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Wardrobe Wonderland: 5 Casual Winter Outfits and Freezing Fashion Essentials

Wardrobe Wonderland: 5 Casual Winter Outfits and Freezing Fashion Essentials Bundling up for winter has never been more firmly in style. The oversized trend and a pivot towards high-volume fabrics...

Wardrobe Wonderland: 5 Casual Winter Outfits and Freezing Fashion Essentials

Bundling up for winter has never been more firmly in style. The oversized trend and a pivot towards high-volume fabrics mean that this winter, you don't have to choose between being fashionable and being warm.

Modern winter casual is all about high-impact pieces. Think one giant coat, scarf or sweater instead of a thousand thinner layers. Put together a few cozy fashion picks for your casual winter outfits and mix and match them all season long.

Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves

Here are a few of our favorite items to add to your closet before the first winter freeze.

The Biggest Coat You've Ever Seen in Your Life

Think about the biggest puffer coat you own, then the largest coat you've seen on the street, and then make your mental image about fifty percent bigger for good measure. That's the kind of super-oversized long coat the stars will be wearing to brave the outdoors this season.

You don't have to splurge for the most expensive brand to get a ridiculously warm coat; just go for the most enormous. The ultimate oversized coat will not only keep the cold away but also envelop your outfit in a thick layer of fashion.

Large and In-Charge Platform Boots

Big coats, scarves and sweaters need an equally weighty shoe to keep the visual balance going. Chunky platforms with deep-ridged soles are a practical and stylish choice for winter weather. Your platform boots will pull double duty if you plan on trying the nouveau-goth trend dominating the world's runways.

Deceptively Warm Wool Tights

Thin layers can keep you warm, but you have to pay attention to the materials. One pair of real wool tights will last longer than a pack of fleece leggings and keep you warmer under your winter wear, too.

Scratch-Free Extra-Long Scarves

Wearing lower necklines in winter can help add variety to your outfits and keep you from overheating once you get inside. Keep warm with a low neckline by making your scarf selections early and going for more length than you think you'll really need. Nothing completes a knee-length coat look quite like a scarf that falls to the knee as well.

Dreamy, Big, Fluffy Sweaters

Forget about trends and silhouettes and technical details for a moment: What fashion makes you happy? What puts a smile on your face? It's hard to argue with an adorably fluffy sweater for joyful winter wear.

The texture of a huge faux fur sweater adds a dose of fun to casual winter outfits based around jeans or trousers. You can also meet the loud texture of a great sweater with equally loud pants for a look that's over-the-top and visually balanced at the same time.

5 Casual Winter Outfits

Winter doesn't have to mean black sweaters and jeans every day of the week. Here are five ways to add variety to your casual winter wardrobe.

1. Trenchcoat and Scarf

This classic combination is a canvas for exciting colors and textures you may not immediately associate with winter. For example, a leopard-snakeskin trench coat is a bold choice that can double as its own dress in summer with a pair of red heels.

Floral prints are also unexpected winter choices that shine in this outfit combo. Florals on a snowy white or black background stand out from the usual puffer coats and black wool. For even more style points, mix two different floral prints on your bottoms, scarf, shirt or coat.

2. Sweater and Flared Soft Pants

Big is in this winter season. This is very good news for your core body temperature, but it may seem like a challenge to balance and style a ton of oversized pieces for winter.

One oversized element in an otherwise normal-sized look can feel slightly visually unbalanced. Flared pants provide the perfect amount of volume at the ankle to balance out a puffy or boxy sweater.

3. Massive Coat and Oversized Jeans

The '90s revival brought enormous and well-decorated jeans back into the street-style spotlight. Don't pack your huge jeans away for winter just yet, though. They pair just as well with a large overcoat or motorcycle jacket as they do with a crop top. Hailey Bieber looked ultra-cozy in her oversized wool coat and baggy jeans casual outfit.

4. Heavy Skirt and Warm Tights

Winter skirts are an exciting departure from spring and summer's lightweight dresses. Blake Lively wore a maxi-length black velvet skirt as the statement piece of her NYC casual outfit and continued the theme with a wide-brimmed black hat.

If a floor-length black skirt feels a little too old-school for your sense of style, go with a bold color instead. A pink or bright green fabric takes the long skirt completely out of the realm of Charles Dickens homage. Match a statement-color skirt to your jewelry to be a bright spot of color in a sea of winter neutrals.

5. Monochromatic Coat and Separates

Monochromatic looks are even more fun in winter, as you can coordinate more layering pieces in the outfit's single color. Think along the lines of your tights, shoes, bag, scarf, coat, and top in varying shades of grassy green or ocean blue.

Lighter colors are great for daywear outfits, while bold themes like silver, gold or lipstick red make a huge impact in a monochromatic evening winter look. Create additional shades by draping heavier fabrics over lighter ones or vice versa. Play with volume, going for a huge coat and some big accessories to match. You can also pull in creative layers from your summer wardrobe, such as a coordinating romper or a cropped jacket.

The Latest Runway-Ready Styles for Your Casual Winter Outfits

Casual winter outfits are a great way to dress boldly and express your personal style, whether that means adding layers or rotating through huge statement pieces. At Kate Hewko, we select pieces with fun colors, prints and textures that can span seasons with some smart styling. Browse our top picks to fill your winter wardrobe with interesting fashion at affordable prices.


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