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Client spotlight! Sheri MacMillan - A legend who inspires legacy.



Sheri MacMillan is truly remarkable.  Like a gorgeous, elaborate jewel box that you come upon that is full of treasure and delight.  

Sheri is integrity and love and care and compassion all wrapped up with ironclad business savvy and a strong sense of purpose.

I was enchanted.

Sheri believes in the Law of Potential.   She sees gaps and acts to fill them.  Her career as an estate planner was born out of a knack for caring and helping people coupled with her financial smarts.  She quickly realized that there was a market that was being underserved. 

And upon reflecting on a her 20 year career, it was refreshing to hear that she did not cite possessions or access to important people or events as the pinnacles of her success -  but rather the blessings of meeting interesting people and enabling them to really “do the bucket-list”.

Enabling people to do more with their fortune, and to provide “platforms of purpose” that has fostered more joy, more giving, and a way to enable her clients’ wishes and potential.  For not only them, but their children and grandchildren whilst they are living.



I learned more about making arrangements to seize and celebrate life than preparing for death over the course of our conversation.

With regard to style, she met Kate Hewko when she saw her work in Avenue Calgary magazine.  She actually hunted Kate down to secure the “body armour” she wanted.  



model wearing body chain by kate hewko             sheri macmillan
The Look that Started it All... <photo credit: Jason Eng  for Avenue Magazine>

Always a maverick and free thinker, Sheri has always gravitated  towards the different, the novel, the out of the ordinary.  And she has met her style match with Kate.

These photos are a testament of Sheri’s innate style and philosophies: strong, beautiful, avant-garde, meaningful, lasting.

We look forward to wearing Kate Hewko designs at an upcoming function to commemorate not only her milestone, but her passion for the rehabilitation of orphaned infant elephants via the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

It will be a sparkly and legendary night for a noble cause.  


xx Shalene Yaskowich for Kate Hewko


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