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Types of Accessories To Wear

No matter what your fashion preferences, there are some types of accessories that should be found in every closet. These must-haves can transform any look.

The Best Types of Accessories for Every Wardrobe

While your clothes can certainly make a statement, your accessories usually catch someone's eye and bring an ensemble together. The options are vast and varied, but some types of accessories are essentials for every wardrobe. These particular items can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and let you add your own personal style to every outfit.

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4 Types of Accessories to Complete Your Look

Shoes and handbags are must-haves that most people already keep on hand. The other four pieces listed below might be easy to skip when you're shopping, but they're worth the splurge. In fact, they can be incredibly versatile, making them some of the most valuable options in your wardrobe.

1. A Great Belt

One of the most important types of accessories that everyone should have is at least one high-quality belt. It can completely transform the look and fit of a dress, jumpsuit, sweater or blouse, adding structure where you need it while tastefully accentuating your curves. Belts can also add the perfect amount of sparkle and bling, giving monochromatic ensembles an unexpected pop of interest. When it comes to styling, think outside the box; there are numerous ways to wear belts in addition to the traditional trouser approach.

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2. Killer Shades

Draw the eyes of the beholder upward and highlight your best features with a fun and funky pair of sunglasses. Bright and colorful hues add playful interest to any outfit while bold shapes help you stand out in the crowd. To choose the right pair for you, keep your face shape in mind. Aviators and round frames are great for square-shaped faces, while cat eyes and sharper angles work well on a round face. Some styles can offer the bonus of UV protection, shielding your eyes from excess sun exposure.

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3. Cool Socks

Some types of accessories are designed to blend in or remain unseen altogether, but why not choose options that stand out instead? Opt for colorful, patterned or textured socks instead of basic black and white to really add interest to any ensemble. From polka dots and fishnets to lace and checker patterns, a trendy pair of socks can help you elevate your go-to wardrobe staples and give them a completely new life.

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4. Statement Jewelry

Nothing brings everything together quite like the perfect piece of jewelry. How you wear it is completely up to you, whether you stick to a single statement piece or layer it on for a variety of textures and colors. Most jewelry experts recommend wearing white gold or silver if you have a cool skin tone, while gold and copper metals look great on warmer skin tones. Don't be afraid to mix and match materials. Ultimately, you should choose pieces you love and feel great wearing.


Are you ready to add some new types of accessories to your wardrobe? Kate Hewko has all the essentials in colors and styles that are anything but ordinary. Contact us today, and we can help you find everything you need to complete any look for any occasion and in a style that's all your own.

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