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What color looks best on me?

What color looks best on me? You can use some key strategies to find your best colors and assemble the perfect wardrobe.

How Can I Tell What Color Looks Best on Me?

It's a question we all ask ourselves: "What color looks best on me?" Discovering your best colors can often be more complicated than you think. You may have a friend who has told you that you look terrific in a particular color, or you might notice that you feel your best when wearing certain shades. Taking some time to think about which colors work for you is the secret to taking your wardrobe to the next level. Here are some ideas for finding the colors that suit you best.

How Does Color Matching Work?

The science behind colors, which is also known as color theory, is fascinating and can help you make informed choices about clothing purchases. While there are many components to color theory, the concept of color harmony — or the logic behind colors that pair well together — is most useful. Color harmony is based on the color wheel or a standard arrangement of colors. Here are some key ideas behind which colors work well together based on the color wheel.

  • Similar colors are near each other on the color wheel and usually appear balanced together. Their proximity on the color wheel ensures they are visually pleasing. A good example of this is red and orange.
  • Complementary colors are located directly across from each other on the color wheel and pair well through contrast. This might mean a combination of very warm and very cool colors. Red and green are prime examples of complementary colors.

Similar and complementary colors are excellent places to start and ensure that your color choices are neither boring nor clashing. There are many different theories behind which colors work well together, so it's important to research some of them to come up with your own formula.


How Can I Tell What Color Looks Best on Me?

Now that you know a little bit about color theory, you can use that knowledge to make color choices. There are many ways to determine what colors look best on you, keeping in mind both color theory and your instincts. Science can give you one approach to color selection. Perhaps more importantly, you can gravitate toward the colors that you enjoy wearing most. 

Consider Your Preferences

Any decisions about what you wear and how you look should be determined by what feels good to you. Before you dig into the research behind colors and the color wheel, think about your favorite pieces. What articles of clothing do you grab when you want to feel your best and exude confidence? If you notice that your favorites are dominated by certain colors or shades, you already have an idea of what you like to wear. It is always a good idea to trust your gut when it comes to making personal choices.

Determine Your Skin Tone

For a more scientific approach to answering what color looks best on me, you can look at your skin tone. Regardless of skin color, your skin has either a warm, cool or neutral undertone. This tint can help you discover which colors match best with your skin.

Cool skin tones tend to look better with clothing and jewelry that are white, black or silver. Warm skin tones pair well with clothing that is brown or cream colored, as well as with gold jewelry. If your skin tone is neutral, you can wear just about any color.

Following along with your preferences, take note of the colors you tend to wear and the kinds of jewelry you enjoy the most. You may find you already have a sense of what looks good based on your skin tone without even knowing it.

Go for Universal Colors

After thinking about your current wardrobe and skin tone, you might still be unsure of what colors look best on you. Not to worry! There is a whole range of colors that look good with any skin tone or style preference. Teal and purple are universally appealing colors that pair well with just about anything. Surprisingly, deep red also looks good with any color palette. If you're looking for a versatile shade of blue, cobalt blue pairs with every color and skin tone.

Think About Pairing

As you determine which colors look best on you, think about any color pairings that go particularly well together. Online shopping can be an excellent way to experience various color pairings. For example, you can often filter your searches based on specific colors and shades to find pieces that pair beautifully. Experiment and see which of your colors work best together.

Pleated Two Piece Set

What Color Looks Best on Me in Different Seasons?

The good news is that you probably have many colors that look great on you every season. Depending on the climate where you live, the changes in the season give you an opportunity to refresh your daily wardrobe. Spring means bright and vibrant colors, while your fall wardrobe might have more pieces in neutrals and browns.

Warm Seasons

When dressing for summer, let yourself be inspired by summer activities. Yellows and blues recall the sun and ocean, making them excellent choices during the warm months.

Another important consideration is the selection of the fabric and how it holds up in the heat. White is a popular choice in summer because it reflects sunlight. Remember that all colors come in different shades, so you can select a shade that matches either your skin tone or personal preference. 


Cool Seasons

Choosing colors for cooler seasons is far more adventurous than you might think. Lean into blues to match the cold of winter or pair neutral colors with bright jewel tones. Winter doesn't have to be all about cold colors! The holidays can also serve as inspiration, depending on the typical color palette of what you celebrate. Just like with summer, consider what colors and fabrics are best suited to the temperature.



Upgrade Your Style

You've found some great answers to the question: "What color looks best on me?" Now you can start to build your wardrobe. Check out our wide selection of outfits in any color appropriate for you and upgrade your closet today.


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