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Sin City Style: What To Wear in Vegas

Sin City Style: What To Wear in Vegas Las Vegas is the perfect place to indulge in great food, music and making memories with your friends or partner. While it's...

Sin City Style: What To Wear in Vegas

Las Vegas is the perfect place to indulge in great food, music and making memories with your friends or partner. While it's generally a good idea to set some personal limits in Sin City, you can  go all-in when it comes to what to wear in Vegas. The beauty of this destination is that no outfit in existence can be "too much."

What Should You Wear in Vegas?

Sequins, neon colors, lamé, cutouts, feathers and all the latest trends can have a place in your vacation capsule wardrobe. Nightlife outfits are the most fun to wear and style, but it's important to remember to pack a few comfortable pieces and daywear, too. Here's all the fashion you need for your high-stakes getaway.

Light and Summery

With pools and fountains always in sight (not to mention the 24/7 vodka slushie vendors), you can almost forget that Las Vegas is in the middle of one of the planet's hottest deserts. Late spring temperatures can easily pass 90 degrees.

For daytime outfits, prioritize breathable fabrics such as linen, cotton, tulle and flowy blends. High-waisted shorts and an off-the-shoulder top are a perennially stylish daytime look. You can also enjoy a breakfast buffet in comfort in a flowy empire-waist sundress.


Shiny and Bright

Of course, no one vacations in Vegas to wear the same sundress they could wear at home. Become part of the bright lights and sensory overload of Las Vegas by wearing your shiniest fabrics.

As a bonus, sequins are majorly on-trend. Unofficial Queen of Earth Taylor Swift wore a head-to-toe lime-green sequin gown to the 2024 Golden Globes. If neon sequins don't quite mesh with your non-Vegas lifestyle, black sequins are a subtler choice that sparkle under bright lights just as well. Black, silver and gold sequins are all easy to style because they mesh with any color.

Bold and Daring

Every fashion fan has at least one item that is only appropriate for a precious few occasions. A Las Vegas trip qualifies, so pack the dresses, tops and skirts that you steer away from for weddings and work parties.

These can be louder pieces, scandalous ones, or both. Maintain a balance of eye-popping clothes and clothes closer to your daily style. That way, you can decide on the night whether or not to go for "that dress" or "that skirt."

Fun and Personal

Ultimately, Vegas style is whatever you feel most free and fun wearing. For some people, this can be hot pink fur and sequins out of a mid-2000s music video. For others, what to wear in Vegas may be intricately tooled leather with fringe or an over-the-top goth ensemble with contrasting textures. Lean into your personal "too much" for your Vegas outfits.

Are There Dress Codes in Vegas?

Most clubs, restaurants, bars and casinos in Vegas have a casual dress code. On the footwear front, flip-flops or open-toe shoes may be a hazard in the busy foot traffic of the main strip. Pack fashionable close-toe flats for heavy walking days.

At fine dining restaurants and luxury venues, the general attire may veer closer to cocktail or semi-formal wear. Nightclubs in Vegas are a mixed bag. The best way to gauge the attire level for any given venue is to scroll through the company's Instagram and peek at what guests are wearing.

Our Top 5 Picks for What To Wear in Vegas

Here are five stunning outfits that span multiple dress codes and are fully Vegas-ready.

1. Sequin Pants With a Printed Top

When most people think of sequins, they think of a column dress or a top. Flip the script by wearing sequin pants. They're fun and stylish, and most importantly, you'll avoid potential sequin-burn where the edges of the tiny discs can bite into your upper arms and collarbone. Pair these loud pants with an equally loud print on top, such as an animal print in a coordinating color.

2. Big Jacket Over a Bodycon Dress

A bodycon dress is a clubwear staple, so make it stand out with a showstopping jacket. This provides an alternate silhouette for your look and adds plenty of attitude. Choosing ankle or knee-high boots over heels pushes the look even further.

3. Comfy Tee or Slip Dress

Look beyond tight dresses to add variety to your nightlife wardrobe. Dresses with a tee cut or a looser slip cut are fashionable alternatives.

You can always throw a waist belt over a tee dress to give a more structured silhouette without wearing something skin-tight. With the slip dress style, letting the fabric hang loose around the waist emphasizes the look's 1920s roots. Play up this association with a messy updo and pearl jewelry for an outside-the-box club look.

4. Dramatic Matching Separates

A top and skirt in a matching color, fabric and print isn't just for work or brunch. Go with a loud print or a rhinestone-embellished set for an effortlessly stylish Vegas outfit. Wear this outfit with strappy heels, like Janelle Marie Lloyd, to emphasize the broken-up visual rhythm of the separate pieces.


5. Mixed Prints Club Outfit

The first trick to a mixed-prints outfit is to pick at least three prints or loud textures. Then, you want each individual print or texture to exist at about the same volume. On your vacation, all three prints can be set to maximum.

Try a sequin top, animal print pants and a neon color belt for the Vegas outfit trifecta. After all, you probably won't get another opportunity to put every fun print in your closet into one outfit. Accessorize with another bold texture, such as a pink feather and pearl mini bag.

Find What To Wear in Vegas When You Shop Fun Runway-Ready Clothes

There are no limits when it comes to what to wear in Vegas. Follow your personal style to its fullest expression on your vacation, whether that means disco ball sequins or striking avant-garde silhouettes. At Kate Hewko, our wide-ranging collection contains standout pieces for fashionistas of any stripe. Browse our latest dresses to get started with your Las Vegas capsule wardrobe.


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