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Tropic Stunner: Our Fave 5 Tropical Vacation Outfits and Tips

  Tropic Stunner: Our Fave 5 Tropical Vacation Outfits and Tips Escaping to a balmy tropical paradise in the dead of winter is a great idea, but how can you...


Tropic Stunner: Our Fave 5 Tropical Vacation Outfits and Tips

Escaping to a balmy tropical paradise in the dead of winter is a great idea, but how can you make a vacation even more relaxing? Get some smart shopping in before you go! From airport-ready outfits for flying to pieces that can transition from the beach to dinner, choosing tropical vacation outfits can require a little finesse.

A vacay is the perfect time to invest in a few accessories, too, like a wide-brimmed hat, body jewelry or a secure crossbody bag. Here are our top tips for putting together a tropical wardrobe so you can blow off steam even before you step on the plane.

The Keys to Tropical Vacation Outfits

The best warm-weather vacation looks are stylish and comfortable even in high heat and humidity. Keep these tips in mind to dress your best for your tropical escape.

Light Fabrics

Some people think that wearing as little as possible is the way to beat the heat. In reality, opting for a little more coverage in a lightweight and breathable fabric can keep you cooler and protect your skin from the sun. Here are a few great fabrics to choose for a tropical getaway:

  • Linen
  • Light cotton
  • Chambray denim
  • Tulle
  • Mesh or net

Mix and match lightweight fabrics to introduce more texture into your vacation wardrobe. For example, pairing a chambray denim jacket with a fishnet dress can add edge and contrast with two different visual weights.

Loose Silhouettes

Leave the skin-tight garments in the closet in favor of flowier cuts for your vacation. Loose clothing can keep humidity away from your skin, and the last thing you want to worry about on a tropical island is a skirt riding up.

Vacation is a great time to play with flowy bell-bottom pants and a structured blouse top. You can also flip the silhouette and go with a flowy kimono-style outer layer over a slightly more fitted midi dress. Tee dresses and oversized rompers are other great loose silhouettes that stay in style.

Bright Colors

A tropical getaway is the perfect time to try bold new colors you haven't yet incorporated into your wardrobe. Dua Lipa's eye-catching combo of bright tangerine and yellow is a prime example, matching everything, down to the shoes and huge '70s-inspired earrings.

Work your tropical-colored items into your everyday wardrobe to keep the spirit of vacation through the dead of winter. A matching separates set that blends teal zebra, leopard print and fierce red phoenix feathers can be a surprisingly versatile weekend staple.

Practical Accessories

Some accessories aren't optional when you're on vacation, such as a big sun hat and a secure crossbody bag. One of the easiest ways to make these pieces interesting is to play with proportions. A huge sun hat or a tiny, glittering bag can add visual interest to an outfit by creating a focal point. Don't forget the optional accessories, too, as a few pieces of bold jewelry can instantly transition a day dress to evening wear.

Multipurpose Pieces

Pack light for your tropical vacation by picking pieces that can span multiple occasions. A flowy wrap dress can be a beach cover-up or a dinner outfit, depending on styling. Layering vests are another lightweight option that can fit into multiple outfits without taking up too much room in your luggage.

5 Ideas for Tropical Vacation Outfits

With all of those tips in mind, here are a variety of outfit ideas to vacation in style.

1. Brunch-to-Beach Romper

Don't waste precious vacation time getting changed between meals and the beach. Instead, go for a loose romper that can expertly conceal your swimsuit and even hold some accessories in the pockets. This easy all-in-one piece is great for pairing with sneakers on days when you'll be adventuring or on the go.

2. Glamorous Cover-Up Tee Dress

Cover-ups don't have to be bland and boring. Instead, try a sequin tee dress as a cover-up on poolside days and wear it again for a fun night out.

3. High-Waisted Shorts and Oversized Top

Take the '90s revival on vacation with this easy-breezy separates combo. High-waisted shorts that are loose in the leg make a great complement to an oversized crop top — that's a top that's large in the shoulders and may even come down past the waist, but is cut off at the bottom. For shoes, a simple sandal is all you need, but be sure to complete this look with your favorite pair of sunglasses.

4. Breezy Resort Dress and Accessories

What makes a resort dress different from a normal dress? Mostly just the glint of tropical sun on your shoulders, but that's an important detail! Pick a slip dress with a flouncy hem and a bright color to bring a big hit of fun to your vacation wardrobe. Match your jewelry to a stone-decorated or gilded bag for an easy upscale outfit.

A statement bag can turn up the volume on a simple dress-centric look. There's no need to match the dress's vibe or color exactly, as contrast can be even more interesting. Actress Naomie Harris paired her adorable pink midi tube dress with an avant-garde Picasso handbag and black sandals.

5. Mesh Perfection

For a more daring take on the classic resort dress, try adding mesh or fishnet for a see-through effect. After all, there's no better time to experiment with a new style than on vacation! A coordinating wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses are even more of a serve with a mesh dress, as you can balance concealing and revealing all in one look.

Shop the Latest Styles for Your Tropical Vacation Outfits

Who says the relaxation has to wait for when you get off the plane? Do a little exciting and therapeutic pre-vacation shopping to refresh your wardrobe before you refresh everything else. Many fun tropical vacation outfits can be head-turning when you're back in the office, too, and at Kate Hewko, we believe in breaking traditional style rules. Shop our collection to find the perfect new pieces to take on your getaway as well as bring the tropical back home.


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