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Styling Black Pants for Any Occasion

Are you looking for a way to style black pants? Here are some timeless and trendy ideas for adding this staple piece to an outfit for every occasion.

How To Style Black Pants for Any Occasion

Building a wardrobe to match your unique style and make you feel great about your look each day often means combining fun trends with timeless pieces. You can start with a great pair of black pants, a universal item you can dress up or down for work, casual wear, or a night out on the town. If you are not sure where to begin, consider these simple ideas to turn this classic item of clothing into a staple piece for your wardrobe.

Why Are Black Pants So Timeless?

Timeless fashion consists of elevated pieces that never go out of style. Most are basics with a classic silhouette and neutral color. You can carry your look through changing trends by purchasing quality basics made of rich, lasting materials that will ensure your clothes age as well as you do. 

A great black pant can fit the bill with all those qualities. You can find unique styles that lean more toward trendy or go with something simple to act as a base for a bespoke look. The ideal pair can be worn with anything, which is why they have become the go-to for men and women in a professional workplace.

How Can You Dress Black Pants for Work?

If you work in an office and need something business casual, you can always go with a blazer, but that does not mean you have to pair it with traditional matching pants. Have fun with your look. For example, you can pair a shirt or blazer in a fun color or pattern with these Chunky Chain Link Pants from Kate Hewko. It has an elastic waist and cotton-poly blend to give it just enough stretch for comfort, but not so much that you look too casual.

How Do You Style Black Pants for a Night Out?

Before throwing together an outfit for a night out, consider the overall look you want. Do you like the chic monochromatic style? Do you prefer something flowy or form-fitting? Do you have a stunning pair of shoes or a new bag you would like to feature? Consider a vegan leather black pant with a matte finish and a simple black top. If it is cold outside, throw a beautiful faux fur coat over it.

If you prefer something slightly more casual, you can wear the same pants with a white T-shirt or tank and pair them with almost any type of shoe, including big boots, sneakers, pumps, or stilettos. The bottom line is that a good black pant look can go with almost anything.

What Colors Can You Wear With Black Slacks?

Black is a neutral color, so you can wear it with virtually any color or print. It typically pairs well with prints that have a hint of black. However, you can throw on something as bright as lime green or as muted as camel and make it work.

How Can You Incorporate Black Pants Into Your Casual Style?

If you love a sweater and jeans combination, change it up by trading in the jeans for your black trousers. It can make a casual outfit a bit more sophisticated with minimal effort. Other ways to look put together while still keeping it low-key include:

  • Throw a trench coat on with your black slacks and a cute pair of flats.
  • Wear them with a light cardigan in a bright color and pair the look with a bag that has a fun print.
  • Put on a black turtleneck with pleated black slacks for a classic look.

Casual style is about comfort and expression. You do not need to stick with one specific image. If you want to wear a cashmere sweater with your black pants one day and a graphic hoodie with Doc Martens the next day, go for it. Your style should reflect what you feel good about wearing each day, and that starts with knowing what to look for in a pair of pants.

What Should You Look for In a Good Pair of Pants?

Style is important when shopping for pants. Something as simple as a pleat or cuffed hem can completely change the style. Additionally, finding the right pair of pants in any color requires attention to five elements:

  1. Inseam. Your style and height factor into the right inseam measurement. Consider the look you want and measure your inseam to find the perfect length.
  2. Stretch. The amount of stretch you need depends on the intended use. For example, more elastane can be great for a casual look but too informal for business. For something more formal, you may prefer minimal stretch.
  3. Sizing. Unfortunately, sizing is not universal. It is better to know your measurements than a specific size. Then you can use them to find your exact fit according to the brand's size chart.
  4. Price. You can be fashionable with affordable pants. If budget is a concern, consider investing in versatile pieces you can use regularly over many different styles.
  5. Material. Certain materials are more amenable to different weather and styles. For example, linen is a comfortable fabric, but it can look a bit disheveled after a full workday. Consider the cloth before making a purchase.

Each of these elements can affect how you feel in your pants. For example, cheap clothing can be appealing for your wallet, but they often use uncomfortable materials and may be ill-fitting. If you want to have a timeless pair of black slacks in your wardrobe, take into account each of these factors along with the price.

Are You Ready To Make Black Pants a Style Staple in Your Wardrobe?

Think about breaking out those old black pants collecting dust in the closet or find a few special pairs to use for every occasion. With these simple ideas, you can transform your style and create a look that is uniquely yours. Fashion is ageless, and style only improves the more you learn what works for you. To find more exciting pieces for your closet and stay ahead of the runway without breaking the bank, check out the pants available at Kate Hewko.

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