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What Color Goes With Leopard Print?

  Fashion's New Neutral: What Color Goes With Leopard Print? Mainstream fashion has finally started to give leopard print its due. This iconic print isn't just an accent anymore, as...


Fashion's New Neutral: What Color Goes With Leopard Print?

Mainstream fashion has finally started to give leopard print its due. This iconic print isn't just an accent anymore, as you can find fully leopard-printed pants, dresses, coats and gowns on runways all over the world. Not only does this fashion choice evoke the raw power of the animal kingdom, but it also holds associations with warrior kings and queens. Getting a portrait painted without an elaborate leopard head draping over one shoulder was one of the first fashion don'ts of the ancient world.

Adding leopard to your wardrobe today is, thankfully, cruelty-free and ultra-versatile. There are no limits to what color goes with leopard print. Hang up your leopard blazer and pants right beside your blue jeans, little black dresses and eggshell sweaters because leopard print is fashion's fiercest new neutral.

What Color Goes With Leopard Print?

While you can wear virtually any color with leopard, here are a few options for foolproof leopard color combos.

Textured Neutrals

Leopard clothing is naturally high-impact in all the best ways, with the print's many flowing spots and colors delivering tons of visual interest. Pairing a small amount of leopard with flat black or beige can make an outfit feel a little low-volume. Instead, reach for neutrals with interesting textures that stand up to the power of the print. These include:

  • Natural linen
  • Matte leather
  • Canvas
  • Chunky sweaters
  • Patent leather

Treat leopard like the fierce fashion neutral it is, rather than trying to dull it down with flat textures. Bold textures actually blend better with this print, standing up to its visual impact and making your outfit feel more balanced.

Lipstick Red

The warm and energetic look of leopard begs for a color that can match its impact. Go for a bold and unapologetic lipstick red to put the exclamation point on your leopard fit.

Keep in mind that there are both warm and cool shades of bright red, depending on whether the red's undertone is orange or blue. Choose the bright red that matches your skin's undertone for an instant glowing complexion.

Metallic Gold

Shining gold enhances the regal associations of leopard clothing and ties into the print's naturally fiery energy. A gold chain belt incorporates the natural curved lines and organic shapes in the print for eye-catching cohesion.

Leopard fashion plus gold is a style serve that never dies. Simply pair shining gold accessories with a leopard print dress to embody 90s Versace, an era so iconic the fashion house (and everyone else) is still referencing it decades later.

Other Prints

Print-mixing is easy with a versatile neutral-like leopard. The organic shapes and colors go well with all manner of loud prints, from vibrant florals to edgy camouflage.

A bold leopard print-mixing look is so naturally loud that going "too far" is impossible. For proof, Dua Lipa made headlines in a leopard coat, a textured cow-print cocktail dress and shiny gold go-go boots. With the right pieces, the world is your personal disco.

Neon Pink and Purple

Leopard's associations are fierce, powerful and unabashedly feminine. Tap into this ferocious femininity with neon pinks and purples that stand up to the volume of the print, rather than muted pink and purple shades. Lovers of this Y2K-inspired Josie and the Pussycats color combo should seek out hot pink leopard statement pieces.

More Leopard

Leopard may be a neutral now, but it's still unmistakably bold. This means that the most fashion-forward answer to "What color goes with leopard print?" is also the most simple and the most fun: More leopard!

Celebrities are always stepping out in head-to-toe leopard to make a statement. Style icon Jennifer Lopez recently outdid everyone in a bell-sleeve leopard mini dress over crystal-encrusted leopard tights and leopard pumps. Channel your inner JLo in an all-leopard ensemble and put any worries about dressing "too loud" to bed once and for all.

What Are the Best Ways To Style Leopard Print?

Now that you have the basics on leopard's incredible range, here are some ways to style the print for any occasion.

Carnivore Casual

Wearing leopard as a neutral is a power move. A pair of leopard trousers adds punch to any work wardrobe, and they're perfect with a textured black blazer and turtleneck. You can wear the same trousers on weekends with a vintage band tee for an effortlessly rocker-chic outfit.

All-leopard day dresses are a welcome escape from the sea of dainty prairie dresses typical of modern summer fashion. Simply accessorize with simple gold studs, and you're ready for anything from brunch with friends to an elegant daytime event. For a more casual everyday look, experiment with layering leopard day dresses under neutral sweaters and blazers. Layering with leopard gives a pop of visual interest to casual daywear looks that might otherwise lean boring.

Camp Vamp

Styling is all about playing with well-worn associations about certain prints and styles. Luckily, leopard has many associations, and they're all a lot of fun. To play up leopard's playful sensuality and vintage vamp energy, try leopard dresses with lace, a bustier-style bodice or body-hugging silhouettes. Add red lipstick and some sculpted hair to complete the camp vamp fantasy.

Formal Ferocity

Formal occasions are the perfect time to break out the all-leopard looks. Leopard-printed coats over leopard dresses are runway staples. Don't forget a leopard pump or boot to cap off the more-is-more style. One of leopard's many strengths is that it can flip between minimalist and maximalist, so deck out an all-leopard look with several pounds of gold jewelry to feel like the undisputed queen of any formal event.

Where Can You Find the Best in Modern Leopard Print Fashion?

At Kate Hewko, we believe leopard is for everyone. This new neutral can slot into any aesthetic and be appropriate for any occasion, so don't worry about what color goes with leopard print. Follow your natural fashion instincts and turn up the volume by adding lots of leopard to your closet this year. Browse our collection of bold, bestselling fashion to find the latest eye-catching style choices of all stripes (and spots.)


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