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Style a Hat With Long Hair

Are you wondering how to style a hat with long hair? Take a look at these helpful tips for making any hat look great with your long hair.

How To Style a Hat With Long Hair

If you have hair long enough to fall past your shoulders, you may find that it’s hard to style at times. This is especially true if you're also a fan of hats. Wearing a hat with long hair can be tricky because it can press your locks flat to the sides of your face, making for the dreaded “hat head” look.

Additionally, if your long hair is plastered to the sides of your head from wearing a hat, it can give your face an awkward, lengthened appearance. To avoid these unpleasantries, learn how people with long hair can style their hats for optimal aesthetic appeal.

Tips for Wearing a Hat With Long Hair

Everyone should be able to wear a hat whenever they want to, regardless of hair length. Put your hat on with confidence with these tips.

Wear It Loose

To avoid getting that pressed-down look that comes from wearing a hat too tightly, loosen yours up a bit. In addition to giving your hair weird kinks, wearing a hat that’s too tight is also likely to give you a headache. Choose an adjustable hat that sits comfortably on your head without squeezing too tightly.


Make Waves

One of the most effective ways to give your long hair greater moveability and dimension while wearing a hat is to curl it or scrunch it. Loose, beachy waves create the perfect, casually sexy appeal when you’re wearing a hat with long hair. Wavy hair is versatile and looks great with traditional ballcaps or more stylish blossom caps.


Try a Breathable Visor

People with long hair often feel like they overheat easily in the sun. Those long, heavy locks can trap in heat and make it seem like you’re being baked in an oven. Putting a hat on your head can make things worse and cause your head to get sweaty. A breathable visor is a perfect solution because it shields your face from the sun while still allowing the crown of your head to breathe.


Create Loose Braids

For another breezy look that’s ideal for styling a hat with long hair, try wearing two loose braids. Part your hair down the middle and braid each section on either side of your head. Start each braid at mid-ear level so you don’t add too much bulk to your hair underneath your hat. When you’re finished with each braid, gently tug on the braid loops to loosen them up and create the illusion of fullness.

Go for a Classic Pony

When you’re looking for attractiveness and speed, there’s no easier way to style long hair than with a classic ponytail. Depending on the type of hat you’re wearing, you may need to go with a low ponytail, while hats such as baseball caps look better with a mid-level ponytail.  


Style Your Hat With Long Hair

Wearing a hat can help you quickly tame your locks when you’re in a rush. Now that you know how to style your hat with long hair, find the perfect outfit to complement your hat at Kat Hewko.


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