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Styling a Sequin Blazer

A sequin blazer is a fun and fashionable way to jazz up any wardrobe. There are a ton of different ways you can wear sequins that work with your unique...

What To Wear With a Sequin Blazer

Did you ever spot a sequin blazer that took your breath away? You probably couldn’t take your eyes off it. Sequins are always a real show-stopper when out in public. Now you’re wondering if you could ever pull off this look yourself. 

You should trust your initial instincts and go for it! Adding sequins to the rotation is never a bad idea. You don’t have to favor any particular style to look your best in such a jacket. All you need is confidence.

A Sequin Blazer: More Versatile Than You Think

A sequin jacket may seem like a one-trick pony. However, for the bold and fashionable, it can be worked into any situation. It can go from casual to formal and everything in between. Use it to add a bit of razzle dazzle to any outfit, no matter your style. 

There is a wide variety of sequin colors, patterns, and types to ensure that you can find a sequin jacket that works best with your existing wardrobe. Having one in your closet is always a quick and easy solution for parties as well. Sparkling sequins will put you in the spotlight no matter where you are.

Sequins 101

Before you can go about styling your sequin blazer, you need to nail down exactly what type of sequins you are working with. There are a million different colors and designs typically used in the fashion industry. The wonderful thing about sequins is that they leave a lot of room for creativity.

Sequins are made out of thin plastic and require a lot of skill to work with. Knowing what you are looking at will help you to choose the right sequin blazer for yourself:

  • Flat sequins: round, flat discs with a hole in the center
  • Faceted sequins: round discs bent to form a 3D shape
  • Paillettes: larger round, flat discs with a hole near the edge
  • Shaped sequins: sequins cut into shapes
  • Spangles: round, flat discs without holes that are heat-pressed onto fabric

Paillettes are meant to dangle, hence the hole close to the edge. They will add more movement than a flat sequin would. Reversible sequins are actually small paillettes sewn tightly to the fabric in such a way that they will stay in whatever position you put them. When each side of the sequin is a different color, they allow for different patterns depending on their arrangement up or down.

Faceted sequins do not move, but they do still push the texture out due to their three-dimensional shape. Flat sequins and spangles lay flat on whatever material they are applied, which tones down the texture a bit.

Shaped sequins are harder to find, but they can be used as either a flat or paillette sequin, depending on the shape and where the hole is placed. Dangling stars can be oh-so-cute on a sequin blazer.

The History of Sequins

In one form or another, sequins can be traced back to King Tut in 1330 B.C. He was found in his tomb with gold sequin-like discs all over his garments. His tomb was discovered in 1922, which inspired a new wave of sequin-inspired fashion in that decade.

However, sequins didn't take a break during all those years in between. They were embroidered in elaborate patterns onto the waistcoats of elite women during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

During the 1930s, sequins experienced another transformation alongside the development of Jello. Small round discs were created by electroplating gelatin. However, if they got wet or hot they would melt, which caused a lot of problems.

The move to a synthetic material was a collaboration in the late 1930s between Eastman Kodak, of the Kodak camera brand, and a man named Herbert Lieberman. Lieberman was inspired by the shiny acetate used for Kodak film. These sequins were still very delicate, so manufacturers began to coat them in mylar in 1952 to firm them up.

The modern-day versions found on a sequin blazer are made out of vinyl plastic and therefore much more sturdy. They are slightly less shiny but can withstand your washing machine and won’t melt off in the rain. This increased hardiness made them easier to work with, which in turn made them more accessible to the wider public.

Choosing Your Sequin Design

When it comes to blazers, the sequins can be stitched on in a multicolor or gradient pattern, or even something more complex like leopard print. You can put clear sequins over another beautiful material to add an ethereal sparkle or embroider sequin designs onto plush materials like velvet. 

The possibilities are endless, so why stop at just one? Get a jacket for every type of mood. Pick one bright and shiny and another more subdued, one in a bold pattern and one in your favorite color. There’s nothing wrong with being known for wearing sequins.

How To Style Your Sequin Blazer

Once you’ve got your hands on a sparkling blazer, what next? There are myriad ways you can pair it with closet staples to create interesting and unique outfits. Don’t be afraid to experiment with what you already have. Follow these tips to get started.

Structure and Flow

Blazers in general are a great way to bring a structured shape to an otherwise shapeless outfit. You can instantly get sharp, defined shoulders, a visually interesting neckline, and something of a waist. 

You can put one over a shift dress, sun dress, or evening dress for a similar effect. Baggy pieces such as jumpers and oversized shirts also benefit. You might be able to put a sequin jacket over a pair of pajamas and no one would be any the wiser!

A sequin blazer is wonderful if you want to add some tailoring to an outfit for that polished menswear look, but you don’t want it to appear too masculine. Sequins easily bring a bit of feminine charm and whimsy. 

