with color. It's easy to add new colors to your rotation. Color has a big impact, so it doesn’t need to be much. Choose a few new pieces that you can pair with what you already have.

Many people retreat into neutrals to play it safe. When adding color, you don’t have to commit to a rainbow wardrobe right away. Go slowly and complement your neutrals with brighter colors. Find a nice red jacket that you can break out for special occasions. You can even start smaller with accessories. A pair of bright yellow shoes pair well with browns and taupes.

If you’re already comfortable around color, you can start playing around with contrast. Even black and white get more exciting when paired together. Brush up on a little color theory and figure out how to use the color wheel to refresh your look. You will feel more confident putting colors together without fear of clashing.

You may already have a colorful wardrobe, but are you wearing the right colors? You can consult with a specialist to find the correct palette for your skin tone. Color can be more complicated than you think, and include such depths as shade and temperature. Long story short, make sure you are wearing the right kind of blue for you.

Texture Adds Interest

Another way to add interest to your outfits, even without color, is texture. A lot of people forget to pay attention to what their clothes are made of. There is a wide world of fabrics and sewing techniques out there that can add tactile flair to your outfits.

These luscious and three-dimensional textures can do a lot to refresh your look:

  • Velvet or velveteen
  • Satin or silk
  • Leather
  • Jacquard
  • Wool or tweed
  • Anything with embroidery

The list doesn’t end there. There are exciting fabrics like tulle that can add especially interesting visuals. Tulle is sheer and voluminous. It can be layered in a lot of interesting ways. If you want to look ethereal and larger than life, this fabric choice is for you. This brings up the next point, shape.

Shape It Up

One of the most defining features of fashion and style throughout recorded history is the shape that garments bring to the wearer. Think of the exaggerated shoulders of the 80s or the wide hips of the Tudor period. These days, it’s easier than ever to play with shapes in your wardrobe.

All bodies are beautiful, and there’s no reason to hide what you’ve got. Think instead about using shapes as a fun tool for highlighting your features. For example, do you want to draw attention to your height? Clothing can do that for you.

There are tons of factors to consider here. Things like the shape of the neckline, the sleeves, and the seams can affect this aspect of style. Experiment with what makes you feel good in your clothing and refresh your look by trying new things.

Fit Is Everything

No matter what your size, your clothing should fit you correctly. Your body changes as your age, so your clothes might not fit the same as they did 20 years ago. Kudos to your for holding on to pieces that long! 

A good tailor can solve all your problems. Help your wardrobe keep up with you throughout the years and get it adjusted from time to time. You can ask your tailor if it’s possible to make more extensive changes to your pieces, as well. Like changing a pair of pants from flared to boot cut.

As you add new pieces to your closet, aim for the best fit possible. You can always go back to the tailor if they need a little hemming here or there.

Statement Pieces for the Bold

Why not add a touch of avant-garde to refresh your look? Life is too short not to be a little dramatic. You can easily transform any look with a statement piece. 

Do you have a favorite all-black outfit you wear to the office? Add a pop with a patterned wrap jacket that has a non-traditional shape and stun your coworkers. Statement pieces are great for livening up everything else you already have.

Statement pieces should bring you a little bit out of your comfort zone. They typically make full use of the core principles of style listed above, such as color, texture, and shape. 

Curating Your Wardrobe

It can be overwhelming to shop in this day and age. Trends come and go faster than you can blink on the internet. Remember, when purchasing clothes, do not feel beholden to these trends. Although it can be fun to join in every so often, you should purchase what feels most like you. The best style reflects genuine self-expression.

Don’t feel the need to get a ton of items at once. The goal is curation and longevity. Add a couple of pieces at a time as you come across things that you love. Don’t trust lukewarm feelings when purchasing clothing.

Get Help to Refresh Your Look

Find retailers that you trust to make shopping for new pieces more enjoyable. You don't need to start your search from scratch each time you feel ready to update your wardrobe. You also don’t need to blow all your money on designer brands. There are plenty of companies making beautiful, quality garments without an inflated price tag.

The team at Kate Hewko can help you find the perfect pieces to refresh your look. As a boutique run by women, you can trust that the clothing is made with you in mind. Look like you just stepped off the runway without breaking the bank. You’re bound to find something you love in one of the many unique collections Kate Hewko has to offer.

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