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Shoes To Wear With Skirts

Choose the best shoes to wear with skirts by Kate Hewko. Our runway-ready clothing and accessories are designed to meet your unique fashion needs.

The Best Shoes To Wear With Skirts

It can be difficult enough deciding what to wear every day, let alone choosing which shoes to wear with skirts or dresses. Additionally, the gap between the hem of your skirt and your shoes can make the choice of shoes all the more noticeable. Fortunately, many shoe styles are available that won't result in a fashion faux pas. 

pencil skirt

Choose the Best Shoes To Wear With Skirts

Some shoe styles work best with specific skirts, while others go well with everything. Here are some popular shoes that will harmonize with your skirts or dresses.


Wear high heels with skirts to show off your gorgeous legs, enhancing their shape and the stylishness of your outfit. High-heeled shoes usually work best for skirts that fall below the knee, such as A-line, midi and maxi skirts. Wearing high heels with longer skirts can help prevent the legs from appearing unusually short. However, you can also rock high-heeled shoes such as platforms or boots with a miniskirt.


Shoes with flat soles can give an understated chic look to any skirt. Achieve a taller appearance while wearing flats by choosing shorter skirts that emphasize your legs. Additionally, you can pair flat-heeled sandals with midi skirts for a bohemian vibe. Flats are also a great alternative if you're attending a formal event and worry about the limited mobility of high heels. Choose an ankle-length dress to best complete a formal look with flats.

Tennis Shoes

Be comfortable and stylish by wearing sneakers with skirts. They fit especially well with midi skirts that come midway down the legs. Are you not sure what color of tennis shoes to wear with skirts? White sneakers can enhance any skirt or dress. Tone down otherwise formal skirts to a more casual appearance with white sneakers. Alternately, wear high-top sneakers such as Converse with mini or midi skirts to exude an assured sense of style.


Skirts are funner to wear in warm weather and so is their perfect match: sandals. Pair gladiator sandals with tulip or pencil skirts for a look of timeless elegance. If mini skirts are your thing, consider slipping on a pair of braided or strappy sandals.


Boots are the go-to footwear for many people when it comes to skirts, especially mini skirts. This is especially true for winter months when boots offer better protection from the cold and snow than other shoes. Choose over-the-knee boots if you don't like wearing tights but want to keep your legs warm.

You can never go wrong with knee-high boots, which go with practically anything. Alternately, the versatile ankle boot can also complete an outfit for any season, pairing beautifully with gowns, skirts and pants. Flat-heeled boots are best for work or if you have to do a lot of walking and best match with mini or wrap skirts.

Denim and tulle skirt

Complement the Best Shoes To Wear With Skirts

Match the best shoes to wear with skirts by Kate Hewko. Our unique selection of skirts is based on the latest runway styles and is made available before many other runway collections. You're sure to find something to fit your distinctive style without breaking your budget.

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