Full-On Formal

To take a sequin jacket at face value, you can go straight for formal wear. It’s simple to add a shirt and pants to complete a suit. If you want to mimic the sequins on top and add a touch of shine on the bottom, you can often find suit pants with stripes of sequins available to match your jacket.

You can also pair your blazer with neutral pieces. For example, a rose-gold sequin blazer would look lovely with earthen tones like browns, creams, and tans. Something colorful, like turquoise sequins, would go well with darker blues in the same tone. A nice crease in your pants will ensure that your look is still crisp and formal.

Flip everyone’s expectations at a black-tie event or even a wedding. Turn heads at your next fancy work event. A black sequin jacket with black pants, a black shirt, and black shoes can give you an elegant, subtle shine if you don’t want to stand out too much.

Casual and Bright

As always, your jeans will be there to save the day. To bring your sequined look down a notch and make it suitable for daytime, all you need are jeans and a white tee. Your sequin blazer will steal the show every time. A pair of flats or booties will work well to complete the look.

In a casual setting, feel free to get a bit wild with color and pattern. Try reversible sequins or shiny leopard print. Jeans are pretty much a blank canvas. They give you the license to play around while keeping things informal. Don’t forget to choose the correct wash of jeans to match.

You can achieve a similar vibe can with any sort of cotton. A cotton sun dress or loose cotton harem pants can also bring a casual feel to your sequins. Try out your gold blazer with a jersey dress in khaki — an immaculate look for lunch.

Texture, Texture, and More Texture

It may seem counterintuitive, but an eye-catching texture like sequins can work seamlessly with other big and bold textures. Materials like velvet or brocade work as an excellent counterweight to light and airy sequins and can add warmth to your look. Sometimes you can even find sequins sewn into velvet fabrics. 

Silk or a satin weave also works excellently with sequins. These materials add their own bit of shine but don’t clash or compete with your sequin blazer. A satin button-down or a silk cami are always great choices for underneath your jacket. 

Imagine a deep gold sequin jacket worn over a black, velvet dress — there’s nothing more luxurious. For a sexy look, try a red silk camisole underneath a maroon sequin jacket. For a more romantic, professional look, you can wear a cream silk shirt beneath brown sequins.

A Study in Contrasts

If you want to truly showcase your sequin jacket, wear it against a contrasting neutral. For many lighter types of sequins and colors, black works perfectly. All the focus will be on the blazer itself.

Darker sequin colors may work better with a light backdrop. For example, deep navy sequins would look great against a cream. A red sequin jacket would really pop on an all-black outfit. Multi-color sequins would do well with either black or white in the background.

You can also apply color theory to this rule. If you’re familiar with the color wheel, colors that are opposite to each other are considered complementary. That’s why pairings like red and green work so well. If you’ve got a purple sequin jacket, try putting something yellow underneath.

Monochromatic Looks

If you want to wear one color head to toe, you need to mix up your mediums. There’s no better way to do that than with sequins. A sequin blazer both adds texture and plays with the light to add visual interest to any monochromatic look. 

If you’ve got a blue sequin jacket, feel free to throw on other pieces in the same color without fear of looking blocky. You could even go with blue sequins, a blue tee, and blue jeans to make it more casual. Picking a color and sticking with it is making a huge comeback in terms of style.

You can also play with shades in the same color family. Mix up your dark purples and light purples, or gradient down from red to pink. Contrary to the name, there are a lot of different ways to interpret what "monochromatic" means to you.

Costume Wear

Having pieces in your closet that work in multiple contexts is always a good idea. A sequin blazer will do a lot of work in your everyday wardrobe, but it can also become the standout item of an excellent costume. Why go out and buy a cheap bagged costume when you’ve got all you need for a masquerade at home?

To give you some ideas, a red sequin coat does wonders for a circus ringleader costume or a jazz piano player. A black sequin jacket can easily transform you into any pop star with the right accessories. A gold blazer turns you into a literal star in the night sky, making for classy costumes all around.

If you’re attending Mardis Gras, sequins are required — the more the better. You don’t have to worry about going over the top; there’s no such thing during the festival season. Consider adding some twinkle lights, fringe, or gigantic tassels to stand out. 

Where To Find a Quality Sequin Blazer

A good sequin jacket is something you want to invest in, but there’s no need to empty your wallet. However, keep in mind that cheap sequins are easy to snag and can fall out, which creates obvious holes. Don't get your sequins from costume shops or the fast fashion industry to avoid this.

Kate Hewko is a boutique brand run by a small group of women. Get quality runway looks, such as a sequin blazer, without the designer price tag. Unique fashion is something that should be enjoyed by women of all ages, and we are here to curate quality pieces that elevate your style. Reach out today to learn more and browse our selections.

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