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Skirt the Cold: 5 Winter Skirt Outfit Ideas and Tips

Skirt the Cold: 5 Winter Skirt Outfit Ideas and Tips As the days grow shorter, break out of your frosty fashion blues by adding skirts to your cold-weather wardrobe. A...

Skirt the Cold: 5 Winter Skirt Outfit Ideas and Tips

As the days grow shorter, break out of your frosty fashion blues by adding skirts to your cold-weather wardrobe. A wool skirt can be a comfy winter piece you reach for over and over again, or you can dust off a skirt from your fall or spring capsule. As everyday pieces trend bigger and bulkier, it's easy to add warm layers to cold weather skirt outfits.

What Elements Make Up Cold Weather Skirt Outfits?

Wearing a skirt in the dead of winter isn't as easy as wearing one in spring or fall, but it's far from impossible. Here are a few fashion tips to help you comfortably wear skirts in cold weather.


Winter Skirt Fabrics

Summery fabrics such as organza, sheer lace or lightweight cotton aren't best for winter wear. Their breathable and light construction is a major plus when the sun is out, but in winter, they'll let a bitterly cold wind through to your legs that even the best tights won't keep at bay. Plus, they tend to read strange visually against the knits and wools of most winter outfits.

Of course, there's an exception to every fashion rule. One spring and summer skirt fabric is also a winter pinch-hitter: silk.

Though silk is billowy and lightweight, its tight weave is perfect for keeping out the cold. The shine of a silk midi or maxi skirt is an interesting and strong texture that can stand up to chunky knits and other heavy fabrics. Angelina Jolie looked comfortable and regal at once in monochromatic black with a wool coat, velvet top and ankle-length black silk skirt.

On the more traditional side, fabrics for cold weather skirts include:

  • Wool
  • Corduroy
  • Leather
  • Heavy cotton/poly blends

Textures that read more visually heavy, such as a large-print plaid or draping pleats, make cold weather skirt outfits even more substantial than their summery counterparts.

Longer Lines

Obviously, a longer skirt tends to feel and look more winter-appropriate than a knee-length or miniskirt. However, you can still wear short skirts in winter by pairing them with longer lines throughout the rest of your fit.

For example, a coat that hits at the knee or even the ankle will easily make a winter outfit out of a shorter skirt. Try layering a short sweater dress over your favorite knee-length skirt for a chic winter silhouette. If you are going with a long skirt, incorporating a belt at your natural waist keeps the line of your legs long, even if the skirt hits at a tricky calf or ankle length.

Tights and Socks

Select high-quality tights for maximum warming power with minimum bulk. Layering thigh-high socks over tights can add some punch to a preppy look, or simply put another knit layer between your legs and the cold.

One fashion secret is to wear a pair of warm tights that match your skin color before slipping on a sheer pair. Your outfit will stay lightweight as if you were wearing pantyhose, but the extra layer will help you keep warm.


With a pair of tall boots that overlap the hem of your skirt, you don't have to worry about the cold. Go beyond the basic leather riding boot with a pair of studded boots, towering platforms or even a fun faux fur cuff on top.

5 Cold Weather Skirt Outfits

With all of those layering and silhouette tips in mind, here are some of our favorite cold weather winter skirt outfits to try this season.

1. Bundled Up and Beautiful

Use an entire sleigh's worth of winter accessories to create the warmest, over-the-top winter outfit. One of the biggest style advantages of knit items such as scarves, hats, legwarmers, sweaters and mittens is that they can come in many different textures and weights. Mix and match knit accessories and faux fur accents to punch up a casual winter skirt outfit.

2. Faux Fur Fashionista

Faux fur is the perfect texture to play with in cold weather, so don't reserve it for evening events or holiday parties. A faux fur skirt or sweater is a fun and cozy option for daywear. White is a classic and eye-catching choice for a faux fur outfit, while black can more easily blend in with quieter textures like wool or a heavyweight cotton blend. A bold color makes the biggest style statement, though. Lady Gaga's pink faux fur coat lives in our heads rent-free.

To accessorize, go beyond the usual shoulder wrap. Try a faux fur waist belt to add structure to your winter skirt outfits.

3. Neon Wonderland

Having fun with fashion means breaking the standard fashion "rules." Dark colors, neutrals and jewel tones are usually considered winter colors, so go neon instead. A bright spot of day-glow yellow, pink, green, orange or all of the above is a quick ticket to standout street style.

4. Glacial Goth

Goth-inspired fashion and warm winter dressing pair shockingly well together. Contrary to popular belief, the goth look is a little more complicated than wearing all-black from your boots to your lipstick. Textural contrasts and extreme silhouettes are two key components of this style.

A multi-layered skirt with lace, tulle and leather is both warm and dramatic, making it an excellent starting point. Keep the intricate layers going up and down your outfit. Layer blouses with vests and a coat, or stack detailed socks over your tights.

5. Northern Lights Pastels

Break out the pastels before spring to be ahead of the fashion curve. Mix pastel shades to evoke the Aurora Borealis, layering colors through your jacket, top, belt, skirt and tights. To keep the look cohesive, pick similar textures while contrasting colors.

Shop the Latest Coats, Sweaters and Accessories for Cold Weather Skirt Outfits

Skirts are wearable in winter with the right supporting cast. At Kate Hewko, we love taking fashion risks and curating a cutting-edge collection. With lower prices than the runway, you can experiment with dozens of new styles in your winter wardrobe. Browse our latest picks for practical pieces to complete your cold weather skirt outfits.


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